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Email 14: Chichakli - Schmidle Files - SkyPotrol.net

Email 14: Chichakli - Schmidle Files - SkyPotrol.net

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Published by George Mapp

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Published by: George Mapp on Mar 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Re: Query from The New Yorker 
Nicholas Schmidle <nickschmidle@gmail.com> 7
Chichakli R <chichakli@yandex.ru>Hi Richard,Hope your teaching is going well.I had a question for you. On your website you write about your relationship with Viktor and Sergei but you don’t mention when youmet them. I’m trying to get a picture in my head of Viktor in 1993-1994-1995 and was wondering if you could recall first meeting him.What was your impression? Was he one of a kind? Or perhaps one of many his age there doing similar things? If you could shareany thoughts, I’d be most grateful. Thanks!Best, Nicholas
Chichakli R <chichakli@yandex.ru>
Sun, 29 Jan 2012 19:56:01 +0400
 Nicholas Schmidle <nickschmidle@gmail.com>
Re: Query from The New Yorker 
Good day:Unfortunately, no one is available to search for and send you the magazine. Thus, I do not understant "you all" perhaps you canexplain to me what do you mean by "you all" which seemed to form your later question. Who are "you all"RegardsRichard29.01.2012, 19:14, "Nicholas Schmidle" <nickschmidle@gmail.com>:Thanks Richard,Interesting about the G1 and the Il76s not having any engines. I didn’t know that. The one that’s been converted into a billboard,I’ve seen photos of that, but whose plane was it actually?Re: the plaudits you all received from Sharjah, is there any chance there’s someone back in Moscow who could send that earlier than three weeks from now? It’s a great fact to insert, illustrating Viktor’s business at the peak of his operations. Thoughts?And I feel there is much more to discuss re: OFAC stuff. It sounds, from what you’ve written, that you all weren’t inhibited at allbut the sanctions and were still very much in the game, as it were.Thanks again for all your help!Best,Nicholas
Chichakli R <chichakli@yandex.ru>
Sun, 29 Jan 2012 09:49:18 +0400
 Nicholas Schmidle <nickschmidle@gmail.com>
Re: Query from The New Yorker 
Good day Nicholas:
Thank you for your message.
In regards to Victor, the sanctions had zero negative effect on him or his ability to do business anywhere. In reality, the publicity created by the propaganda helped himto appear bigger than whatever hi is, gave him credibility he would have never dreamed about having, and invented a person that never existed in real life. As to OFACsanction, it indeed provide credibility and legitimacy to the designated person as an accredited and trusted friend to any entity that despises the US government and itspolitical agenda and propaganda. You can make very descent living solely because you name appears on OFAC list in matter other than drugs; I can testify to that firsthand.
In regards to the G1, that aircraft was long gone. The aircraft in RAK – if it is still there, would not be owned by Victor since years; more particular since the engineswere removed upon their expiration, and then that airframe without the engines would very much be worthless. I think Victor may have left one or two IL-76 airframes,other than the one used as an advertizing board at the side of the road. The IL-76s would have a value of zero since they were abandoned in RAK initially because theyhad no engines and because of the diminished value after they were restricted in operations from 2005 forward. For all I know, Victor had no assets tied to aircraftwhatsoever.
Finally, I’ll be back to Moscow in about three weeks after completing my tour. I am a visiting lecturer in many universities and research institutes in an outside the
«Re: Query from The New Yorker» Nicholas Schmidle ...https://mail.yandex.ru/neo2/1 of 204-Mar-12 11:39 AM

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