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The Mayan Mam Glyph

The Mayan Mam Glyph

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Published by Cliff
a Mayan glyph depicting the image of an old man. A simple appearing glyph but actually quite a complex composition relying heavily on form to convey its message.
a Mayan glyph depicting the image of an old man. A simple appearing glyph but actually quite a complex composition relying heavily on form to convey its message.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Cliff on Mar 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Mam Glyph
Clifford C. Richey
March 2012The use of the illustration and photograph in this paper is based on fair use for educational and non commercial purposes.
Although this Mayan glyph
appears to be a simple drawing of the Face of an old man it is actuallyquite a complex composition. Its complexity lies in the abundant use of Form which the ancient reader needed to define and ponder its meaning while reading it. The message is cosmological, and highlymetaphorical. It was, perhaps, a song or poem in the original Mayan language.The Face (
his appearance
) is one of a toothless, balding, old man with his hair falling off or at leastdownward. This glyph uses a remarkable amount of Form to present its message. It really tests thereader's ability to figure out or visually complete the various Forms using his knowledge of the system.Divisions between the Forms are marked by gray lines in order to reduce confusion with the drawing’s black lines.
 His appearance,The Old One. Heading eastward,
The Nose (alluding, by Position, to the Nostrils its orifices or 
) is relatively large indicating,
. The Nose (white area) is in the Form of a relatively large Figure,
the great one
, sitting(
) and facing the right or 
It has a Large Arm and Hand that forms the white of the Eyeequating it with the signs for The Eye (the Eye of the Sun,
). A Large Arm and Hand stems fromthe figure's Head The Black Curve of the Eye is the sign for a
 scending upward and over 
and its Formis that of a small (black) Hand. The (white) space between the small (black) Hand's Index Finger andThumb (indicating something being,
is a Rectangular,
sign. It is also the long(white) Nose of the Sitting Figure again indicating
as stated above.1 Stuart, David http://decipherment.wordpress.com/2007/09/29/the-mam-glyph/
The great one, Heading Eastward,The Arm, The Hand of the Sun,The warrior, the steward of the Sun, Awaiting, Ascension.The Eye of the Sun, Venus Held, In the Place,of the holes
The Eyebrow (brown) above the Eye is a Horizontal Leg and Foot sign meaning,
the long-walk 
of (yellow) the sign for,
a star 
. The
sign is connected to the Eye (the eye of the Sun,
). The Star is Positionally,
on the side of 
the (pink) Cheek Bone, the Upper Half of a Circle meaning, t
he upper-world.
The star sign is on the right side of the composition indicating,
the west.
The long walk Of The star,On the western side,Of The upper world.

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