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Studies in Ruth

Studies in Ruth



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A series of 9 messages on the book of Ruth in which we deal with the theology of problems, ordinary people, romance, risk, and cleverness in accomplishing the will of God.
A series of 9 messages on the book of Ruth in which we deal with the theology of problems, ordinary people, romance, risk, and cleverness in accomplishing the will of God.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Nov 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. A THEOLOGY OF PROBLEMS Based on Ruth 1:1-42. ORDINARY PEOPLE Based on Ruth 1:1-183. THE QUEEN OF COMMITMENT Based on Ruth 1:8:184. THE IMPACT OF INFLUENCE Based on Ruth 1:14-225. DESIRABLE DETERMINATION Based on Ruth 1:14-226. RUTH'S ROMANCE Based on Ruth 2:1f 7. RUTH THE RISK TAKER Based on Ruth 3:1-138. THE CLEVER COUPLE Based on Ruth 3:1-4, 4:1-109. THE COMPLEXITIES OF LIFE Based on Ruth 3:10-13, 4:1-610. GODLY GRANDPARENTS Based on Ruth 4:13-17
1. A THEOLOGY OF PROBLEMS Based on Ruth 1:1-4A woman who wanted her apartment painted while shewas out of town was very fussy. She insisted that the ceilingbe painted the exact shade of her ash tray. The paintersafter trying to mix this exact shade unsuccessfully finally hitupon a solution to their problem. They painted the ash traywith the same shade they used to paint the ceiling. When thewoman returned she was delighted with the perfect matchthey had made.Problems sometimes can be solved so easily, to the likingof everyone involved, but unfortunately, paint does not coverthem all. Dr. Paul Tournier, the famous Christian
psychiatrist, says people come to him all the time for help insolving their problems, and he discovers they are caught inunsolvable vicious circles. They need faith to experienceGod's grace, but they need God's grace to find faith. Theyneed forgiveness in order to love, but they need love in orderto forgive and be forgiven. Self-confidence is needed inorder to succeed, but success is need to give themself-confidence. The list can go on and on to the point that itleaves problem solvers wishing they had chosen math ratherthan people, for all math problems do have answers, buthow do you solve the problems of people?Sometimes it seems like you can't win. Like the little boywho came home from school and told his mother he was in afine fix. The teachers says I have to learn to write morelegibly, and if I do she will find out that I can't spell. Evenkids feel the vicious circle. The reason advice columns areso popular is because everybody is looking for solutions totheir problems. Marriage, family, sex, relationships of allkinds, the world cries out, "Help me with my problems!"And an array of experts are striving everyday to findanswers to that cry. The most thought word in the Englishlanguage, if not the most uttered, is help!If you give a little thought to the professions of life, youdiscover they almost all revolve around problems. If therewe no medical or physical problems, the doctors, nurses, andhospitals, with all of the surgeons and specialists would haveno reason for their existence. They exist to solve problems.If there were no legal problems, the lawyers and judges
would be out of a job. If there were no problems with crimeand fire, policemen and firemen could all be laid off. If there were no problems with the mental and emotionalstress of life, the psychologist, psychiatrist, and counselorscould all close shop. If cars, trucks, and planes, neverdeveloped a problem, the mechanics would all be useless. If ignorance was not a problem, teachers and universitiescould call it quits. We could go on and on making it clearthat just about everything that life is about is some form of problemsolving.The entire Bible is a problem solving book. It tells us thatGod has a major problem.How can He save fallen man who has disobeyed His will?The whole revelation of God is dealing with this problem.Jesus came to be the great problem solver. He healed peopleof their physical, mental, moral, and even social problems.He then died on the cross to solve, once and for all, theproblem of sin, and make it possible for all sin to beforgiven. He then rose from the dead to solve the greatestproblem in man's mind, how can I live forever? The Gospelis God at His best in problem solving, but even that does notend it all. Problems are what the rest of the New Testamentis all about. The problem of weak Christians, babyChristians, backsliding Christians, rebellious Christians,and unsanctified Christians.We could go on and on listing the problems the NewTestament deals with, but the specifics are not our focus at

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