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Montgomery Squadron - Sep 2005

Montgomery Squadron - Sep 2005

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Civil Air Patrol - California Wing
Civil Air Patrol - California Wing

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Civil Air Patrol - Unit Newsletters on Mar 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Volume 1, Issue 2September 2005PCR-CA-334
Handgrips Raise, Triggers Squeeze 
! 2
 Myth Busters 
 Encampment: Behind the Scenes 
 New Senior Members Start the Journey 
Commander’s Corner 
 Air Force Spotlight 
Straight Talk from 36’s Chaplain 
* * *
The Glider Express 
is a unitpublication, created for themembers and supporters of the John J. Montgomery MemorialCadet Squadron. It is publishedprivately and is in no way connected to the Department of the Air Force or the Civil AirPatrol Corporation. Opinionsexpressed by the writers are theirown and are not to be consideredofficial expressions by the Civil AirPatrol.
If you have an idea,are willing to take some initiative,and feel you have a photo or aninteresting “tid-bit” to share, e-mailit to Squadron 36’s Public AffairsOfficer at:
or type your notes and send themto:
The Glider Express 
4300 The Woods Drive Apt 1003San Jose CA 95136
By C/TSgt Tania M. Samsonoff Edited by C/TSgt Chenny Zhang Once a year in California, during the month of August, an activity simply called“Encampment” occurs. There, first time attendees and staff are faced with what some considerto be the greatest leadership activity in CAP. Cadets that attend California Wing’sEncampment hope to graduate and become a part of the Cadet Training Group.First things first: Congratulations to C/A1C Amir Vaziri, C/Amn Mike Campos, and C/AmnDavid Patrick for graduating and to C/CMSgt Ken Orvick, C/SSgt Jill Stauffer, C/TSgtChenny Zhang, C/TSgt Tania Samsonoff, C/TSgt Louis Carleton, and C/SMSgt Palmer forStaffing!Shocking! You hear about it... How they yell at you... How intense it is... They make peoplecry... You hear all about it before you come, but it still hits you the first time! You stand in linereading your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as the staff signs you in. Then, marching toBuilding A35 to get your picture taken. You meet the CTG Commander and everything seemsall right. Sure, as you walk in you see some folks in their service uniforms screaming at othercadets in BDUs out in the parking lot, but it's not happening to you. Instead, you've got thislaid back guy asking you to sign this form. You don't even bother looking at it. All you want todo is get out of that room, so you sign it. Out of the corner of your eye you see some
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* * *
 By Capt Julie A. Coleman
Public Affairs Officer Vandenberg Air Force Space Command Familiarization Course VANDENBERG AFB - Fifteen year old KennethOrvick and sixteen year old Christopher Palmertraveled to Vandenberg Air Force Base to participatein the Civil Air Patrol Air Force Space CommandFamiliarization Course, July 16-23. The eventprovided an in-depth look at Air Force SpaceCommand to Civil Air Patrol cadets age 15 and older.Cadets Orvick & Palmer were selected to join 17other cadets from around the US.During their stay at Vandenberg AFB, Cadets Orvick & Palmer along with their fellow cadetshad a busy week learning about the different squadrons and flights on the base and how they all work together to support Vandenberg’s space mission.During their first day, cadets enjoyed briefings on the 14th Air Force, the 30th Space Wing,
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 Volume 1, Issue 2
2490 Cunningham AvenueSan Jose CA 95148-1003(408) 258-2720
Meetings every Tuesday
7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
On the Web:
Maj Mike “Monty” Montgomery 
Deputy Commander 
Capt Michael A. Hodges
Lt Col Jerry D. Horne
 Aerospace Education Officer 
Capt Todd E. Bejsovec
 Moral Leadership Officer 
Chaplain (Capt) David J. Prado II
Finance Officer 
1st Lt J. Kenneth Palmer
Leadership Officer 
Maj Johanna J. Montgomery 
Logistics Officer 
Lt Col Jerry D. Horne
Personnel Officer 
Maj Mike “Monty” Montgomery 
Professional Development Officer 
Lt Col James H. Sena
Public Affairs Officer 
Maj Mike “Monty” Montgomery 
Safety Officer 
Capt Michael A. Hodges
Testing Officer 
1st Lt Jan E. Orvick 
Transportation Officer 
Capt Todd E. Bejsovec
By C/TSgt Chenny Zhang 
Bravo Flight Commander“Eject: hand grips raise, triggers squeeze” is one of the many emergency boldface procedures for the T-37 Tweet that all pilots attending UPT(Undergraduate Pilot Training) at Columbus AFB, Mississippi have tomemorize. During July 9-16, I got the chance to attend AETCFC (AirEducation and Training Command Familiarization Course). All the cadets were treated like UPT students, which was really intense. Along withfifteen other cadets from all over the country, I arrived in Mississippi ataround midnight on July 9 because of Hurricane Dennis. So, the PTscheduled at 0545 was cancelled and the staff decided to have us sleep intill 0700. The cadets lived in what we called the SAF (SAC Alert Facility), which is basically anuclear bomb shelter.
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* * *
