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CLAN Presentation New Journalism

CLAN Presentation New Journalism

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Published by: Centro Studi Villa Montesca on Nov 27, 2008
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CLAN description
byInformation Science, Saarland University, Germany
earning for
dults with
eeds134649-LLP-1-2007-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMPGrant Agreement 2007-3569/001-001This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be heldresponsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein
1. Number of persons involved
At first, we presented the project at a meeting organized by a lorry-driver union in therooms of a big transport company whose rooms could be used for free. All in all, 54 lorrydrivers were present. However, when asked whether they would be interested inparticipating, only 4 expressed a certain interest. Hints on the reasons see under point 3.We then presented the project to news journalists during a meeting of the news journalists association. 35 professionals attended this meeting, the majority wasinterested, and 26 said they would participate.
2. Characteristics and Description of the specific job of the CLAN chosen (i.e. thenews journalists)
The news journalists, our CLAN, report on political, economic and social affairs anddevelopments in the German federal state of Saarland.In Germany, there is a quite strong division between journalists reporting on those fields,and journalists for example reporting on sports, or on cultural events. Sport journalistsare organized in sports journalists associations, as are cultural journalists respectively,and so on.So by reporting to the association of the news journalists we got an exclusive contact tonews journalists – which also means: a contact solely to news journalists. However, asthe aim was to look for a CLAN that has specifically unpredictable working hours, thisseemed to be appropriate, as this is especially the case with those 'political' journalists.In the association are journalists that work for all media (working for a specific medium isnot a criterion for taking part in this association). The spectrum ranges from newspaperto radio, tv, and digital media.Common for all of them is that they can't plan their free time very well as they have towork when events happen, in order to cover them.
3. Description and Composition of the CLAN: Sociological and demographicdescription
As mentioned, the first thought of the German project was on lorry drivers. We imaginedthey’d have very irregular working times, are often away from home and thus suffer inan extreme extent from the conditions described above. So we asked the unions and at abig transport company do get into contact with employees in this field.However, we had to discover that this CLAN was not interested in what we proposed.There were several individual reasons, but two traits that could be found in all interviewswith lorry drivers. Firstly, they don’t want to use media in the sense we proposed. Theyuse digital media of course to navigate on the roads, and also to send e-mails and thusto keep in touch with their families, but in majority don’t want to use media for otherhobbies or interests. This leads to the second point. Obviously, it fits to the
, butthe large majority of the lorry drivers we asked were only interested in watching films ontv and in regarding adult sites on their computers. They feared constraints and rejectedthem vigorously, and could not easily be convinced that this would not be the case.Of course it still might have been interesting to try to convince and work with this CLAN.However, after several discussions, we decided to choose another CLAN, as the focus of our work would too much have shifted from what the project intends to what would havebeen some kind of social work.With these experiences in background, we decided to look for a CLAN that is relativelywell educated and might be more easily fascinated by mediated vocational training onnew subjects that thus might be more open-minded. We chose news journalists as ournew CLAN.News journalists have to report when stories happen. Besides, they have to produce theirmedia – that is: newspapers, radio or tv news shows – even on weekends and sometimesat times when other citizens are at home just to watch or listen to them: in the verymorning (so they have to be produced at night – and the evening before is not availablefor other things to do), or in the very evening. News journalists by definition almostnever have regular working hours. In consequence, they suit to what is necessary toconduct our project.Being quite sufficiently educated, they also suit to what we, after the experiences withthe lorry drivers, regarded as the second important restriction in searching a CLAN.

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