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Published by parag

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Published by: parag on Nov 27, 2008
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SRIMAD BHAGAVATA by Krishna-Dwaipayana Vy
sa(aka Bhagavad-Pur 
na or Bh
(Collected and edited by Jay Mazo from unknown sources)
CANTO ONEChapter One Questions by the Sages 7Chapter Two Divinity and Divine Service 8Chapter Three Krsna Is the Source of All Incarnations 9Chapter Four The Appearance of Sri Narada 12Chapter Five Narada's Instructions on Srimad-Bhagavatam for Vyasadeva 13Chapter Six Conversation Between Narada and Vyasadeva 15Chapter Seven The Son of Drona Punished 17Chapter Eight Prayers by Queen Kunti and Pariksit Saved 19Chapter Nine The Passing Away of Bhismadeva in the Presence of Lord Krsna 21Chapter Ten Departure of Lord Krsna for Dvaraka 24Chapter Eleven Lord Krsna's Entrance into Dvaraka 25Chapter Twelve Birth of Emperor Pariksit 27Chapter Thirteen Dhrtarastra Quits Home 29Chapter Fourteen The Disappearance of Lord Krsna 32Chapter Fifteen The Pandavas Retire Timely 33Chapter Sixteen How Pariksit Received the Age of Kali 36Chapter Seventeen Punishment and Reward of Kali 38Chapter Eighteen Maharaja Pariksit Cursed by a Brahmana Boy 40Chapter Nineteen The Appearance of Sukadeva Gosvami 42CANTO TWOChapter One The First Step in God Realization 44Chapter Two The Lord in the Heart 46Chapter Three Pure Devotional Service: The Change in Heart 48Chapter Four The Process of Creation 49Chapter Five The Cause of All Causes 51Chapter Six Purusa-sukta Confirmed 53Chapter Seven Scheduled Incarnations with Specific Functions 55Chapter Eight Questions by King Pariksit 59Chapter Nine Answers by Citing the Lord's Version 60Chapter Ten Bhagavatam Is the Answer to All Questions 62CANTO THREEChapter One Questions by Vidura 65Chapter Two Remembrance of Lord Krsna 67Chapter Three Remembrance of Lord Krsna 69Chapter Four Vidura Approaches Maitreya 70Chapter Five Vidura's Talks with Maitreya 72Chapter Six Creation of the Universal Form 75Chapter Seven Further Inquires by Vidura 76Chapter Eight Manifestation of Brahma from Garbhodakasayi Visnu 78Chapter Nine Brahma's Prayers for Creative Energy 80Chapter Ten Divisions of the Creation 83Chapter Eleven Calculation of Time, from the Atom 84Chapter Twelve Creation of the Kumaras and Others 86Chapter Thirteen The Appearance of Lord Varaha 88Chapter Fourteen Pregnancy of Diti in the Evening 91Chapter Fifteen Description of the Kingdom of God 93Chapter Sixteen The Two Doorkeepers of Vaikuntha, Cursed by the Sages 96Chapter Seventeen Victory of Hiranyaksa Over All the directions of the Universe 98Chapter Eighteen The Battle Between Lord Boar and the Demon Hiranyaksa 99Chapter Nineteen The Killing of the Demon Hiranyaksa 100Chapter Twenty Conversation Between Maitreya and Vidura 102
 Chapter Twenty-one Conversation Between Manu and Kardama 104Chapter Twenty-two The Marriage of Kardama Muni and Devahuti 107Chapter Twenty-three Devahuti's Lamentation 108Chapter Twenty-four The Renunciation of Kardama Muni 111Chapter Twenty-five The Glories of Devotional Service 113Chapter Twenty-six Fundamental Principles of Material Nature 115Chapter Twenty-seven Understanding Material Nature 119Chapter Twenty-eight Kapila's Instructions on the Execution of Devotional Service 120Chapter Twenty-nine Explanation of Devotional Service by Lord Kapila 122Chapter Thirty Description by Lord Kapila of Adverse Fruitive Activities 125Chapter Thirty-one Lord Kapila's Instructions on the Movements of the Living Entities 126Chapter Thirty-two Entanglement in Fruitive Activities 129Chapter Thirty-three Activities of Kapila 131CANTO FOURChapter One Genealogical Table of the Daughters of Manu 133Chapter Two Daksa Curses Lord Siva 135Chapter Three Talks Between Lord Siva and Sati 137Chapter Four Sati Quits Her Body 138Chapter Five Frustration of the Sacrifice of Daksa 140Chapter Six Brahma Satisfies Lord Siva 141Chapter Seven The Sacrifice Performed by Daksa 144Chapter Eight Dhruva Maharaja Leaves Home for the Forest 148Chapter Nine Dhruva Maharaja Returns Home 152Chapter Ten Dhruva Maharaja's Fight With the Yaksas 156Chapter Eleven Svayambuva Manu Advises Dhruva Maharaja to Stop Fighting 157Chapter Twelve Dhruva Maharaja Goes Back to Godhead 159Chapter Thirteen Description of the Descendants of Dhruva Maharaja 162Chapter Fourteen The Story of King Vena 164Chapter Fifteen King Prthu's Appearance and Coronation 167Chapter Sixteen Praise of King Prthu by the Professional Reciters 168Chapter Seventeen Maharaja Prthu Becomes Angry at the Earth 170Chapter Eighteen Prthu Maharaja Milks the Earth Planet 172Chapter Nineteen King Prthu's One Hundred Horse Sacrifices 173Chapter Twenty Lord Visnu's Appearance in the Sacrificial Arena 175Chapter