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What women can expect during each trimester of pregnancy

What women can expect during each trimester of pregnancy



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Published by Tracy
This covers the physical and emotional changes women can expect during pregnancy. It does not cover what is happening to the fetus during this time.
This covers the physical and emotional changes women can expect during pregnancy. It does not cover what is happening to the fetus during this time.

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Published by: Tracy on Nov 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pregnancy: First TrimesterWeeks 1-13Pregnancy: Second TrimesterWeeks 14-27Pregnancy: Third TrimesterWeeks 28-40Weight
2-4 lbs1 lb/week (11 lbs)1 lb/week (11 lbs)
 Normal (90-139/60-89 mm Hg)LowerNormal
May increase, 10-15 bpm (normal: 60-90 bpm)
Tired, ambivalentIntrospective, energeticRestless, preparing for baby, labile moods
AbsentWaistline thickens, pregnancy becomesmore obviousBreast enlargementIncreased fetal movement; Protrusion of navel; Large belly
Morning sickness, increased salivation(ptyalism)15% of women will continue to feelnauseous or vomitAppetite returns, food cravingsGood appetite, cravings
Mild cramping, tugging and pullingStraie gravidarum, spider neviHeat and hormonal rashes, oily or dry skin,stretch marks, a darkening (or  pigmentation) of the skin in various areas,skin tags and red spider veinsLinea nigra, straie gravidarum, chloasma,spider neviLinea nigra, straie gravidarum, chloasma,spider nevi
Increased blood flow to skin (↑ sweatingand warmer extremities), 'bloated' andFeel warmer and sweat moreBleeding gums; Nose bleedsAches and painsBackache and sciatica
 possibly experiencing cramping and/or  pelvic discomfort, slight backacheMorning sicknessDizziness, faintingPMS-type symptoms: Swollen tender  breasts, feeling tired, 'bloated' and possibly experiencing cramping and/or  pelvic discomfortConstipationLonger colds and sinus infectionsHeightened sense of smellHeartburnHemorrhoidsIndigestionMetallic tasteRestless legs; swelling, fluid retentionPain-'stretching and burning' to very mildcramping, to low, heavy aching and'dragging' or stitch-like pains with tuggingand pullingBraxton-Hicks contractionsBreathlessnessCarpal tunnel/numb and tingling handsConstipationFrequent urinationHemorrhoidsHeartburnInsomniaLeg cramps Nausea/vomiting during late pregnancyPalpitationsRestless legsSwelling, fluid retentionSymphysis pubis painTiredness and insomniaIncreased vaginal dischargeVaricose veins of the legsVaricose veins of the vulva 
Breasts andVagina
Swollen tender breasts, dark coloringaround areolaSkin of the nipple and areola may startto darken or 'pigment'Goodell's signChadwick's signHegar's signBreast tenderness, slight increase in breastsize; nipples often become very sensitiveand the veins under the skin morenoticeableSome colostrum expression (nipplesecretions)Increased risk of vaginal infections-thrush,gardnerellaIncreased breast size, tendernessVagina soft, mucous lining swells to produce more secretions; discharge isusually milky white (known as'leucorrhoea') or clear and mucous-like(no smell)Vagina and genitals look very purplish or  blue in color Heightened sexual sensationsCervix thins, softens and ripens in preparation for labor 
urination, constipation, gasNormalurination, constipation
Extra blood flow to the breasts andgenitals can increase sensitivity, sexualarousal and the desire for sex-OR-Continual tiredness, nausea and/or vomiting, making sex the furthest thingfrom their mindExtra blood supply to the vagina andclitoris increase sensation, genitals softer and more full; nipples can be extremelysensitive to touch, being either moresensuous or perhaps uncomfortable; breasts are larger and sometimes tender woman may start to feel tired, heavy andlarge. There are often other discomfortssuch as heartburn, sore hips or back pain,frequent toilet trips, cramps, restless legsor strong Braxton Hicks contractions. Allthese can contribute to reducing thewoman's interest in sex.
Use Naegele's rule to calculate baby's due date: 9 months + 7 days after the first day of your last NORMAL menstrual periodThe 'average' weight gain of around 12 to14 kg can be physicallyattributed to: baby = 3 to 4 kg placenta = 0.5 kgamniotic fluid = 1 kguterus = 1 kg blood volume = 1.5 kg breasts = 0.5 kgFat stores for breastfeeding = 3.5 kgFluid retention = 1.5 kgThe 4 or 5 digit system is used to notate a woman's pregnancies:TPAL (4) or GTPAL (5)G: gravity, pregnancyT: term births, born after week 38 to 42P: preterm births, born between 20-37 weeksA: abortions, miscarriage or elective terminationL: living children
Common Indicators for Problems
Your entire system is readjusted when you're pregnant. The heart pumps more blood and the lungs work more efficiently, as does the digestivesystem. With these and more changes occurring, it is no wonder that pregnancy can be uncomfortable. Minor aches and pains can be dealt with;however, you should never ignore pain or extreme fatigue, which can be warning signs of trouble. Always consult your health care provider if youexperience any of these changes:Pain or burning during urinationVaginal spotting or bleeding; Leaking or gushing from vagina; Blister or sore in vaginal areaUterine contractionsSevere nausea or vomiting; Severe abdominal painChills and fever over 100 degreesDizziness or lightheadedness; Severe headacheSwelling of the face, eyes, fingers or toesSudden weight gainVisual problems Noticeably reduced fetal movementAbsence of fetal movement for 24 hoursA hot, reddened painful area behind your knee or calf And just when you think you can't take it another day, the biggest changes of all: labor and delivery!

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