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FAPA YPG Newsletter Jan 2012

FAPA YPG Newsletter Jan 2012

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Published by: sean_su+scribd on Mar 08, 2012
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FAPA-YPG -- Jan 2012
Formosan Association for Public AffairsYoung Professionals Group
Coordinator’s Corner
by Eileen Lin
It has been a dramatic winter, and I amnot referring to the weather. I witnessedthe dichotomy of a zealous presidentialcampaign and the disappointing sentimentthat followed Taiwan’s election results.A group of YPG members initiated a“Vote Taiwan Project” and created ayoutube video to encourage Taiwaneseyoung voters to get out and vote. Thesocial media campaign had the followingthree goals:(1)To engage and build political power for young people in Taiwan(2)To influence young voter turnout inTaiwan’s 2012 Presidential Election(3)To engage Taiwanese Americans inTaiwan’s election and to contributetheir skills and creativity in theElectionAlthough the video received 7000+ views-- with most of the viewers from Taiwan-- we realized that we are well-connectedin the Taiwanese American community, but not enough in Taiwan. In addition,social media can measure demographyand frequency of viewers, but cannot tellyou how effective it is in terms of measuring behavioral change or votingtrends. It was our first attempt to create avideo project with limited resources andwe will continue to explore potentialopportunities through social media. Thevideo can be found here:<http://tinyurl.com/votetaiwan>Many YPG memberswent back to Taiwan tohelp with the campaign. Thosewho were unable to make the trip, stayedup and watched the vote count. Thedisappointing result saddened many of usas we celebrated this Lunar New Year.However, Dr. Tsai Ing-wen’s eloquentconcession speech reminded us that weneed to pick ourselves up and continue tofight for Taiwan.I recently hosted a 2-28 commemorationevent in DC with the aim to educate thosewho do not know much about Taiwan'shistory. Many gave me positive feedback and told me that they were thankful for the opportunity to learn about Taiwan. I believe that we, as FAPA members, carrythe responsibility to advance the interestof the Taiwanese American community,as well as to inform and reinforce to theinternational community that 23 million people in Taiwan deserve the right to self-determination. We cannot stop fighting -I know from the bottom of my heart thatmy fellow YPG members and I willcontinue to advocate for Taiwan’sinternational recognition.
Chapter Report: DC
 In early February, weheld a brunch tocelebrate Lunar NewYear and to discussupcoming events...
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Chapter Report: Boston
 In January 2012, a fewYPG members flew toTaiwan to
observe and  participate in theelection...
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Chapter Report:San Francisco
 In the Bay we’ve been focused onstrengthening ourmembership...
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Chapter Report:Gainesville, FL
We had two meetings/parties at Dr. SteveLin's
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Chapter Report: Seattle
Some members of theSeattle group areinvolved in AmericanCitizens for Taiwan...
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Chapter Report: NY/NJ
monthlynetworking mixers haveimmensely enlarged the participation and visibility of YPG...
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A Quarterly Newsletter 
 Volume 2, Issue 1 -- Jan 2012
FAPA-YPG -- Jan 2012
Chapter Report: DC
Inlate October, the DC chapter hosted a brunch to examine thesignificance of ROC Centennial to Taiwan’s history with agoal to provide a forum where people with diverse points of view can feel safe sharing their thoughts on an important andtimely topic. We want participants to think more carefullyabout how best to present the Taiwan and ROC dichotomy inour advocacy efforts internationally. Participants shared personal stories on how they perceive the dichotomy - somenewthe difference, some did not know the difference, andsomebelieved they are the same. It was interesting to hear fr omvarious viewpoints, but everyone agrees that Taiwan is acountry with an urgent need to gain more international participation and support.On January 14, 2012 those who were unable to go back toTaiwan to vote gathered to watch the vote count for the pr esidential and legislative elections. We discussed issues thathavebeen brought up during the campaign season whilewaiting for the voting result. Unfortunately the result wasdisap pointing, but we felt lucky to have each other there for emotional support.Inearly February, we held another brunch to celebrate Lunar  New Year and to discuss ideas for upcoming events such as theValentine’s Day protest against Chinese VP Xi Jinping and2-28 commemoration. DC Chapter was first formed spring of last year, and we hope to grow in size and continue to providequality educational information on Taiwan to youngintellectuals in the DC community.
