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A Film Unfinished Response Essay

A Film Unfinished Response Essay

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Published by Aleah Woodmansee

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Aleah Woodmansee on Mar 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Aleah WoodmanseeMr. NeuburgerENG Comp 101-1026 March 2012A Film UnfinishedResponse EssayThis was a truly incredible video. I was so shocked to see all of these events that I havelearned about in so many years past, for the first time on real footage from that time. I knew thatthings were terrible in the Ghettos and I had seen photos of the Jews that had starved to death or
nearly there, but I never thought I would actually see people’s reactions to the deaths whether 
staged or not. I felt that the reactions to Jews that were present at the time was really moving aswell, I had never gotten to hear or read the thoughts of the people that were around during
Hitler’s reign let alone actually see their reactions as they watched the film for the f 
irst time also.I believe that most if not every person should be required to view this video. It makes it all themore real and permanent in the minds of the viewers to see it this way, then no person would beable to deny that this actually happened and also to help prevent history from repeating itself. I
had heard of many of the things that the Nazi’s had done to the Jews, but there were many things
that were included in this video that I had never heard of before. I never even knew that the
 Nazi’s had
filmed any of the things in which they did and for propaganda, to me, it wascompletely mind blowing. And then they found this concrete vault in the middle of the woods, Inever even knew of these things. It was really sad to see all of these people fighting to make itthrough each day, just to be killed only a few months later. On top of all of this, the mass gravescenes were devastating. After all of these years going by hearing about the mass graves, and

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