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Script Natural Born Killers

Script Natural Born Killers

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Published by Rakesh Balakrishnan
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Published by: Rakesh Balakrishnan on Mar 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 presented by THE QUENTIN TARANTINO ARCHIVES (www.tarantino.info
 WRITTEN BYQUENTIN TARANTINOINT. COFFEE SHOP - DAYA coffee shop somewhere in New Mexico. MICKEY KNOX, his back turned to us, is sitting at thecounter finishing his meal. Wehear the PING. . .BANG. . .of a pinball machine being played OFF SCREEN.MABEL, a waitress, comes over and fills Mickey's coffee cup.MICKEYWhat kind of pies do you have?MABELApple, pecan, cherry, and key lime.MICKEYWhich do you recommend?MABELThe key lime is great, but it'san acquired taste.MICKEYI haven't had a key lime pie in tenyears.MABELWhen ya had it, did ya like it?MICKEY No, but that don't mean much. I was acompletely different person ten yearsago. Let's give key lime a day in
court. And a large glass of milk.Mabel turns to her right.MABEL(to someone O.S.)Should I make that two pieces?
CAMERA PULLS BACK and we see for the first time MALLORY KNOX,Mickey's wife, sitting on a counter stool next to him. Her back is to the camera as well.MALLORY Nada, Rosey.MABEL(annoyed)My name's not Rosey.(points at name tag)It's MabelMabel exits FRAME.MALLORYWhatever.Mallory hops from the stool, walks over and grabs the JAR nextto the cash register, then dumping out the coins on the counter,she selects a quarter.MABELHey, what the hell do you think you'redoin'?Mallory saunter past the COWBOY playing pinball. As his eyesfollow Mallory, he loses his ball.She walks to the jukebox in the back, inserts the quarter,selects a song, punches the buttons, a needle lands on a record,and a good God almighty rockabilly tune cuts through the coffeeshop.Mable brings Mickey his pie and milk.MABEL(to Mickey)She ought not be doing that. That'sfor Jerry's kids, not rock 'n roll.CAMERA moves around to a CU of Mickey. This is the first timewe see him. As he takes a bite of green pie:MICKEYI can't take her anywhere.
Mallory starts doing a slow seductive fandango around the coffeeshop. She's really cooking and smoking.Pinball Cowboy and Mabel are starting to wonder just who thehell these people are.Mickey isn't paying much attention. He's too busy enjoying his pie and milk.EXT. COFFEE SHOP - DAYA dirty pickup truck, sporting a Confederate flag decal, pullsup to the coffee shop. SONNY, OTIS, and EARL, threetough-looking rednecks, pile out. Steam rises from beneath the pickup's hood.EARLGoddamn this sumbitch is runnin' hot.Y'all go inside. I'm gonna check 'er out.INT. COFFEE SHOP - DAYThe LOUDNESS of the Rockabilly song slaps Sonny and Otis intheir faces as they walk inside the door. The sexy sight of Mallory doing the ubang stomp stops them in their tracks.SONNYGood God almighty. What the hell isthat?OTISThat's a bitch outta hell, son.Otis and Sonny exchange looksSONNYTake a run at 'er, kiddo.Otis heads toward Mallory. Sonny moves over to the counter nextto Mickey.SONNYMiller, Mabel.MABELComin' up.

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