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Looking at Jesus

Looking at Jesus

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This is a series of 20 messages on the life of Jesus with a focus on some very personal examples of his humor, his anger, his face, his feet, his tears, his hands, his mind, his example, and his over all uniqueness.
This is a series of 20 messages on the life of Jesus with a focus on some very personal examples of his humor, his anger, his face, his feet, his tears, his hands, his mind, his example, and his over all uniqueness.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Nov 27, 2008
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By Pastor Glenn Pease
1. THE UNIQUENESS OF JESUS Based on John 7:25-462. OUR EXCELLING EXAMPLE Based on John 13:1-173. HIS STEADFAST FACE Based on John 19:1-164. THE GENTLE ENCOURAGER Based on Matt. 12:9,15-215. THE ANGRY KING Based on Matt. 21:1-176. THE MASK OF THE MASTER MARK 1:21-287. THE GREAT PHYSICIAN MARK 2:1-128. THE HANDS OF THE HEAD Based on Mark 6:1-69. THE MIND OF THE MASTER Based on Luke 2:40-5210. FOCUS ON FEET Based on Luke 7:36-5011. JESUS HAD A SENSE OF HUMOR Text for starting Luke 10:2112. OUR DETERMINED SAVIOR based on Luke 9:51-6213. OUR KING'S GLAD FACE Based on Luke 19:28-4414. THE KING IN TEARS Based on Luke 19:29-4815. HIS HIDDEN FACE Based on Luke 24:13-3516. THE TRIUMPHANT KING Based on John 12:12-1917. THE FACE OF CHRIST Based on II Cor. 4:1-618. JESUS IS EVERYTHING Based on Rev. 1:519. WHO IN THE WORLD IS KING? Based on Rev. 1:520. WORTHY IS THE LAMB Based on Rev. 5:1-14
1. THE UNIQUENESS OF JESUS Based on John7:25-46An advertisement that was originally printed in theMiner's Magazine as a serious add was later published bythe Reader's Digest as humor. The ad read, "Wanted:Man to work on nuclear fissionable isotope molecularreactive counter and three-phase cyclotronic uraniumphotosynthesizers. No experience necessary." Of course, it
was a joke. No one is that unique. On the other hand, howcan you find anyone with experience in a field that neverexisted before?The New Testament has a similar problem in the spiritualrealm. The complex task of saving sinners, and yetremaining just an absolutely loyal to his nature of holinesswas God's problem. Of course, it is only a problem from ourpoint of view. In His eternal wisdom it was solved before theworld began. The job called for an extremely unique person.He had to be fully man, for only a man could live a perfecthuman life. If he was not truly man, the life he lived wouldnot be truly human. Yet, only God could insure that such alife could be lived. The paradox is that only God could dowhat was necessary, but it could only be done as a man. Thesolution could only be Jesus Christ-the God-Man. All theparadoxes and problems of the relationship of God and manare resolved in Christ who was both.Robert C. Moyer wrote, "In Jesus divine omnipotencemoved in a human arm. In Jesus divine wisdom was cradledin a human brain. In Jesus divine love throbbed in a humanheart. In Jesus divine compassion glistened in a human eye.In Jesus divine grace poured forth from human lips." Jesuswas the most unique of all men, but not just because He wasGod, but rather, because He was really man. That is, Hewas the only complete example of ideal manhood ever seenon this planet. Adam was the only other man who was everperfect in his manhood, and he fell. Jesus alone lived aperfect human life. Jesus was unique, not just because He
was more than a man, but because He was fully a man. Hewas the man par-excellence.We need, therefore, to stress His humanity as He did of Himself. His favorite name for Himself was the Son of Man.In the bureau of standards in Washington there is a gold barexactly one yard long which is the standard by which everymeasuring instrument in the United States is judged. Therehas to be one, and only one, final absolute standard. Jesus isthat standard in the realm of human life, morality, andcharacter. As deity He was no standard for human life.Only as man did He become our standard and ideal. In theincarnation the human ideal became real.Herman Horne points out that realism and idealism arecombined in Jesus Christ. He writes, "Human nature at itspossible best gives us the ideals for man. If we want to knowwhat the ideals of man's complete living are, we must knowwhat human nature is at its best; what it's elements are;what it is possible for each element to attain in itsdevelopment. Thus the real is the basis of the ideal; the realat its best is the ideal; the real is the actual; the ideal is whatis possible for the real to become. Such idealism as this hasits feet on the ground; is practical. Idealism withoutreference to what the real can become is visionary."Christian idealism is based on the real of Christ. Jesus is theexample of what the real man can become. He is the idealwhich we shall attain, for we shall be like Him when we seeHim as He is, according to John.

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