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March Washington State - 03 07 121

March Washington State - 03 07 121

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Published by christianc5060

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Published by: christianc5060 on Mar 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oregon State – 69Washington State – 64 An interview with:
THE MODERATOR: Coach, an openingstatement, please?COACH BONE: Tough game. OregonState came out and threw the first punch andlanded it pretty hard. I don't think I had our guysready to go from the beginning. It seemed that wewere very lethargic that first eight or ten minutes.But then to their credit, we battled back totake a one-point lead at halftime, and that waspretty impressive the way our guys played. Ouguys did a really nice job that last ten minutes of thefirst half.Then down the stretch, Oregon State madeplays and we didn't. Ball went in the basket on oneend, and we had some great looks on the other, andwe did not convert. So give Oregon State thecredit.
Q. Even though you guys closed thegap by halftime, does having them make that bigof a run in that short of a time still kind of takesomething out of you?
COACH BONE: I think it takes somethingout of you. But it takes something out of OregonState to have the run early in the game too. In mymind, it's the same thing.
Q. Can you talk a little about the lastthree minutes of the game? You did touch on it.Can you give us more detail to what you saw thedifference was?
COACH BONE: I thought Oregon State dida good job of getting to the free-throw line andgetting baskets right near the rim. We had a fewreally good looks. We just did not convert.Unfortunately, some of those were from thefree-throw line.
Q. It seems like all year there have beenperiods where you guys played reallypurposefully, and then there are periods whereyou get really tentative. What is the differencein those two teams to you? Why do you thinkthat happens?
COACH BONE: I think it's a great pointand valid point. I don't know. I don't know exactlywhy. I know we tried to execute some of the sameplays. We go back to a lot of the same plays thatare successful early and try to execute those late.The only thing I can put my thumb on is I'mprobably to blame at times for playing guys toomany minutes. Reggie Moore tonight, for example,played 38 minutes, and he really struggled to shootthe ball that second half. I believe in Reggie, butsometimes it can be a fatigue factor.Oregon State played more guys. Theyrotated a few more guys, and we went with seven.So that could very well be the reason why down thestretch we struggled to execute as well as other teams. It was just a fatigue factor.If that's the case, then it's on me to try tomilk it with what I think of our best players, but atthe end it can play a part sometimes.
Q. Coach Robinson said that hadsomebody told them that Cunningham wouldhave four points and they'd still win, he wouldn'thave believed them. Being able to do what youdid against Cunningham, were you happy withhow you played him? Would you have believedit that you would have lost while holding him tofour?
COACH BONE: Yeah, I think Oregon Statehas a good team. I think they have a lot of weapons. Starks has proven all year what he'scapable of doing, and they just keep coming at youwith other good bigs that are at times extremelyefficient.
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March 7, 2012 

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