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2 Minute Package

2 Minute Package

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Published by coach b

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Published by: coach b on Nov 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our 2 minute package is designed to be used to stop the clock and advance theball during the closing minutes of the first half or during the closing minutes of thegame. Our primary goal is to preserve the clock and score points (field goal or touchdown).Each offensive player’s knowledge of the rules and our system as they apply to thegame clock is a critical part of the 2 minute offense.What we must stress to our players about the 2 minute drill is the importance of mental focus and concentration. We must keep our poise and finish even thoughwe are mentally and physically drained.
It is important for every player to know the conditions by which the offense stopsthe clock for a huddle situation.
 –Clock Stops (Huddle) –1. Time out –2. Ball out of bounds –3. Incomplete pass –4. Change of possession –5. Penalty on defense
The following conditions stop the clock, however, the offense must NOT re-huddle.The play will be called from LOS.
 –Clock Stops (resumes on referee’s signal) –1. First down –2. Meeasurement –3. Injury –4. Equipment –5. Penalty on Offense
REMINDERSEvery offensive player who has the potential to touch the ball must know the downand distance on each play.Every player advancing the ball must realize whether a FG or Touchdown is in theplan.Ball carriers must get as many SURE yards and then get the first down or get out of bounds.If ball carrier can get first down, before going out of bounds, GET IT.Qb must NEVER take a sack.
All fourth downs or last play of game are MUST situations. Never surrender the ball by a tackle in this situation. Always get a position tolateral.When qb needs to kill the clock, the call is “KILL”. The qb will signal tohis throat to alert offense of spiking the ball in the ground. Alwaysthrow the ball down and forward in behind the center. Spike ball to theground by not hitting the back of the center’s legs.Call Timeout BEFORE any 4
down plays.Qb must keep his eyes on Coach for visual signals after every play.If calling a timeout to set up winning field goal, allow game clock to rundown to 4 seconds before signaling timeout to the official.RULES:
 –1. Qb yells “JAGUAR”, Immediately find sideline for formation / play (band #) –2. Snap count – “Set – Go” –3. Efficiency & execution is the key –4. Ball Carriers get yardage, then get out of bounds.
SITUATIONS TO COVER:Measurement for a 1
DownIncomplete pass (Normal Routine)1
Down advancement3
& Long play selectionKill – spike ball (Normal Routine)4
Down – no timeoutsAdministration of Penalty (Offense & Defense)Sack – use Timeout to stop clock (Normal Routine)Ball out of bounds (Normal Routine)Injury TimeoutTeam TimeoutPRACTICE SET-UP:A coach to set the ball, wind clock, and enforce Timeouts –A coach to provide info and run the clock –A coach to signal formations & play (band #) –A coach to check alignments & spacing –
1. Sideline passing game2. 3
& Long package3. Short – yardage plan4. Running game5. Red Zone package6. Last 3 plays (Cheetah package)7. Must-win package

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