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Flat Stanley Adventures From Ann's Grade 5 Class

Flat Stanley Adventures From Ann's Grade 5 Class

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Published by Ron-Natalie Sing
Stories about Flat Stanley from Ann's Class
Stories about Flat Stanley from Ann's Class

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Published by: Ron-Natalie Sing on Mar 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stanley and I go to AtlantisOne day I received some mail in my mail-box. It said:To: [Name and address withheld].” I took it inside to open it up and see what was in it. I openedit up, there was nothing in it. But when I was just about to throw it in the recycling, I turnedaround and there standing right in front of me wasFlat Stanley! “Hi there!” he said. I fainted. When I woke up I thought I was just dreaming so Iwent up to my room and acted like nothing ever happened, only to see Flat Stanley in my room.“Oh there you are!” Stanley said. So, I quietly said: “What are you doing in my room, and PS.Why are you flat?”“Oh, it’s a long story.” Stanley said. “Oh… Okay…” I said.“So what’s your name?” He asked. I told him “[Name and address withheld].” “Cool, my name isStanley, Flat Stanley.“So what do you want to do Stanley?” I said“Hmm, Oh I know!” He said “What?” I asked. “Wanna go skydiving?” He said “Wait, WHAT?!”“Or we could go to Atlantis!” He said ”How would we do that?” I asked him.“Simple, we just mail ourselves in a letter to Atlantis!”He said. “But one small problem, I’m not flat.” I told him.“Hmm…” “Then we have to find out how to make you flat!” He said. “Yeah, like that’s gonna..”Suddenly my bulletin board fell on me! “Are you okay?” Stanley said “Umm I think so… whoawait a second, I’m flat too!” I exclaimed: “Cool!” Now we can go to Atlantis!” Stanley said. “Soagain, How do I do that?” I asked “Just fold yourself into a letter, you know to Atlantis.” Stanleyreplied “Ohhh, okay.” I said. Just then we were both folded into a nice letter and then mailed to Atlantis. Then we heard a big crash, We reached Atlantis!“Wow this place is amazing” I said “You can say that again, follow me!” Stanley said. Then wewere greeted by a Atlantian! “Hello and welcome to Atlantis!” He said “So what country do youcome from?” He asked us “We come from America” Stanley replied “America..? Haven’t heardof such a place, what is it like?” He said It has tall buildings!” Stanley said “Oh and don’t forgetthe hotdog stands.” I told him, we both laughed the Atlantian led us to the main part of the citywere we both stayed in an underwater hotel. “Wow that was cool!” I said “I never knew I wouldmeet a real life Atlantian before!” I also said “I told you this would be a good idea.” He said.Then suddenly we heard a commotion going on outside, we went outside to see what was goingon and right infront of the city was a giant squid! “It looks hungry!!” I exclaimed “We should dosomething before it tries to eat Atlantis!” Stanley exclaimed, Then the squid looked at us with itsdark black eyes “This isn’t good…” I quietly said“Hmmm” Stanley looked around for some ideas. “Aha!”Stanley said “You said he was hungry right?” “Yeah and..?” I replied “Maybe we should feed itsomething, you distract him and I will find some food.” He said “Okay I’ll try” So Stanley wentlooking for something for the squid to have.“Nice squid, you’re a nice squid…” I said trying to calm it down, But then it picked me up with itsslithery tentacles!Meanwhile Flat Stanley was looking for something for the squid to eat, “Aha” He said, Then hewent over to the squid and was just about to eat me! Then Stanley went over by the squid andyelled “Hey squid!” The squid looked over to Stanley “You hungry?” The squid slowly nodded itshead “Then have some stake!” He yelled then he threw the stake into the air, or water more likeand it went into the squids mouth! The squid put me down and was chewing the stake.“Thanks” I said “No problem” Stanley said The squid slowly swallowed and ate the stake andswam away. Then the hole city of Atlantis started cheering. After throwing a huge party we wentback to shore. “Well that was fun!” I said “Yeah we had a fun time together” Stanley said “WellI’d better be going back home.” I said “Same here” So Then Flat Stanley folded himself into aletter and I mailed him back to his home. The end
Flat Sanely And The Ninja Bean by Jonathan.green
Me flat Sanely was at the fun fair in the ride the
then he herdmmmmmwwwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaa. The usual he thought then he herd his name Sanely. I amhere wwwhho are you ( he said in a shaky voice ), classified he said now you will go by by.Then he herd a click click then it stopped click click click and then he fell at the speed of 
…………… and then it stopped then roooaaaaaarrrrrr then he encountered the evil
Ninja Bean.
The ninja bean through diamond swords but he was distracted by the ninja beanthat for got his soundings he was in a block type world he was in Minecrafttm surrounded thenthe creeper and it blew up and killed the ninja bean.
Flat Stanley at the Fair Flat Stanley was bored so he wanted to go to a fair. So he went to a fair. He went on a roller coaster and he had so much fun on it again and again. Then he didn’t feel so good so he wentto sit down. But then he saw some candy and so he went to get some and there was so muchcandy on the counter. So, he got lots and lots of candy for free. Stanley realized that it was freecandy day at the fair. Then, he sat down and ate lots and lots of candy.Tthen he saw a clownand went up to him and said can I have a balloon and the clown said what color and he saidblue please and the clown gave him a blue balloon. to He took the balloon and said how can Ihold this? The clown said let me tie it around your wrist. So, Flat Stanley said thank you; then,after that Flat Stanley saw a merry-go-round so he went on it and he had so much fun.By: Victoria Clement Grade 5Heritage Christian School

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