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San Diego Squadron - Jan 2011

San Diego Squadron - Jan 2011

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Civil Air Patrol - California Wing
Civil Air Patrol - California Wing

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Published by: CAP Unit Newsletters on Mar 09, 2012
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AerospaceCurrent Events
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Squadron 144News
By: 1st Lt Sonya Petty
CAP visits Classic Rotors Museum
vertical flight technology.Upon arrival at the museum,the group was met by Mark DiCiero and Howard North-rop. Mark is the museum foun-der/curator and both him andHoward are the H-21B pilotsand both have their Airframeand Powerplant repair license.Attendees quickly learned theyboth had an infinite fountain of knowledge when it came tothese fascinating rotorcraft.We were taught the differencebetween various forms of rotortechnology: tandem, co-axial,conventional (single rotor bladesetup, sync (intermeshingblades), and tip powered. Theywere also shown examples of each to put the new educationto practical use.Everyone was wowed by thebroad spectrum of rotorcraft.There were many one-of-a-kindand very rare rotorcraft—theDuPont DP-1 vertical take-off  jet, the MonteCopter Model 15tri-phibian car/boat/helicopter,the Hiller Hornet which is ram- jet powered, and many more.The queen of the museum isthe Vertol H-21B Shawnee/Work Horse. Often referredOn 11DEC2010, Squadron144 cadets and senior mem-bers went to Classic Rotors— The Rare and Vintage Rotor-craft Museum in Ramona, CA.They invited family and friendsin an effort to foster commu-nity awareness and aerospaceeducation. This museum isthe only one like it in theworld because not only dothey preserve these historicrotorcraft, they also repairand fly them. Their mission isto preserve rotorcraft as atribute to the pioneers whorisked so much to developto as the “Flying Banana”, thisis the last H-21 still flying inthe world. It is a great exam-ple of a tandem rotor helicop-ter.Overall, the event was anoutstanding success. A totalof 5 cadets, 5 senior mem-bers, and 8 guests attendedthe tour. Squadron 144would like to extend a verybig thank you to Classic Ro-tors for hosting us.
Howard Northrop explains how they repair and rebuild the rotorcraft.Cadets and guests check out theinside of the Vertol H-21B—theFlying Banana.Mark DiCiero discusses variousrotorcraft with CAP and its guests.Howard Northrop explains how the jet tip propelled/paddle rotor sys-tem works on the Hiller H-32 Hor-net. C/SSgt Jacob Veta learns anddemonstrates the controls.
 January 4Tour of VMFAT 101Sharp-shooters F-18 SimulatorsNO REGULAR MEETINGLocation: MiramarMeeting EARLY at 1700 hrs
 January 15Orientation RidesEl Cajon, CA
 January 15Deadline for NCSAApplicationsCost: Varies per activity
 January 29Squadron 144 Annual BanquetCarmel Mountain Ranch, CACost: $30 each
February 4-6Southern California CombinedSquadron Winter BivouacBig Bear, CACost: $25
March 5Titan Phase Rocket LaunchTime and Location TBD
March 11-13CAWG Cadet CompetitionVandenberg AFB, CA
March 25-27Basic Cadet School (BCS)Escondido, CA
March 26Riverside Air ShowRiverside, CA
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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 Weekly Meeting Weekly Meeting Weekly Meeting Weekly Meeting
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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O-Rides &NCSA Deadline
Happy New  YearF-18 Simu-lators/Tour Weekly Meeting Weekly Meeting Weekly Meeting
 Winter SurvivalBivouac WinterBivouac
Sq 144Banquet
San Diego, 144 looked big and scary in compari-son. After a while of being there and meetingeveryone she grew to love it and that continuesto this day.In the future she plans on going to the Naval ormaybe the Air Force Academy. In the meantimeshe busies herself with CAP and school. In schoolshe plans on graduating high school with goodgrades. In CAP she wants to get the Earhart andsee more people recruited because she firmlybelieves that her flight gets smaller every week.She would also like to see them grow as peoplein the program and enjoy activities, like she has.As any other kid, Zoe Horton wakes up at 7and goes to school every morning. She goes toLiteracy First Charter School in El Cajon, aschool with strict teachers and generally happypeople. When Zoe gets home Sofia, her sisterand the two little troublemakers greet her. Hertwo little brothers make life exciting. She lovessearch and rescue missions, which Zoe tries toparticipate in as much as she can. In the sum-mer she wants to go to Hawk Mountain RangerSchool, again for a more advanced course.Zoe joined CAP as soon as she could, at 12.She joined a squadron in New Mexico that had7 cadets including herself. When she moved to
Theme/Logo Contest for 2011National Conference and CAP’s70th Anniversary
Getting to Know Charlie Flight Commander
By: C/TSgt Zoe Horton
CAP is looking for your help and creativity!We invite you to submit your idea for a theme and/or a logofor the 2011 National Conference that will be held in Louisville,KY on 17-20 August as well as for the 70th anniversary of CAP’s founding. The challenge is to tie your National Confer-ence theme/logo to CAP’s 70th anniversary, which will also becelebrated in 2011.Please e-mail your entry to paa@capnhq.gov no later than 1February 2011. Please type “theme/logo” in the subject line of the e-mail and include your full name, rank, CAPID, full mailingaddress and e-mail address in your entry.This contest is open to all CAP members.Members with winning entries will receive a free registration tothe 2011 National Conference.The 2011 theme and logo will be announced on the VolunteerNow website, http://www.capvolunteernow.com, by 15 April.Happy New Year and good luck!
C/TSgt Zoe Horton with one of herlittle brothers, Joseph.
Next Month is theCold Weather Bivouac
Are you ready for the Cold Weather Survival Training Bivouac on4-6FEB2011?A very exciting and fun filled weekend has been planned for you!Classes will include Cold Weather Safety and Precautions, FirstAid Training, Avalanche Awareness, Cold Weather Air Opera-tions, Improvising Equipment with Natural Materials, How to Per-form a Line Search in Cold Weather, and much more!This is a once in a lifetime event and you DO NOT want to missit. Make sure to get your Form 150’s in by 31JAN2011. Thereare limited slots and they arefilling up fast since this activity isopened up to the entire Califor-nia Wing so don’t wait to signup.If your unsure about this activitybecause it’s at Big Bear and it willbe cold and there will be snow,please don’t be. We will besleeping indoors, and modifica-tions to the uniform will be al-lowed to help you stay extrawarm. For answers to questionsplease contact Captain RossVeta.

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