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Published by jc247977

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Published by: jc247977 on Mar 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C31UANN4 Mangone - cross1 A. I don't believe that's correct.2 Q. Was it another state senator that asked you to put the3 individual on your staff?4 A. Yes.5 Q. Ah. What did that other state senator provide to thefirm6 in return for your hiring an individual?7 A. Nothing.8 Q. What did he promise to provide to your firm?9 A. That he would get some work for us.10 Q. He said that he was going to get you so much work youwould11 need to add a wing to your firm, isn't that right?12 A. Yes.13 Q. And in return for that promise, you hired Matt Libousas an14 associate, isn't that right?15 A. That was one of the reasons.16 Q. Did you hire Mr. Libous because of his brilliant legal17 abilities?18 A. It was one of the reasons.19 Q. What was one of the reasons?20 A. That he could get us some work.21 Q. And then you found when Mr. Libous came, he told youwhat22 he wanted to be paid, isn't that right?23 A. What he needed to be paid.24 Q. That's what he told you, what he needed to be paid?25 A. Yes.
 1676C31UANN4 Mangone - cross1 Q. And your firm acquiesced?2 A. Yes.3 Q. And then you received a phone call from the senatortelling4 you to raise Matt Libous' salary, right?5 A. Requested that if he could have some more money, yes.6 Q. From 50,000 to 100,000, is that the request for somemore7 money that you just recited?8 A. Yes.9 Q. And you did it?10 A. Yes.11 Q. And then there came a point in time where the same12 individual called you and asked you to raise Matt Libous'13 salary to $150,000, isn't that right?14 A. Yes.15 Q. And that's when you and your partners complained, isn't16 that right?17 A. Yes.18 Q. By that point, how long had Matt Libous been actuallyat19 the firm?20 A. A short period of time.21 Q. I believe you told the FBI you determined ratherquickly he22 was incompetent, isn't that right?23 A. I don't recall exactly.24 Q. You don't recall exactly what you told the FBI?

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