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The Window - October 2011

The Window - October 2011

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Published by Chris Yu

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Published by: Chris Yu on Mar 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A month of school has already whizzed pastand we have hopefully embraced our busyschedules, amazing new friends and kooky professors. Now we collectively indulge inthe spectacle that is October—the monththat kicked off with Nuit Blanche, seguedinto Oktoberfest, and is about to go out witha banging Halloween (grab those outra-
the weekend y’all!). Oh October: the monthof inebriation, hookups and “whaaaaaat-happened-bro?!” nights—before the nerdydemands of being a UofT student kick in andcompel us (well, most of us) to settle downcome crunch time (November, for those of you new to the workings of UofT).That said, I am sure all of us have had at leastone “OHMYGOD-I-swear-off-partying-for-ever” night, a vow usually undertaken at the behest of a gargantuan hangover—yes, theone of Olympian proportions that not evenZeus would laugh at. Of course, this vow is broken come the next frat party/club nightout/beer pong night-in (which you only con-sent to indulge in because the sportsmanship behind it is brilliant—no really). Jokes aside,
guys and girls, are plenty and rather seri-ous—do not “yes, mum” me just yet; keepreading.When one is out, looking fab and work-ing it like a boss, there is the potentiality of getting carried away by the attention the hot-tie is pouring all over you, and not noticingwhat he/she is pouring into your glass—yes boys, some girls do go to extreme lengths toget you. The ugly truth is that there are manyvultures (some of them are gorgeous—think Ryan Phillipe) out there with hidden inten-
from a “hmm I don’t know” because theycan. A raunchy tumble is fun when you canremember it—not so fun when you wake upnext to Mr./Ms. IThoughtWasGorgeous and
a severe note, drunken rapes do happen.Since we have addressed “sex”, the nextglaring issue would be “drugs” (duh). As al-luded to previously, date rape drugs can beconveniently slipped into the drinks of vic-tims. It would be simple if the only stand-ing notion was that drug consumption isusually forced, but the reality is that thereis a prevalent drug culture amongst youngadults as a demographic. This might not spe-
after all, who is to tell who is from where ata crazy party? Point is people love gettinghigh—drugs dim the senses to enhance plea-sure which leads to a string of shenanigansthat may prove to be regrettable the morn-ing after. The rule of thumb when it comes todrugs: “turn tail and run”.
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from page 1Moving on to “rock and roll” alcohol poison-ing (yes, we are being rather macabre here).We are young, we are strong, we have the al-cohol tolerance of a linebacker, we will ownthat shot drinking competition—no. Just, no.Flashback to 2008, when one 19-year-oldJason Venezia from the University of War-wick in the UK chugged 0.5 litres of vodkain 20 minutes for a bet which culminated— tragically—in his death. Yes, emphasis on

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