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Head FB Ad Questions

Head FB Ad Questions

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Published by coach b

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Published by: coach b on Nov 26, 2008
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Head FB/AD
When going to interview what should a first timer be prepared for? What types of questions are most common? Also, for the veterans, what was the biggest surprisewhen becoming the head man?the most common question I remember in AD interviews was "What is yourphilosophy on education or coaching?" - as AD, there are a lot of things you do on adaily basis that have nothing to do with X's and O's and preparing forpractices/games - I'll include some, but not all of that stuff:1) man, where do I start??? - budgets for all sports and making sure you and yourcoaches don't go over2) am not even including the fact that you may have to prep for and teach someclasses, especially at the lower classifications3) budget amendments approved with the school board3) good communication with the business manager, supt., principals, etc... onvarious issues4) whose year is it to get new uniforms?5) meetings with coaches6) faculty meetings7) meetings with the supt.8) meetings and communication with the booster club9) facility maintenance10) hiring, evaluation, and interviewing of existing & new personnel11) scouting organization12) 2-a-days organization13) practice organization14) half-time organization15) pre-game organization16) coaching duties/responsibilities on Thursdays/Fridays/and on weekends17) on the phone with opposing coaches18) tape exchange and how you want to do that19) PO's and ordering equipment, medals, trophies, etc...20) calling school districts/coaches and setting up playoff sites21) hosting playoff games and having workers, etc...22) lots of paperwork for everything (UIL, football contracts, contracts for otherthings, etc...)23) rounding up workers for track meets, basketball games, football games, etc...24) concessions25) contacting officials26) coaching assignments for all sports27) hopefully keeping all of the coaches happy28) scheduling in all sports29) inventory30) knowing and following UIL rules31) public relations to sell your program32) contacting the newspapers with results, etc...33) being at as many sporting events as possible to show support because you arethe AD, which means lots of travel and time34) school board meetings and reports35) offseason organization36) use and time of gym space by various boys and girls teams during basketball
season37) bus requests38) athletic policy manual39) drug testing policy (if you have one)40) at times helping settle disputes between coaches and parents, a coach withanother coach, coaches and athletes41) dealing with angry parents over a variety of things (some important and somelaughable)42) communicating with community members in a positive way and participating incertain events43) outfitting your coaches with coaching gear44) district meetings in all sports45) what are you doing to encourage all student-athletes to pass their classes and tobecome good people?46) filling in as the principal or asst. principal when they are gone47) scheduling and attending clinics48) scheduling visits to other programs to improve your program49) having letters mailed out and e-mailing others for a variety of reasons50) finding time for God and your familyI may have repeated myself and I'm sure there are responsibilities that I left out -but to put it bluntly, if you are doing your job right, you will be very, very busy - thisis why it is so important to delegate responsibility to competent head coaches orassistants on some of this stuff - and if you are at a school big enough to have yourown athletic secretary, then your job just became a whole lot easier - when you haveno secretary, you are the secretary as well - good luck! – loadedWhat is the best way to get experience in budgeting, scheduling, facilities etc whenonly an asst coach?good question - make a checklist of all responsibilities and what you have to do eachday/week/month, etc... - you need a UIL calender as well - budgeting is similar tobalancing a checkbook - receipts, orders, and transactions are kept up with andnever go over - since my dad was a former head coach and older brother is one, Isought advice at times - always be organized - you learn how to do a lot of things by"doing" instead of someone else telling you how to do them - I believe you learn bestthis way - you will make mistakes, but everybody does - just learn a lesson andmove on in the right direction - use common sense in everything that you do andalways keep open lines of communication with everyone - good luck – loaded#1 - when you win or are making great progress, make sure and always give plentyof credit away to your assistants - you're only as good as your assistants anyway -make sure that those guys that are busting their tails and doing a great job hearabout it from you and also brag about them in the paper and out in public -in otherwords, give credit away when things are going good - #2 - I was and still am aperfectionist and workaholic - but you can't become so consumed by your job thatyou forget about God and your family - you have to keep your priorities straight - #3- when you inherit a program that has lost all resemblence of a weight program, of an off-season program, some want-to, and some discipline, then you have tons of work to do, and every day is critical - but delegate responsibilities out to yourcoaches and then let them coach - don't be a micro-manager - the problems that youare trying to fix are everybody's problem, not just yours because you are the headcoach - spread out the responsibilities and then all of you coach 'em up – loaded

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