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Email 5: Chichakli - Schmidle Files - SkyPotrol.net

Email 5: Chichakli - Schmidle Files - SkyPotrol.net

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Published by George Mapp

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Published by: George Mapp on Mar 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Re: Query from The New Yorker 
Nicholas Schmidle <nickschmidle@gmail.com> 26
Chichakli R <chichakli@yandex.ru>Hi Richard,Hope all is well.I had a couple more questions I hoped you could help with.Viktor mentioned to me that Air Cess had been named the second-largest cargo operator out of Sharjah in 1997. Is there anychance you have any record or confirmation of that? Also, regarding the FBI raiding your office in 2005, how soon after that did you leave the US? I was told that, because of frozenassets, you traveled to Egypt on frequent flier miles from Lufthansa. Is any part of that accurate?Thanks!Best,Nicholas
Chichakli R <chichakli@yandex.ru>
Sun, 15 Jan 2012 14:21:37 +0400
 Nicholas Schmidle <nickschmidle@gmail.com>
Re: Query from The New Yorker 
Dear Nicholas:Thank you for your message.Concerning Johan Peleman, there is plenty of grounds to cover. Unfortunately, there isn't enough hard evidence that would allow me to pinpoint what I mayknow to be true about the prson, his ethics, the level of his knowledge, and certainly his corruption.Concerning his Ethics, we have many proven lies he cannot deny. The first and the most important one is what he forged in black and white in the infamousUN report on Angola and in which he invented Victor Bout and my alleged relation to Victor. The report known as S/2000/1225 and which Peleman likes tocall it "Sexy Report" as you can see in this video here: http://youtu.be/BLsQsyAANCQArticle-6 of the report states "Every one mentioned in the report was contacted and provided the opportunity to reply" and this is a lie. Actually this is avery major lie because this supposed t be the mechanism of investigation, and which was turned by Peleman to Assassination as he did not contact the people, and I know that because I was one of those mentioned in the report and was never contacted. I certainly know several others who are mentionedand indeed were not approached. The reason Peleman did not contact the people he claimed to be involved in sanction busting is obvious and that is, if hecontact the people they are likely to respond and that will ruin his plan to invent a smoke screen to be used to hide the actual sanction busters with$870,000,000 of admitted arms trafficking to Angola as it was revealed in the Angola Gate trials in Paris and the 82 convections that were handed out bythe court. Of Course Peleman did not mention one single name of those convicted in Paris after admitting trafficking nearly one billion dollar of Arms toUnita. Now think about the fact that Peleman stated in the report that Victor Bout was the main dealer and the main trafficker with an alleged 10 to 12million in sale and 23 flights. Compare that to 870 million in sale and more than 2,000 flights!!! Peleman cannot miss the 2000 flights and Billion in saleunless he intentionally did that, or otherwise, he is incompetent and lack the knowledge and expertise. Victor Bout was made up create smoking mirrors inorder to hide the true arms traffickers and sanctions busters, and such thing never for free.Other questionable relations of Peleman is his relation to Alexy Yanshuk, the owner of a company heavily involved in arms trafficking and which named"Phoenix Aviation", founded in Sharjah, UAE, and its aircraft are on registered in Kyrgyzstan "EX" registry. Corruption or not is a question that should beaddressed to Peleman for WHY is what Peleman failing to mention the company in his infamous report, and worse, failing to mention the Phoenix IL-18 crashed in Angola just shortof the runway with more than 20 tons of arms and ammunition. Thus, worthy to mention that Yanshk and Peleman happened to be "Friends", well, at least,until Yanshuk picked up the illegal rendition flights for the CIA in 2002 using his G-II.The lies, deceit, and the manufacturing of story are proven element of Peleman’s work, no question about it. Thus, no one is yet to ask Peleman why did helie in the UN S/2000/1225 report, and should he say “I did not” the few immediate statements/questions to follow:
You did not contact Richard Chichakli, thus, you lied about the method of investigation and what you claimed to have done – contacting those
«Re: Query from The New Yorker» Nicholas Schmidle ...https://mail.yandex.ru/neo2/1 of 204-Mar-12 11:26 AM

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