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014 Ibrahim

014 Ibrahim

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Published by kesh2421

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Published by: kesh2421 on Nov 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Revealed in Makkah
ِا ِَـْا ِّا ِْِ 
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the MostMerciful.
َِإ ِـَُا َِﻡ َسا َجِْُِ َْَِإ ُـَْََأ ٌبَِآ ا ا ِیِَْا ِطاَِ َِإ ْِَر ِنْذِِ ِراِِَْ 
14:1 Alif-Lam-Ra.(This is) a Book which We have revealed unto youin order that you might lead mankind out of darkness into light by their Lord's leave to the pathof the Almighty, the Praised.
ِ َﻡَو ِتَـَا ِ َﻡ ُَ ىِا ِاِضْرا  
14:2 Allah to Whom belongs all that is in theheavens and all that is in the earth!
ٍیِَ ٍباََ ْِﻡ َیِِـَْ ٌْیَوَو 
And woe unto the disbelievers from a severetorment.
ا ََ َْا َةََْا َنِَْَی َیِاَنوُَیَو ِةَِﺥ  ٍِَ ٍـََ ِ َِـَْوُأ ًَِ ََُْَیَو ِا ِِَﺱ َ
14:3 Those who prefer the life of this world to theHereafter, and hinder (men) from the path of Allahand seek crookedness therein - they are far astray.
Describing the Qur'an and warning Those Who defy it
Allah says,
 Previously we discussed the meaning of the separateletters that appear in the beginnings of some
...َْَِإ ُَْََأ ٌبَِآ ...
(This is) a Book which We have revealed unto you...Allah says, `This is a Book that We have revealedto you, O Muhammad. This `Book', is the GloriousQur'an, the most honored Book, that Allah sentdown from heaven to the most honoredMessenger of Allah sent to all the people of theearth, Arabs and non-Arabs alike,
...ِرا َِإ ِتَُا َِﻡ َسا َجِْُِ ...
in order that you might lead mankind out of darknessinto light,We sent you, O Muhammad, with this Book inorder that you might lead mankind away frommisguidance and crookedness to guidance andthe right way,'
َیِاَو ِرا َِإ ِـَُا َﻡ ُُِْُی ْاُَﻡاء َیِا ِَو ُا ِـَُا َِإ ِرا َﻡ ُَُِْُی ُتُـا ُُهُؤَِْوَأ ْاوُََآ 
Allah is the
(Protector or Guardian) of thosewho believe. He brings them out from darknessinto light.But as for those who disbelieve, their
 (supporters and helpers) are
(falsedeities), they bring them out from light intodarkness. (2:257)and,
ٍـَیاَء ِِْَََُلَُی ىِا َُهِـَُا َﻡ ْُَِْُٍـََ  ِرا َِإ
It is He Who sends down manifest
to Hisservant that He may bring you out from darknessinto light. (57:9)Allah said next,
...ْِَر ِنْذِِ ...
by their Lord's leave,He guides those whom He destined to be guidedby the hand of His Messenger, whom He sent toguide them by His command,
...ِیِَْا ِطاَِ َِإ...
to the path of the All-Mighty,Who can never be resisted or overpowered.Rather, Allah is Irresistible above everything andeveryone else,
the Praised.Who is glorified and praised in all His actions,statements, legislation, commandments andprohibitions and Who only says the truth in theinformation He conveys.

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