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GC London Manifesto 12 FINAL

GC London Manifesto 12 FINAL

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Published by Jamie Sport

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Published by: Jamie Sport on Mar 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Building a resilient London
 A call to action
Building a resilient London:a call to action
Building resilient communitiesthrough schools and learning
Supporting older peoplein London
 A saer London or all
Supporting those who seeka sae haven in London
 A vision or volunteering
increased investment inpreparedness or crisesor emergency incidents inLondon to improve the abilityo individuals, volunteers,communities and organisationsto respond in their local area
equipping every London childwith basic rst aid skills throughschools and education
the survey on extreme exclusionamong asylum seekers,vulnerable migrants andreugees promised in the LondonEnriched Implementation Plan
the work o health and wellbeingboards in every London boroughto better promote integration o health and social care services,and to recognise the potentialcontribution o the voluntary andcommunity sector
best practice in employer-supported volunteeringby ensuring volunteeringopportunities or GLA sta in line with the mostpioneering workplaces.
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Building a resilient London:a call to action
We call on mayoral andGLA candidates to support:
Every day, the British Red Cross helpsindividuals and organisations to acecrisis. Across London our networko 90 sta and 3,200 volunteershelps some o the most vulnerableLondoners in times o need.We provide many vital servicesto Londoners: rom immediateassistance in a major incident andbuilding more resilient communitiesthrough rst aid education, tosupporting new arrivals to the capitaland helping people regain theircondence and independence ater astay in hospital. All our activities are guided by ourundamental principles o humanity,impartiality, neutrality, independence,voluntary service, unity anduniversality. We work closely with themayor o London, Greater London Authority (GLA), Londons emergencyservices and London boroughsto ensure we ocus our responseon people with the greatesthumanitarian need. The challenges Londonersace are complex and growing.Economic conditions and theirconsequences are putting a strainon many people and theirexpectations o decision-makers. Yet despite these tough realities thereis much to celebrate. London is agreat place to live, work and visit. And, as host o the 2012 LondonOlympic and Paralympic Games alongwith the Diamond Jubilee, the capitalwill be at the centre o the world’sattention.Beore, during and ater a crisis,the Red Cross will be there, workingwith Londoners – preparing oremergencies, helping people inimmediate need, and supportingthem through their recovery. Bybetter integrating our expertisewith key agencies and decision-makers, and partnering with statutoryorganisations, we can make London’scommunities stronger.Based on our values, principlesand experience, we call on London’sdecision-makers to act and help usbuild a more resilient London.
Sir Nicholas Young
Chie executive
Building a resilient London

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