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2008 MTSU Mid-South Tab Summary

2008 MTSU Mid-South Tab Summary

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Published by anemani10

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Published by: anemani10 on Nov 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Team Name/NumberRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Summary
Alabama,Birmingham 1160(316)Def v 1293W W+15 +24Pl v 1275W L+11 -3Pl v 1089W W+12 +1Def v 1393W W+7 +17-1Bob Jones University1028 (634)Def v 1388W W+29 +18P v 1305W L+7 -7Def v 1275L L-8 -8Pl v 1105W L+15 -114-4Cincinnati 1098 (644)Def v 1258L W-9 +2Pl v 1376W W+19 +6Def v 1489L L-6 -4Pl v 1275W W+15 +85-3Emory 1489 (380)Def v 1307W L+9 -2Pl v 1029W W+3 +16Pl v 1098W W+6 +4Def v 1548W W+6 +147-1Fresno State 1062(408)Def v 1305L L-13 -14Pl v 1388W W+2 +8Def v 1105L L-1 -5Pl v 1087T W+13-4-1Georgia Tech 1238(944)Def v 1376W W+10 +9Pl v 1258W W+4 +9Pl v 1305W W+11 +8Def v 1293W W+12 +138-0Georgia Athens 1333(826)Def v 1374W W+12 +14Pl v 1232W W+5 +6Def v 1087T TPl v 1029W W+9 +16-0-2 (7-1)Kennesaw 1339 (832)Def v 1232L L-3 -10Pl v 1374W W+2 +2Pl v 1393W T+3Def v 1305L L-2 -163-4-1Lee University 1548(310)Def v 1275L L-7 -10Pl v 1293W L+2 -1Def v 1029L L-19 -12Pl v 1489L L-6 -141-7
Team Name/NumberRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Summary
Miami of Ohio 1393(993)Def v 1029W L+1 -1Pl v 1412T TDef v 1339T L-3Pl v 1160L L-7 -11-4-3 (2-5-1)Middle TennesseeState U. 1087 (661)Def v 1412W W+6 +1Pl v 1380W W+1 +9Pl v 1333T TDef v 1062L T-14-2-2 (5-3)Memphis 1013 (570)Def v 1380L W-5 +1Pl v 1105L L-10 -4Pl v 1376W W+6 +6Def v1307L L-2 -153-5MTSU1089 (663)Def v 1105W W+3 +8Pl v 1307W L+9 -2Def v 1160L L-12 -1Pl v1232W L+9 -14-4Mississippi, Univ.1105 (470)Pl v 1089L L-3 -8Def v 1013W W+10 +4Pl v 1062W W+1 +5Def v 1028W L+11 -155-3Murray State 1412(834)Pl v 1087L L-1 -6Def v 1393T TPl v 1258L L-6 -14Def v 1388W W+10 +82-5-1Rhodes 1029 (872) Pl v 1393L W-1 +1Def v 1489L L-3 -16Pl v 1548W W+19 +12Def v 1333L L-1 -93-5Samford (1380)Pl v 1013W L+5 -1Def v 1087L L-1 -9Pl v 1293W W+2 +9Def v 1258L L-26 -113-5South Carolina 1275(792)Pl v 1548W W+7 +10Def v 1160W L+3 -11Pl v 1028W W+8 +8Def v 1098L L-15 -85-3St. Louis University1232 (721)Pl v 1339W W+3 +10Def v 1333L L-5 -6Pl v 1307L L-15 -2Def v1089W L+1 -93-5Tennessee,Chattanooga 1374(940)Pl v 1333L L-14 -12Def v 1339L L-2 -2Pl v 1388W W+10 +10Def v 1376W L+1 -63-5Bye-Buster Team1376 Pl v 1238L L-10 -9Def v 1098L L-19 -6Def v 1013L L-6 -6Pl v 1374W L+6 -11-7Tennessee, Knoxville1305 (441)Pl v 1062W W+13 +14Def v 1028W L+7 -7Def v 1238L L-11 -8Pl v 1339W W+2 +164-4
Team Name/NumberRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4
SummaryTennessee, Knoxville1307 (443)Pl v 1489W L+9 -2Def v 1089W L+2 -9Def v 1232W W+15 +2Pl v1013W W+2 +156-2Vanderbilt 1258 (351)Pl v 1098W L+9 -2Def v 1238L L-4 -9Def v 1412W W+6 +14Pl v1380W W+26 +115-3West Florida 1388(578)Pl v 1028L L-29 -18Def v 1062L L-2 -8Def v 1374L L-10 -10Pl v 1412L L-10 -80-8Western Kentucky1293 (702)Pl v 1160L L-15 -24Def v 1548W L+1 -2Def v 1380L L-2 -9Pl v 1238L L-12 -131-7
1-Team 944 8-0 Georgia Tech (1238) (division champion; tournament runnerup with CS=12)2-Team 380 7-1 Emory (1489) CS=153-Team 826 7-1 Univ Georgia (1333) CS=14.54-Team 316 7-1 Alabama Birmingham (1160) CS=12.55-Team 443 6-2 Tennessee-KnoxvilleHonorable Mention5-3 Vanderbilt (1258) CS=195-3 Tennessee (1305) CS=18.55-3 Cincinnati (1098) CS=18
Attorneys20 ranks Rebecca Johnson (1160) UAB Plaintiff 20 ranksJoe Roesch (1339) Kennesaw –Plaintif20 ranks Clay Cox (1307) Tennessee-Knoxville- Plaintiff 19 ranksAdam Field (1013) Memphis - Plaintif19 ranksVishal Shah (1380) Samford – Plaintif19 ranksJessica Puckett (1305) Tennessee-Knoxville- Plaintif19 ranksMatt Baker(1028) Bob Jones - PlaintifWitnesses20 ranksRobert Holt (1098) Cincinnati Plaintif19 ranksZach Barnard (1412) Murray State-Defendant19 ranksJohnicka Geeter (1029) Rhodes - Plaintif18 ranksTony Norton (1339) Kennesaw - Plaintif18 ranksTaylor Lansdale (1293) Western Kentucky - Defendant17 ranksMichelle Fantone (1339) Kennesaw - Plaintif17 ranksAndrew Coyle (1305) Tennessee-Knoxville - Defendant17 ranksAndrew Ionescu (1333) Georgia Defendant17 ranksRyan Cockerham (1232) St Louis Defendant17 ranksJacob Strait (1089) MTSU-Plaintif17ranksLaurel Dunn (1062) Fresno State-Plaintif17 ranksNate Ogle (1305) Tennessee-Knoxville-Plaintif

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