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In the Running

In the Running

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Footnotes and sidesteps from the political races
Footnotes and sidesteps from the political races

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Published by: The Dallas Morning News on Mar 09, 2012
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Denzel Washington
(inanew film,
Barack ObamaAlec Baldwin
(who’sconsidered running forNew York mayor) as
Stand-ins and partners
Viola Davis
The Help
MichelleObamaKristin Chenoweth
(aBroadway and TV star)as
AnnRomneyJack Nicholson
(whoplayed a movie president)as
JoeBidenMatthew Morrison
asPaul Ryan
The also-rans
Jerry Seinfeld
(no joke) as
RickSantorumJosh Brolin
(whoplayed a Texan aspresident) as
RickPerryJack Black
(except for thehair)as
Script advisers
Dan Aykroyd
asObama politicalaide
DavidAxelrodPhilip SeymourHoffman
asRomney politicalaide
EricFehrnstromJulie Bowen
Modern Family 
Stephanie Cutter
Chief backers, 2016 hopefuls?
John Larroquette
(a boorishprosecutor on
Night Court 
Bill ClintonChristine Baranski
TheGood Wife
HillaryRodham ClintonJim Parsons
The Big BangTheory 
Marco RubioDanny Pudi
)as Louisiana Gov.
)asNew JerseyGov.
Chris Christie
Sequel or new franchise?It’s still in development 
It’s a political thriller, with a cliffhanger ending. And if Hollywood movie-makers embrace Campaign 2012, here are our cast picks, based solely on looks:
Sunday,November4, 2012M
TheDallas Morning News
In the running
Footnotes and sidesteps from the political races
MSunday,October28, 2012
In the running
Footnotes and sidesteps from the political races
 venthose with an eye into the future arestumped.Just as public opinion polls show the Ba-rackObama-Mitt Romney race too close to call, lo-cal astrologists who’ve studied the celestial chartssay they aren’t making any bold predictions, either.The biggest factor: Mercury will be in retro-grade, a temporary illusion that causes the planet toappear to move backward.For the first time in American history, the planet will “station retrograde” (begin a new cycle) on Nov.6,the day of the presidential election.The last time Mercury did something similar, it“stationed direct” (ended the cycle) on the final day of the disputed 2000 presidential race — an align-ment that’s“very scary” to Ennis astrologist and nu-merologistSherleStevens. When Mercury is in retrograde at the start of any new adventure, things change three monthslater.Herguess? “Confusion with the results. … May- be there could be a lot of voter fraud,” Stevens said.Dallas astrologer and psychic Diane Eichen- baumalso saw confusion in the skies, a precursor toalong election night.She has done the charts and doesn’t see eithercandidate with a distinct advan-tage.“It’s very hard to predict. They  both have very tenuous aspects intheir charts now, so they’re underalot of pressure,” she said.Still,thechoicewill be madein the polls, Eichenbaumsaid,not by the stars.“Nothing is so fated that it’snot going to change,” she said.Unlike astronomy, the scien-tific study of the physical uni- verse, astrology deals with the po-sitions of planets and suns andhowthey supposedly affect hu-man behavior. With little clarity gained, Inthe Running turned to the Magic8Ball for an interpretation of some classic predic-tors, but even those yielded cloudy results.
Since 1900, the tallest candidate has wonexcept for the eight times they didn’t (in-cluding Al Gore in 2000). At6-1½, Romney stands just a half-inchtaller than Obama, which could be the mostimportant digit of his political life.But before throngs of tweepstweet “he won by almost an inch,” the major party can-didates may have some competition in theConstitution Party’s nominee, Virgil Goode, who looks pretty tall from photos.He’s also from Virginia (see “Ohio” for why this is important).
 Signs point to Romney
Ohiooffers two presidential keys.First, the state earned its nickname “Moth-erofPresidents” after seven men all hailingfromOhio took their place in the Oval Office.Itsharesthat moniker with Virginia, whichclaims eight presidents (President Goode,anyone?).Romney comes from Michigan, and al-though Obama still fends off questions about where he’s from, no one has ever suggestedOhio or Virginia.Second,noRepublican has ever won the White House without carrying Ohio. And lat-estpolls show Obama slightly ahead in theBuckeye State.
Yes, Obama
 Job approval rating 
Obama’s job’s approval ratinghasbeen like a seesaw over whatpollsters consider safe groundforanincumbent seeking re-election — 50 percent. AGallup Poll last week gave him a 53 percent ap-proval score, but that couldstill drop before the election.Jimmy Carter’s rating was34 percent at the close of hispresidency, and he wasn’t re-hired. When Romney left asMassachusetts governor in De-cember 2006, his approval rating was at 39percent, but that’s like comparing apples tooranges.
 Replyhazy, try again
Unemployment rate
Nopresident in modern history has beenre-elected with a jobless rate higher than 7.2percent.That might mean that the recently report-ed unemployment rate of 7.8 percent doesn’t bodewell for the president. But he has saidthecountry is making economic progress af-ter a painful recession.
 Most likely Romney
Possible future predictor 
Depending on how theelection pans out, here’s a new one — Honey Boo Boo,thechild pageant and reality showstar from small-townGeorgia. In a recent inter- view, Honey Boo Boo said if shecould vote, she’d pick “Marack Obama,” althoughthat may have been a dig atRomney, who has said hepreferred the Jersey Shore’s Snooki to her.
Outlook good for Marack Obama
Cloudy forecast for Nov. 6
Austin Bureauccardona@dallasnews.com
LaraSolt/Staff Photographer
Dallasastrol-ogist and psy-chic DianeEichenbaum
prepared achart on Presi-dent BarackObama to tryto make a pre-diction on theelection.
 Who’ll win? Astrologers have no earthly idea; 8 Ball shaky 
MSunday,October21, 2012
 F R E E S P A C E
LeadershipUnemploymentrateTax cuts forwealthiestAmericansStockmarketreboundCreatingopportunityMedicarevouchersPunishingIraqsuccessClasswarfareBainCapitalWorkingpoorRepeal of“Obamacare”Socialism“You didn’tbuild that”FairnessHomeownersunder waterChangethe tone inWashingtonSelf-deportationRomney’slack of policyspecifics
 F R E E S P A C E
BiggovernmentPaul Ryan’sbudget
TaxloopholesStimulusSmallbusinessownersJobcreationMedicaidEntitlementsMortgagedeductionRomneymentionshis businessexperienceWelfare workrequirementsAmericansseeingthemselvesas victimsInfrastructure/ roads andbridgesUnpaid-fortax cutsU.S. creditratingClimatechangeYoung peopleon parents’health planImmigrationreform
“The 47%”Osamabin LadenAfghanistan BenghaziVladimirPutinTradewith ChinaBenjaminNetanyahuIranArabSpringNuclearweapons
ebate, Round 3, gets under way Monday night. And the final showdown between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is expected again to take on thelook of a grueling sports match, maybe boxing or even tennis.For TV viewers, heads have been twisting endlessly back and forth, back andforth, as the presidential rivals take turns landing winners or banging into the net.So, with political games in mind, In the Running offers “lingo bingo.Pass around the cards, grab a marker and when you hear one of the words orphrases, cross it off. First player to cross out a row of five wins.
Final debate
Allmajor broadcastchannels and cablenewsnetworks
Lynn Universi-ty, Boca Raton, Fla.
BobSchieff-er of CBS News
Lingo bingo
In the running
Footnotes and sidesteps from the political races

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