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015 Hijr

015 Hijr

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Published by kesh2421

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Published by: kesh2421 on Nov 26, 2008
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Revealed in Makkah
ِا ِَـْا ِّا ِْِ 
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the MostMerciful.
ٍِﻡ ٍناَءْُَو ِـَِْا ُـَیاء َْِ َا
15:1 Alif-Lam-Ra.These are Ayat of the Book and a plain Qur'an.
ََی ََر َِِْُﻡ ْاُَآ ْَ ْاوُََآ َیِا د 
15:2 How much would those who disbelieved wishthat they had been Muslims.
َنُَْَی َفْََ ُَﻡا ُِِْُیَو ْاُَََیَو ْاُُآْَی ْُهْرَذ 
15:3 Leave them to eat and enjoy, and let them bepreoccupied with (false) hope. They will come toknow!
The Disbelievers will someday wish that They had beenMuslims
Allah says:
ٍِﻡ ٍنْُَو ِبَِْا ُتَی َْِ ََا
These are
of the Book and a plain Qur'an.
We have already discussed the letters which appear atthe beginning of some
.Allah said:
ْاوُََآ َیِا دََی ََر ...
How much would those who disbelieved wish,Here Allah tells us that they will regret havinglived in disbelief, and will wish that they had beenMuslims in this world.
َِِْُﻡ ْاُَآ ْَ ْاوُََآ َیِا دََی ََر 
How much would those who disbelieved wish that theyhad been Muslims.Sufyan Ath-Thawri reported from Salamah bin Kuhayl,who reported from Abi Az-Za`ra', from Abdullah, whosaid:"This is about the
(the sinnersamong the believers who will stay in Hell for sometime), when they (the disbelievers) see thembeing brought out of Hell.''Ibn Jarir reported that Ibn Abbas and Anas bin Malikexplained that;this
refers to the Day when Allah will detainthe sinful Muslims in Hell along with the idolators.He said:"The idolators will say to them, `What you usedto worship on earth has not helped you.'
Then by virtue of His mercy, Allah will be angryfor their sake, and He will remove them
from it
.That is when
َِِْُْاُَآ ْَْاوُََآ َِا دََََر 
(Howmuch would those who disbelieved wish that theyhad been Muslims).''
َو ْاُُآْَی ْُهْرَذ ْاُَََی ...
Leave them to eat and enjoy,this is a stern and definitive threat for them, likeHis saying,
ِرا َِإ ْُآَِَﻡ نِَ ْاُََ ْُ 
Say: "Enjoy your brief life! But certainly, yourdestination is the Fire!'' (14:30)
ُُآ َنُﻡِْﻡ ْُِإ ًِَ ْاُَََو ْا 
(O disbelievers!) Eat and enjoy yourselves (in thisworldly life) for a little while. Verily, you are theguilty. (77:46)Allah says:
...ُَﻡَا ُِِْُیَو ...
let them be preoccupied with false hope.i.e., distracted from repentance and turning toAllah, for,
...َنُَْَی َفْََ 
They will soon come to know!that is, their punishment.
ٌمُْﻡ ٌـَِآ َََو ِإ ٍَیْَ ِﻡ َْَْهَأ َﻡَو 
15:4 And never did We destroy a township but therewas a known decree for it.

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