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Leader Guide

Leader Guide

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Published by Carrie Rogers

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Published by: Carrie Rogers on Mar 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Wardrobe of Christ 
Introduction: For the leader
The Wardrobe of Christ 
is a discussion based study rather than leader based. That may be good newsfor you! What that means is that you
re in no way required to be a teacher in order to lead this Biblestudy. Your responsibility, as the leader, is to facilitate
to make the other ladies in your group feel welcomed and valued,
and to keep the discussion flowing. Please don’t feel like you have to stick to
the questions in this leader guide. They are simply there to guide you as you discuss the lessons each week. Depending on how talkative your group is, you may not need the questions at all,
and that’
sperfectly fine.Doing Bible study with other ladies is one of my favorite things to do, and one of the most
important parts of my life. Here’s why:
 1. Whether
 we say it out loud or not, we’
re all desperately seeking community,
and there’
sno better place than a Bible study to create lasting community among friends. As you go throughthis study, use the time you have together to invest in building relationships with one another. Nomatter how well acquainted you are with the members of your group before the study begins, beintentional about pursuing each of them for the next six weeks. Commit to praying for your groupmembers, and let them
know each week that you’
re thinking of them.2. Doing a Bible study together keeps us accountable to spending intentional time in the Word. With so many different things vying for your attention and time, sometimes it takes doing a
Bible study with others to get us to pick up our Bibles. I understand. I’ve bee
n there. Challengeyour group members to put in the work for the next six weeks in order to complete each lesson. This may mean that some may need to fast from something in their normal routine in order to maketime for Bible study. Do it! You will be blessed more than you know if you do! {Fasting? That
means that you give up something for a time in order to focus your attention on the Lord. What’s
competing most for your time? TV shows, Facebook, Pinterest, another hobby? Are you willing togive that up for a time in order to make time for the Word? And no
your answer can’t be your
husband and/or children!}
Before you begin, here are a couple quick tips for leading a small group.*
Pray. Pray fir
st. Pray when you’re together. Pray when you’re apart. Pray for each
other. God is listening!*
Read through the questions before you meet with your group so that you know inad
 vance what you’ll be discussing together.
Comfort is key 
. It’s important that every member of the group feels comfortable
sharing during discussion time. Try to keep one person from dominating discussionsby gently moving the conversation to others in the group. If there
s someone who would rather not talk,
that’s ok too.
 You might need to be brave first. Relationships and accountability grow out of honest, open discussions. You may have to be the first one to dig deep to tell a
personal story but I promise you won’t be the last.
Serve together. Are you willing to let your hands and feet do the talking? At the endof this Leaders Guide there are some ideas of things you can do together over thenext six weeks to serve. Make a plan together as a Bible study group and do it! God will knock your socks off when you do!
Ok. Enough from me! If you’d like – 
hop on to my website (click CONTACT at the top of thepage) and let me kn
ow about you and the group you’re leading. I’d love to pray for you by name!
 And thank you again for taking this journey with me! www.carriedawayministries.com 
Chapter 1: Clothed in Christ
1. Spend the first few minutes getting to know the members in your group.Have everyone introduce themselves by saying their name and answering an ice-breakerquestion. It could be a funny quirk they have, what they slept in the night before, the
grossest thing they’ve ever eaten
- anything that will loosen everyone up and get them talking.2. Pray together.3. Day 1: On page 2, answer the question,
“Is Jesus ‘comfort wear’ to you?” and discuss why or why 
On page 3, “…when Jesus bids us to come, He is actually inviting us to come and stay.”
Does the call to
challenge you in any way?Practically speaking, how can you make Jesus a part of your everyday wear?
5. Day 2: On
page 7, answer the question, “Which of the three names of the Son of God resonate
most with you? Why?
 6. Day 3: A
nswer the question on page 10, “Can you give an example of how the flesh rebels
against the law of Truth?
 7. Day 4: O
n page 12, “Please remember, if we don’t control our thought life, Satan will use ourthoughts to control us.”
 Although we’
ll spend more time talking about this in the weeks ahead, spend some timetalking about the battle going on in our thought life.
Do you typically allow your feelings to be your guide? How’s that working out for you?
 How do you relate to the examples given on page 12?8. Day 5: Discuss the struggles you have regarding independent living.9. How have
you bought into the lie that you have to work hard and be good in order to win God’s
approval?10. Ask someone to read Galatians 5:1. In light of what you learned this week, discuss what thisfreedom could and should look like. Spend your last few minutes in prayer, thanking God for thefreedom we have in Christ Jesus!
Chapter 2: The New You
 The material in this chapter is foundational. There may be members in your group who have neverparticipated in the Great Exchange that is discussed in Day 2. Be sensitive to group members whomay have more questions about what it means to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Make timeto walk them through the process of salvation, and if they are ready, pray with them to receive Jesusas their Lord and Savior.1. Open in prayer.2. Day 1: O
n page 19, “If you agree to fully step into your new self, the entire old self has to go.Remember, the old self has no redeeming qualities.”
Throughout the week, has God brought tomind any parts of the old self that you have not yet thrown away?3. Day 2: After filling in the chart on page 20, discuss the profound effect of the Great Exchange.Practically speaking, talk about what it means to exchange your life for His.4. A
nswer the question on page 22, “Put into your own words what it means to be transformed.”

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