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and the mission and history of Vandenberg at the Western Range Operations Control Center, WROCC. Cadets also participated in a hands-on simulation in a missile procedures trainer atthe 381st Training Group. Tuesday and Wednesday, participants received a tour and briefing of Western RangeOperations, visited the 30th Space Communications Squadron multi-media facility, toured theflight line, received an 30th Operations Support Squadron Intelligence Briefing, and thentoured the 76th Helicopter Flight, where all cadets received incentive flights in UH-1N twinengine
Early Thursday morning, the cadets watched a Minuteman III missile launch. After some rest,it was on to Vandenberg’s Heritage Center, the 2nd Space Launch Squadron’s Titan RemoteLaunch Control Center, and a briefing at the 9th Space Operations Squadron.On Friday the cadets used the fire arms training simulator and received a briefing at the 30thSecurity Squadron Combat Arms Training Facility. The afternoon graduation and barbecue were attended by cadets, senior staff, and the active duty and reserve Air Force personnel thatsupported this activity.Kenneth Orvick is a Cadet Chief Master Sergeant with the CAP John J. Montgomery CadetSquadron located in San Jose, CA. He attends Mitty High School where he will be asophomore this fall. When Cadet Orvick is not busy with Civil Air Patrol activities, he alsoparticipates in a scholarship program and snowboarding club.Christopher Palmer is a Cadet Senior Master Sergeant also with the CAP John. J. Montgomery Cadet Squadron located in San Jose, CA. He attends Valley Christian High School where he will be a junior this fall. When Cadet Palmer is not busy with Civil Air Patrol activities, he alsoparticipates in Car Club, football, wrestling, and rugby.//
The Glider Express Page 3
 By C/SSgt Jillian A. StaufferPublic Affairs NCO We all know what happens on the front lines of encampment, but whatmakes it all work? Headquarters staff, that's what. Usually comprisedof five areas (Logistics, Administration, Mess ops,Communications, and Public Affairs), HQ staff is what gets the cadetstheir blankets, the cadet staff their schedules, and everybody their food.Most cadets consider HQ staff "below" line staff, but they're really not. This year, Logistics Staff had one Logistics Officer, and three LogisticsNCO's. The Logistics team was responsible for ensuring that in-processing and out-processing went smoothly, and for providing cadets all linens that werenecessary, setting up the drill comp field, as well as arranging the volleyball court. The Administration area was comprised of one Administration Officer and two AdministrationNCO's. They were responsible for inputting all cadet information into the computer,handing out staff schedules, setting up all audio visual equipment for classes, as well asforming the 'go home' packets. The Mess Ops team had three cadets this year. They helped prepare and serve food, andthen cleaned up afterwards. The Communications team was comprised of oneCommunications Officer and one Communications NCO. This team distributed radios tothe cadet and senior staff and ensured they were returned at the end of encampment. They also monitored the radios and helped out anybody calling the encampment base. The Public Affairs team had one Public Affairs Officer, and two NCO's. This team took photographs of all the daily activities of encampment: drills, formations, obstacle course, PT. All the picturesin the week-book were taken by the Public Affairs staff.Headquarters is a vital part of encampment. Without HQ, line staff would not be able tofunction, and vice versa. Next time all the linens are delivered on time, be sure to thank HQstaff for all their hard work. //* * *
By Lt Col James H. Sena
Professional Development OfficerSAN JOSE - Squadron 36 hosted a Level 1 & CPPT (Cadet ProtectionProgram Training) at the Squadron Building on Saturday, July 30, 2005. A Level One Course is the first course for a new senior member and is a
before they can do much of anything in CAP. It is the pseudo-equivalent to Phase I for new cadets but at a faster, more condensedpace.Even though it was an early event for senior members, it was well-attended by new members to CAP from all over Group 2. Graduatesfrom the various Group 2 squadrons were: SMs Julie Herbert, Elsie Hartman, Robert Gary, Velma Robinson, Michael Pavis, Robertson, Spiro Mitsanas, Gerald Uelblackerr, and CadetBryan Guerrero.Course Director for this event was veteran instructor, Lt Col James Sena. Aiding him wasMaj Michael S. Montgomery Jr., commander for Squadron 36. Capt Keith J. Stason of Squadron 10 was also present, auditing the course to become a Level One instructor.//
(It’s not just on theDiscovery Channel…BlatantCopyright Infringement)
Use at your own risk…CAP myth busting has been known to lead to all sorts of icky results (translate: blunt trauma about the head and shoulders) from some that really like enforcing stuff “just because”.Consider “Myth Busters” an informative, fun addition to a newsletter to make one say,“hmmmm….so that’s the fact!” 
 Answers on Page 5
 1. At the end of theformation, the first sergeantdismisses the squadron byusing those two famouswords: "Dis, MISSED," atwhich point all members takeone step back and do anotherabout face in unison.
Fact or Fiction
?2. It is not appropriate for asenior ranked member toinitiate a salute to a juniorranked member.
Fact or Fiction
?3. On the service uniform,the Wing Patch (on the leftshoulder) must be creaseddown the center.
Fact or Fiction

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