The team informedthe aide about Taiwan’s history and the challenges it faces onthe international stage.
We are glad to have many first-timeadvocates, and will definitely continue the YPG’s participationin local advocacy efforts this year.In January 2012, a few YPG members, along with manyFAPA members, flew to Taiwan to observe and participate inthe election.
Thanks to efforts by our local members, we gotin touch with a journalist from Massachusetts who flew toTaiwan to cover the election.
We were able help in bringingexposure to Taiwan and its aspirations the local MA readersthrough the media coverage.OnFebruary 14, 2012, YPG and FAPA members gathered inHarvard Square in the evening to protest Vice President XiJinping’s Washington , D.C. visit.
Although our group wasnotas large as the one in D.C., with the help of our signs,flyers, and megaphone, our voices were definitely heard bypedestrians passing by.
This gathering on Valentine’s Day wasa spirited showing of our love for democracy!
Chapter Report:San Francisco
by Jonathan Lee
In the Bay we’ve been focused onstrengthening our membership. We heldour first Thanksgiving Potluck inNovember featuring home-made dishessuch as Jap Chae, Congee, TaiwaneseFried Noodles (
), andTaiwanese Meatball Soup (
)witha special appearance by FAPA-YPG NJmember Albert Tseng.In December, we were lucky to haveChia-chun Chung and Herbert Changvisit as part of the “Dear Taiwan” (
)tour. FAPA-YPG teamed up withTAP-SF to screen the film in the SouthBay at the San Jose Taiwanese AmericanCenter to more than 100 people and inSan Francisco to 40 people.As I’m sure most of you know, Taiwan just completed its 2012 elections inJanuary. The day after, YPG membersgathered over hotpot to discuss the resultsand implications for the future of Taiwan.To lighten the mood, we again teamed upwith TAP-SF for a closed screening of “You are the Apple of My Eye” (
) in February.And of course to commemorate 228, weworked with ACT to host a paneldiscussing itsimplications ondemocracy and Taiwantoday.Stay tuned our fellowYPGers because thefuture is full of events aswe’re planning to hostthe “Why TaiwanMatters” series in Marchand April reviewing theaptly namedCongressional hearings.To continue the social/cultural aspects we’ll be organizingviewings of 
 Nightmarket Hero
Seediq Bale
when they come to theaters. Untilnext time…Good Night and Good Luck!
Chapter Report:Gainesville, FL
by Wenya Wang
We had two meetings/parties at Dr.Steve Lin's house -- Sincere thanks toDr. and Mrs. Lin for kindly invitingYPG members and new students!The first one was a potluck party onNov. 6, 2011. We shared theexperience of attending the YPGadvocacy conference
with membersand friends. Later we watched the film
 Dear Taiwan
.The second one was a BBQ party onJan 29 Sun to celebrate Lunar NewYear. More than 20 people showed up.We made new friends and caught upwith old ones.
We also discussed thedate and venue for a new event whichwill be co-host by TWSA at UF andYPG in Gainesville. The new eventwill be a panel answering questionsregarding how Taiwanese studentsfindjobs in the US. The date will beon March 17.
Chapter Report:Seattle
by Alan Luo
Some members of the Seattle group areinvolved in American Citizens forTaiwan, which continues to improve thecontent and user experience of the ACTonline campaign website, as well asproducing action alert emails. ACT willsoon launch a
mobile version of our ACTwebsite.
Starting from this year ACT has producedtwo action alert emails, one on supportinga fair presidential election in Taiwan, andthe current one supporting Taiwanesehigh-ranking
officials to visit the U.S.ACT also produced an article about the228 Massacre asking U.S. citizens to helpprevent such an event in the future.We ask you to make sure you sign up forthe ACT mailing list athttp://americancitizensfortaiwan.org, and tellyour friends and family as well. Togetherwe can make a difference in influencingmembers of Congress via the ACT tool.

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