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The Symbol of Joan of Arc Draft4

The Symbol of Joan of Arc Draft4

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Published by mstylerj

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Published by: mstylerj on Mar 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The symbol of Jeanne dArc
On the night of the 3
of December 1426, in a small house on the outskirts of Paris,Adrienne was sitting at her desk, drawing the Notre Dame cathedral by candlelight, whenher sister Charlienne came into her room and cried enthusiastically, ³Can you believe it?Tomorrow I will be nine years old!´ Adrienne was also excited for her sister¶s birthday because she couldn¶t wait to see her expression when she saw what Adrienne had made for her. ³I know you are not looking forward to it as much as I am because since you arealready 14 yea²´ ³Charlienne,´ Adrienne interrupted, ³I know it is special to have a birthday but just calm yourself down.´ Charlienne apologized politely and gave Adriennean oilcloth to light her lamps. ³Perfect,´ said Adrienne animatedly, ³thank you Charlienne,now I don¶t have to use that old candle for my table.´ Just then, the two sisters heard ascream coming from the dining room; their mother and father were yelling frightfully atsomeone. Adrienne immediately knew what was happening so she took her sister¶s handand together they ran down the stairs and into the living room. Terrified, the girls saw twoBritish soldiers dragging Marie and George, their parents, out of the house. Adriennecaught a glimpse of her mother¶s face and saw her hand pointing under Charlienne¶s feet.³Charlienne, look under the carpet under your feet,´ Adrienne whispered rapidly as her andher sister¶s eyes filled with tears. Charlienne nodded and moved the carpet quietly to find atrapdoor on the floor, which they had never realized was there. Adrienne quickly lookedover her shoulder and gestured for Charlienne to climb down into the trapdoor. Chalienneleft her oil lamp on the floor and jumped in. Her older sister took the lamp and followedafter closing the door on them.As the two girls looked in shock around the hidden room in their house, Adriennethought it strange that it wasn¶t necessary to have the lamp because there were torches litaround them. She was really worried about her parents and all the other innocent French prisoners. Charlienne was just worried about her family; she didn¶t want anything tohappen to her big sister and of course, her parents. Now, Adrienne saw that her sister wasgrowing up fast; her dark brown hair tied in a braid just like Adrienne¶s, her green eyessparkling in the fire light and her face full of freckles. She looked just like Adrienne.³Nothing is going to happen to them,´ said Adrienne to make her sister feel better, and atthat moment, the strangest thing happened. A light appeared in the middle of the smallroom. It was an angel. She spoke in a calm and beautiful voice, which Adrienne thought
was not right in such dark times. ³Adrienne and Charlienne, you suffered much today.Watching your parents being taken and not leaving with them was a difficult decision. Butnow God has a mission for you. To find your parents, you shall look for Joan d¶Arc andask her to help you. This tiara will lead the three of you to your parents.´ The angel handedthe sisters a beautiful, glowing tiara. ³This tiara will stop glowing when you reach your destination.´ Adrienne and Charlienne were astonished by the angel, so they quickly got upto thank her and asked in amazement, ³When shall we leave?´ The angel replied,³Tomorrow morning at dawn you shall find Joan. She already knows all about this journey,I announced this to her before coming to you.´That night, Adrienne and Charlienne both got tucked up in their mother and father¶s bed and tried to fall asleep. Adrienne couldn¶t, she was too busy thinking about her poor  parents locked up in a prison cell. Eventually, she fell asleep but woke up a little later withthe sunlight. The next day, Adrienne and Charlienne got up in silence knowing what to pack for their journey. It was still dark so Adrienne took her papers and a charcoal stick,some money, and her sister¶s present; she packed the food and water and also took thetiara. Then, she sat on her sister¶s side of the bed and carefully woke her, ³Happy Birthday,Charlienne,´ she whispered. Charlienne opened one eye and got up from her bed. ³I amstill sad that mom and dad are gone, Adrienne.´ ³Me too´ Adrienne confessed miserably.When Charlienne was up and ready, she took her old cloth doll, two pillows for both of them and the amount of clothes they would need for their (hopefully) short journey. Thegood thing about the journey was that Adrienne knew where to start; they went to thehouse of her best friend Joan, Joan d¶Arc.Strangely enough, just as the angel had predicted, Joan was waiting for them withher pack over her shoulder. ³Good morning´ Joan said ³I heard what happened to your  parents last night. I am truly sorry, but we will find them´ Joan declared. ³Do you not findit strange that an angel came to our houses?´ Charlienne asked. ³Yes, it is strange,´answered Joan, ³This must mean it is something very important, because she came to bothour houses. Now, let me see the tiara,´ Joan said excitedly. The strangest thing about thetiara was that it had a symbol of a lady exactly like the one Joan had drawn of how sheimagined she would look when older. ³This has to mean something´ Adrienne said inhope as she passed Joan the scroll the angel had given the sisters, which had encrypted:
This journey will mean the start of something new to you, at the age of 19 your days will beat an end and by then you will have saved France and England in battle. Written for Joanof Arc.
³I cannot believe this!´ Joan beamed after reading it through a few times. But her voice did not sound sad or worried, it sounded happy. ³Why are you happy about this?´Charlienne and Adrienne looked intrigued. ³This means that I will save thousands of  people¶s lives by the age of 19! I am sorry I will die so soon Adrienne, but that is mydestiny´ Joan said. Adrienne knew Joan since she was two years old so she knew howhappy Joan must feel to have that happening in her short life. God had sent her another,even bigger challenge, although now it was still too early for it.The three girls walked, talking and laughing with Joan while giving Charlienne birthday treats, when Joan stopped to tell them that they had arrived at the British prisonwhere all the people from their village were kept. Every single prisoner inside wasinnocent. As they reached the front of the large stone building the tiara stopped glowing.Joan knew then that they had reached their destination. It was around six o¶clock, so theydecided to wait until sundown to free their parents. Since they had time, Adrienne handedCharlienne her birthday present saying, ³Happy birthday Charlienne. I really do hope youlike it.´ Charlienne carefully unwrapped her present to find a large piece of paper rolled upand tied with a golden ribbon. As she untied the ribbon, Charlienne saw that the paper wasa large portrait of Charlienne drawn with Adrienne¶s charcoal. Both Adrienne and Joancould draw beautifully and very professionally. Charlienne had tears of happiness runningdown her cheek. She hugged Adrienne tightly. ³I did not imagine someone could make melook beautiful on paper.´ ³Charlienne, do not say that,´ Adrienne insisted, ³You are beautiful. On this piece of paper, you just see my perspective of you, the best and most beautiful little sister in the whole world.´ Joan started crying with Adrienne¶s words.Charlienne also got emotional. ³Adrienne, why did this have to happen to us?´The three girls talked some more until it was time to free the French prisoners. Joanand Adrienne went first, with Charienne at the back. The same two British soldiers whohad taken their parents were now guarding the door of the prison. Joan had taken threeswords from her uncle, the city blacksmith, and the girls held them tight. The first guardtried to attack Adrienne while Joan fought the second guard, but Charlienne couldn¶t justsit there, so she cried, ³If you want to attack my sister, first start with me!´ Charlienne hitone of the guards on the head with the back of her sword. He fell on the ground whenAdrienne stepped on the soldier¶s body to make sure he wouldn¶t wake up for a while.Then, the three girls battled the second guard together and successfully defeated him. After that, it wasn¶t difficult to find their parents; they had somehow already escaped their cellsand were fighting more guards. There was surprise in their parents¶ faces and they were

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