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Published by wercan

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Published by: wercan on Nov 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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e Qur’an is not a book that consists solely of lawful and unlawfuldeeds; it covers a wide range of subjects, including descriptionspertaining to moral perfection, various characteristics of humanbeings, all situations and circumstances that are likely to occur in thislife, information related to the life of this world and the hereafter, fear ofGod, love for Him, the ways to attain the good pleasure of God, etc. Inbrief, the Qur’an is a book that consists of all the information that manmay need throughout his life. It is the Book the Creator has sent to thecreated and it will remain as the sole guide for humanity until the Day ofJudgement.  A believer who becomes aware of the importance and indispensabilityof the Qur’an to his life must have a good knowledge of the Qur’an sothat he can conduct his entire life in line with the principles of the Qur’anand thus serve God as is due. This book is prepared to strengthen theknowledge of the Qur’an for those who wish to get to know Allah, whoare willing to meticulously perform their duties as servants of Allah,reorient their lives in line with the values of the Qur’an and makeattaining the good pleasure, mercy and Paradise of Allah their mainobjective.
The author, who writes under the pen-name Harun Yahya, was born in Ankara in 1956. He studied arts at Istanbul's Mimar Sinan University,and philosophy at Istanbul University. Sincethe 1980s, the author has published manybooks on political, faith-related and scientificissues. His main focus has been the refutationof Darwinism and materialism, two modernmyths presented under a scientific guise.Harun Yahya's books appeal to all kinds ofreaders, Muslims and non-Muslims alike,regardless of their age, race, or nationality, for they focus on one objective: to broaden thereaders’ perspective by encouraging them tothink about a number of critical issues, suchas the existence of God and His unity, and to display the decrepitfoundations and perverted works of godless systems.

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