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Cape May Squadron - Sep 2009

Cape May Squadron - Sep 2009

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Civil Air Patrol - New Jersey Wing
Civil Air Patrol - New Jersey Wing

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Civil Air Patrol - Unit Newsletters on Mar 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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On 19 August 2009, mem-bers from the Cape MayCounty Composite Squadron,Atlantic County CompositeSquadron and the Air VictorySquadron attended the 10
 annual Atlantic City Air Show“Thunder over the Boardwalk.”The temperatures were veryhot and humid this day, butwatching a fantastic FREE airshow on the beach was thepayoff for all of the members.Members were treated tophoto opportunities with the U.S. Army Golden Knight’s Para-chute Team as well as the U.S. Air Force Parachute Res-cue Team as an added treat.The final finale to the air showwas a performance by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.There were approximately alittle over 700,000 personswho attended the air show.Thank you to the 177
FighterWing, located in Atlantic Cityfor their hospitality and coordi-nation for this prestigiousevent.The squadron has beguntraining for Emergency Ser-vices in the Damage Assess-ment field, starting the week of20 August 2009. Severalmembers went out into thefield to conduct preliminary as-sessments of the local area.Disaster Relief operations isanother aspect of EmergencyServices, and is quite timeconsuming and detail orien-tated. Working with other localOffice’s of Emergency Man-agement, we will continue thetraining in the weeks andmonths ahead. Be sure tocomplete the required FEMAICS Courses to come out andlend us a hand.All members of the squad-ron should be signed up nowon DragonNet, the new com-munications portal for theWing. If you are not registeredon DragonNet as yet, go toour website at
andclick on the DragonNet logoand register. All communica-tions within the Wing will besent out on DragonNet, sodon’t be left out of the loop.Once you are registered, youcan forward the e-mails toyour personal account, butkeep a copy on DragonNet soyou can archive them for lateruse. Any questions on how toregister, contact either LtCol.Simon or Captain Barstow,and we will (continued)
Civil Air Patrol/
Cape May 
   S   Q   U   A
   D   R   O   N
   C   A   P   E    M   A   Y    C   O   U   N   T   Y    S   Q   U   A   D   R   O   N    C   I   V   I   L    A   I   R    P   A   T   R   O   L 
 Volume 3, Issue 91 SEPTEMBER 2009
 From the Commander
To All Cadet Personnel: 
Uniforms issued by USAF are ac-countable. When personnel leave, squadronuniforms will be turned in. This is a Must! Ifyou have any questions, see Supply.
Maj Wayne InglingSupply Officer
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(continued) be glad to assist you withthis.Our website is attracting several newcadet prospective members recently,please continue to spread the wordabout CAP in school, we can use a fewmore new cadets in the squadron ranks.School is fast approaching; don’t let upon your progression in CAP once schoolhas opened. It is too easy to let thingsslide and not test or promote, you haveworked too hard this summer to let it gonow, finish what you started.
“SEMPER OPTIMUS “Kevin L. Barstow, Captain/CAP
C/Amn Ian Borgo
LtCol Richard A Simon1Lt Diana AkeretSM James RomanoC/SrA Louis Sicilia
Upcoming Events 
19 September
- Ocean City Air Fest
I would like to take a mo-ment to thank all of theCMC squadron memberswho have taken part intraining with my SAR DogsChaos and Riot. The timethat you give to the dogsincreases their prepared-ness for missions, as wellas your own. AlthoughChaos’s SAR career wascut short, he did get out on afew good missions in New Jersey and Penn-sylvania. The SAR community at thosesearches was very impressed with his focus,drive, and enthusiasm. You have played alarge role in building his skills and love of thegame. His success is also yours. I look for-ward to spending more ES training time outin the field with Riot. He has a bright SARfuture ahead of him, as do all of you!Thanks again,1Lt Diana Akeret
Cadet Program
Cadets,Boy, this summer has just breezedby and now it is time to start school again.During the school year, Civil Air Patrol re-quires that you maintain your academicswith grades of at least a “C” average. Withthis being said, please do not hesitate tomiss a meeting if you have too much home-work, you have a project due or if you,Heaven forbid, have grades of less than “C”average. At CAP, you are a Student firstand a Cadet second; do not think for oneminute that CAP is more important thanschool. If you are able, please try to studyand advance for your Achievements. I knowyou will do what is necessary for us to havea good school year with CAP.
Capt Tony SimonDeputy Commander for CadetsNER NJ-009
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Information Technologies
All squadron members, if you have-n't established your account on DragonNet,it is important that you do so as soon aspossible. All squadron messages will be dis-tributed through DragonMail.The enrollment process is easy.Your login name is first name.last name as itis listed on the NHQ website. Your tempo-rary password is your member number. Thefirst time you enter the site you will beprompted for a permanent password.Also, you can have the e-mail thatyou receive in DragonMail automatically re-directed to another e-mail address. Thesteps are as follows:
1. Log in on DragonNet.2. Click on the Mail link.3. Click on the settings link which is locatednext to your e-mail address at the top of thepage.4. Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAPtab.5. Click on the circle in front of the "Forwarda copy of incoming mail to" option.6. Type the forward to e-mail address in thebox.7. Select from the dropdown box the optionof how you want for the disposition of your e-mail after it is forwarded. I selected "keepNjwg.cap.gov Mail's copy in the Inbox" so Ican access the mails from any location.In addition to e-mail, you will haveaccess to documents. If you receive a link inyour e-mail telling you there is a documentavailable to you, you must be logged intoDragonNet before clicking on the link. Afteryou open the document, it will be listed inyour documents list on the Documents link.
LtCol Richard A. SimonInformation Technologies OfficerNER NJ-009

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