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Get the latest copy of Internet Marketing Magazine with your Free Internet Subscription. In this issue…

Gavin Merriman: Ecommerce Strategy Mastery, Maximise Your Email Campaign, Smashing Promotion Homeruns, Raising Venture Capital, Marketing with Pinterest, The $18M Website & Much more…
Get the latest copy of Internet Marketing Magazine with your Free Internet Subscription. In this issue…

Gavin Merriman: Ecommerce Strategy Mastery, Maximise Your Email Campaign, Smashing Promotion Homeruns, Raising Venture Capital, Marketing with Pinterest, The $18M Website & Much more…

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Published by: Internet Marketing Magazine on Mar 09, 2012
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MARCH 2012
march 2012
internet marketing magazinemarch 2012
The Upcoming Facebook IPO
Facebook is set to oat its shares through an Ini
tial Public Offer (IPO). It hopes to raise 5 billiondollars through the IPO, to enable it expand itsoperations and consolidate its position as theworld’s premier social media website. Analystsestimate the company to be valued at between 75billion dollars and 100 billion dollars. Its founder,Mark Zuckerberg could easily be worth $28 billionafter the IPO.The move would give the socialnetwork, whose sales almostdoubled to US$3.71 billion lastyear, a pipeline of more thanUS$5 billion in possible borrow
ings. That compares with a re
ported US$3 billion credit linefor Google Inc, the most valu
able US Internet company.We believe that the demand for Facebook’s stockis going to be so high that most investors will notworry about the fundamentals of the stock be
cause of a want to own part of the Internet Pow
erhouse.Facebook led for the IPO last month, pursuingwhat may be the largest Internet offering on re
cord. This could place Facebook as the fourthlargest IPO ever in the U.S., behind companieslike Visa, General Motors and AT&T Wireless.
Facebook Launches Premium
Facebook’s new premium ads have been creating5 to 10 times more click-throughs and a 3X ROI liftwhen compared to previous units after more thantwo months of testing. Mike Hoefinger, Face
book’s customer marketing director, disclosed themetrics while announcing his company’s premiumads upgrade - among other items - at the recentFacebook Marketing Conference.
“We are evolving from advertising to stories,”
Hoefinger said.
“Ads are good, but stories arebetter.”
Katie O’Brien, Ben & Jer
ry’s Global Digital Market
ing Manager reported on aFacebook business channelvideo that they had expe
rienced a 4x increase inreach as a result in runningFacebook Premium. Shealso advises interactionwith ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’and ‘Shares’ are up over twotimes. From a marketing mix analysis she report
ed that from every $1 they invested in Facebookthey saw $3 in increased sales.With new ‘Premium on Facebook’ ads, marketerscan expand their reach on the social network bypaying for a video, a coupon or other message toappear on the homepages of Facebook users, onthe log-out screen and even within users’ news
feeds. Until now the newsfeed had been free ofpaid marketing messages.
“Our vision for marketing is that it is as good asany of the content you and I see on our newsfeed  from a friend or family member,”
Facebook Vice
President of Global Marketing Solutions CarolynEverson told roughly 1,000 guests in the audito
rium of Manhattan’s American Museum of NaturalHistory on Wednesday.
ben and jerry’s facebook premium
internet marketing magazinemarch 2012
Allowing paid company posts onto users’ news
feeds is a risk for Facebook because newsfeedscould get overwhelmed with advertising messag
es, Williamson added.
“Facebook advertising in the past was off to theside,”
she said.
“Now Facebook is taking the bold step of putting advertising right in the mix be-tween photos of babies and updates on trips torestaurants.”
When companies buy a “premium” ad, they arepaying for their message to show up in severalplaces on Facebook, including on the righthandside of a user’s homepage, when people log outand, potentially, in the newsfeed. Facebook’salgorithm determines whether or not an ad willshow up in a user’s newsfeed, so there is no guar
antee for companies that it will.Facebook’s Premium Ads, announced ofciallyat Facebook’s “fMC” on February 29, combinesthe strengths of Facebook (where connections,conversations, and community ourish) with thetriad of marketing disciplines (paid, earned, andowned media so central to every leading brand’smedia strategy). Premium Ads not only puts abrand’s page and relevant post in front of theright audience, but it leverages an individual’sconnections, i.e., “social context” to amplifyits relevance and trust. The result, according toFacebook’s internal testing, is expected to de
light advertisers. Specically, according to Face
book, Premium Ads are:80 percent more likely to be rememberedDrive 40 percent higher engagementSignicantly increase purchase intentThere will be six types of premium ads: Photo,Video, Question, Status, Event, and Link.
Facebook Timeline for Businesses
Facebook also unveiled the new Timeline-styledFacebook Pages for brands, businesses, and or
ganizations this week. The pages allow brands totell their stories going back to their founders – aslong as it’s not before the year 1800.For instance, Coke’s Timeline begins in 1886. Thenew brand pages look and function like the userTimelines that have been rolling out for weeks.I believe that the business timelines will have lit
tle to no effect on business ROI as it’s only a smallpercentage of consumers who are actively con
cerned about a companies history. Perhaps Face
book is missing the mark here as the consumersreally care about their own ‘wants’ and ‘needs’,not a companies history, but time will tell.The change will be available to all Facebook us
ers by the end of March, about 3 months after thefeature was fully rolled out to personal accounts.
Magento’s eCommerce Platform Surpass-es 4 Million Downloads
Magento, the popular open-source e-commerceplatform that debuted in 2007, recently surpassed4 million downloads of its free Community edi
tion, Roy Rubin, founding chief executive advises.Magento Clients range in size from merchants do
ing less than $1 million a year in sales to morethan $100 million.

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