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Maxwell Squadron - Oct 2005

Maxwell Squadron - Oct 2005

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Civil Air Patrol - Alabama Wing
Civil Air Patrol - Alabama Wing

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Civil Air Patrol - Unit Newsletters on Mar 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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 When we (about 20 ROTC cadets) got together theday after the storm to go volunteer at the Red Cross,Iput together a few things in one of my Camelbacks;not quite the load we use for Search and Rescue, butall of the essentials, as we didn’t know what we mightend up doing. A bunch of the other cadets thought it was a good idea and went back to their apartments toget their own packs. That first day, wehad to go through some RedCross training before being sent tothe shelters, but it really wasn’tanything already covered in our Emergency Services courses. Atthe shelter that afternoon, allthat was really needed was a goodattitude and a willingness to do whatever needed to be done to help these people(taking out trash, helping to arrange showers, beingthere for people tohave someone to talk to). Again, CAP’semphasis on serviceand the GroundTeam training wasindispensable.The next day weset up a commandcenter at the ROTCbuilding to helpcoordinate our efforts with theneeds of theshelterson campus. I was theonly cadet with any real training in radio operationsand theIncident Command System, so I ended upspending 24 hours working the command center outof the56 hoursthat it was online. It was pretty tough, but all those years at NESA were agood dressrehearsal.Now I am trying to arrange somekind of debriefing for our cadets, asmany of our people have had to seesome rough things and do somepretty intense life or death decision-making. As soon as I realized thatthe PMAC (LSU’s basketball arena) was being used as a triage andprimary care facility, I immediately thought that we were going to haveto deal with Critical Incident Stress. After beingtrained up on that at my first NESA,I have an idea of  what we are going to need to do at the Det. here toaddress it. All of the things I had to do as a CAP cadetand the experiences I hadmade it that much easieto go volunteer and hopefully make a difference.There is still quite a bit of work going on downhere, but they have shut down the PMAC for shelter operations. Det. 310 has been put in for a unitcitation for the help we rendered, and many of our people are still trying to find ways to pitch in. My meeting this evening is for Phi Sigma Pi, and I amtrying to completely revamp my service plan for the year. As I said, I will try to call later tonight.Love,
Maxwell Air Force Base, AL
Sept. - Oct. 2005Vol. 1, No. 5
Hey Pa
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DCC Corner
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Cadet Spotlight
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National Money
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Health Issues“Your Bone Account”
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SERWinter Encampment
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Hey Pa
by Eddie Gaston
“...to prepare myself to be of service to my community,state, and nation.” 
-- from the Civil Air Patrol Cadet’s Oath
The following is an e-mail that Lt. Col. Gaston received from his son, Eddie. They wanted to share with you how Civil Air Patrolcadet program has prepared Eddie for a real-life situation; specifically, how he was able to assist the victims and evacuees of Hurricane Katrina. The staff of the
Cadet Notes
thank the Gastons for allowing us to publish this letter.
Civil Air Patrol provides nearly $300,000.00 in scholarship opportunities for itscadet and senior members each year. Money is available to help students attenda college or vocational school. Cadets can even earn a pilot’s license through aCAP scholarship. Too many of the scholarships often go unused, so apply today!
Eligibility & Application Requirements:
Scholarships are generally advertised each fall for the academic year that begins the following fall.Deadlines vary depending on the scholarship program. All scholarships are available only to current CAPcadet officers and senior members. Other pre-requisites also apply. For complete and current details,visit the CAP scholarship home page, your one-stop source for official CAP scholarship news andinformation:
cap.gov > cadet programs > scholarships
An oath is only as good as the individual ready to abide by his or her word.
-- Unknown
National Money
Rank & Name:
C/CMSgt. Lorenzo Enriquez
Evangel Family Christian Academy/9th grade
my dad, Lou; my mom, Deborah; my sister, Ariel; my two dogs and cat
karate, band/music, volunteering, reading,chess
Why did you join CAP?
I joined because I wanted to experience what it is likein the military. The most important reason is I foundout that you will be given an opportunity to fly and Ialways wanted to fly.
What do you enjoy most about CAP?
I most enjoy flying, which is one of the reasons why I joined. I also enjoyed being part of the Color Guardteam and the competitions. One of my many greathighlights that I have enjoyed in CAP was havinglunch with an Air Force Colonel. I also have met somegreat people.
What do you want to be/do when you grow up?
What I want to be when I grow up is an Air Forcefighter pilot or an Army tank commander.
How do you think CAP can help you in yourfuture career choice?
CAP has taught me the importance of good leadershipand how important it is to have good strong values.
Why would you recommend CAP to a friend?
I would recommend CAP to a friend because it offersa lot of fun and great knowledge in aerospace and agreat opportunity to help others.
Cadet Spotlight
in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, that I willattend meetings regularly, participate activelyin unit activities, obey my officers, wear myuniform properly, and advance my educationand training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state, and nation.

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