Twenty-one Instructions by Maharaja Prthu 178Chapter Twenty-two Prthu Maharaja's Meeting with the Four Kumaras 181Chapter Twenty-three Maharaja Prthu's Going Back Home 184Chapter Twenty-four Chanting the Song Sung by Lord Siva 187Chapter Twenty-five The Descriptions of the Characteristics of King Puranjana 191Chapter Twenty-six King Puranjana Goes to Forest to Hunt, His Queen Becomes Angry 194Chapter Twenty-seven Attack by Candavega on City of Puranjana; Character of Kalakanya 196Chapter Twenty-eight Puranjana Becomes a Woman in the Next Life 197Chapter Twenty-nine Talks Between Narada and King Pracinabarhi 200Chapter Thirty The Activities of the Pracetas 205Chapter Thirty-one Narada Instructs the Pracetas 208CANTO FIVEChapter One The Activities of Maharaja Priyavrata 210Chapter Two The Activities of Maharaja Agnidhra 213Chapter Three Rsabhadeva's Appearance in the Womb of Merudevi, Wife of King Nabhi 215Chapter Four The Characteristics of Rsabhadeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead 217Chapter Five Lord Rsabhadeva's Teachings to His Sons 218Chapter Six The Activities of Lord Rsabhadeva 221Chapter Seven The Activities of King Bharata 223Chapter Eight A Description of the Character of Bharata Maharaja 224Chapter Nine The Supreme Character of Jada Bharata 226Chapter Ten The Discussion Between Jada Bharata and Maharaja Rahugana 228Chapter Eleven Jada Bharata Instructs King Rahugana 231Chapter Twelve Conversation Between Maharaja Rahugana and Jada Bharata 232Chapter Thirteen Further Talks Between King Rahugana and Jada Bharata 234
3Chapter Fourteen The Material World as the Great Forest of Enjoyment 236Chapter Fifteen The Glories of the Descendants of King Priyavrata 240Chapter Sixteen A Description of Jambudvipa 242Chapter Seventeen The Descent of the River Ganges 244Chapter Eighteen The Prayers Offered to the Lord by the Residents of Jambudvipa 246Chapter Nineteen A Description of the Island of Jambudvipa 249Chapter Twenty Studying the Structure of the Universe 252Chapter Twenty-one The Movements of the Sun 255Chapter Twenty-two The Orbits of the Planets 256Chapter Twenty-three The Sisumara Planetary Systems 258Chapter Twenty-four The Subterranean Heavenly Planets 259Chapter Twenty-five The Glories of Lord Ananta 262Chapter Twenty-six A Description of the Hellish Planets 263CANTO SIXChapter One The History of the Life of Ajamila 266Chapter Two Ajamila Delivered by the Visnudutas 270Chapter Three Yamaraja Instructs His Messengers 273Chapter Four The Hamsa-guhya Prayers Offrered to the Lord by Prajapati Daksa 275Chapter Five Narada Muni Cursed by Prajapati Daksa 279Chapter Six The Progeny of the Daughters of Daksa 282Chapter Seven Indra Offends His Spiritual Master, Brhaspati 283Chapter Eight The Narayana-kavaca Shield 285Chapter Nine Appearance of the Demon Vrtrasura 288Chapter Ten The Battle Between the Demigods and Vrtrasura 292Chapter Eleven The Transcendental Qualities of Vrtrasura 293Chapter Twelve Vrtrasura's Glorious Death 295Chapter Thirteen King Indra Afflicted by Sinful Reaction 297Chapter Fourteen King Citraketu's Lamentation 298Chapter Fifteen The Saints Narada and Angira Instruct King Citraketu 301Chapter Sixteen King Citraketu Meets the Supreme Lord 303Chapter Seventeen Mother Parvati Curses Citraketu 307Chapter Eighteen Diti Vows to Kill King Indra 309Chapter Nineteen Performing the Pumsavana Ritualistic Ceremony 313CANTO SEVENChapter One The Supreme Lord Is Equal to Everyone 315Chapter Two Hiranyakasipu, King of the Demons 318Chapter Three Hiranyakasipu's Plan to Become Immortal 321Chapter Four Hiranyakasipu Terrorizes the Universe 323Chapter Five Prahlada Maharaja, the Saintly Son of Hiranyakasipu 326Chapter Six Prahlada Instructs His Demoniac Schoolmates 329Chapter Seven What Prahlada Learned in the Womb 331Chapter Eight Lord Nrsimhadeva Slays the King of the Demons 334Chapter Nine Prahlada Pacifies Lord Nrsimhadeva with Prayers 338Chapter Ten Prahlada, the Best Among Exalted Devotees 342Chapter Eleven The Perfect Society: Four Social Classes 345Chapter Twelve The Perfect Society: Four Spiritual Classes 347Chapter Thirteen The Behavior of a Perfect Person 349Chapter Fourteen Ideal Family Life 351Chapter Fifteen Instructions for Civilized Human Beings 354CANTO EIGHTChapter One The Manus, Administrators of the Universe 359Chapter Two The Elephant Gajendra's Crisis 360Chapter Three Gajendra's Prayers of Surrender 362Chapter Four Gajendra Returns to the Spiritual World 364Chapter Five The Demigods Appeal to the Lord for Protection 365Chapter Six The Demigods and Demons Declare a Truce 368Chapter Seven Lord Siva Saves the Universe by Drinking Poison 370Chapter Eight The Churning of the Milk Ocean 372Chapter Nine The Lord Incarnates as Mohini-Murti 375

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