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Tahirul Qadri Exposed

Tahirul Qadri Exposed

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Published by Mohsin Khaleel
Dr. Tahirul Qadri is the spiritual leader of the organisation called ‘’Minhaaj UL Qur’aan’’. He is yet another extreme philosophical sofee who utilizes weak and fabricated ahaadith to justify seeking aid from the dead.
Dr. Tahirul Qadri is the spiritual leader of the organisation called ‘’Minhaaj UL Qur’aan’’. He is yet another extreme philosophical sofee who utilizes weak and fabricated ahaadith to justify seeking aid from the dead.

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: Mohsin Khaleel on Mar 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Asslamu Alaykum,Hope everyone is in their best of Emaan and Health inshallahAnd whoever contradicts and opposes the Messenger (Muhammad
Sallaho AlaiheWassallam
) after the right path has been shown clearly to him, and follows other thanthe believers' way. We shall keep him in the path he has chosen, and burn him in Hell- what an evil destination. [Quran 4:115] Dr. Tahirul Qadri is the spiritual leader of the organisation called ‘’Minhaaj ULQur’aan’’. He is yet another extreme philosophical sofee who utilizes weak andfabricated ahaadith to justify seeking aid from the dead.Likewise, he is an open caller to the unity of religions and refers to the yahood andnasaarah as believing bros and sisters of the Muslims.Certain "half-baked" individuals and "intellectual pygmies," dressed up in the garb of "Molvis", have claimed that there are no valid accusations against Tahirul Qadri.They are saying that Sunnis have no proofs against Tahirul Qadri's beliefs. They aresaying that the Ulema of the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah are causing open fitna. Ma'azallah!
We want you, the Sunnis, to now use your common sense and judge foryourselves the beliefs of Tahirul Qadri. We have translated Urdu extracts frombooks written by Tahirul Qadri himself, and some of his corrupt anti-Sunnibeliefs. Details given below of this email.
And as per one of the famous Sunni forum thread statement:Dr. Tahir ul-Qadrishould be avoided; he is neither Barelwi nor Deobandi though he may have opinionscommon among Barelwis minus the harshness. 
Let’s see:
 1) Barelwees disagree with Dr Tahirul Qadri (see below) (Fatwa & details article given below) - The words of thearticlebelow are not mine it is of the Barelwee scholars!2) Deobandees disagree with Dr Tahirul Qadri (proof given below)3) Salafees / Ahl-e-Hadeeth disagree with Dr Tahirul Qadri (proof given below)
Let’s start from his dream
Tahir ul Qadri and his dream about Prophet (Sallaho AlaiheWassallam):
In the dream Tahirul Qadri clearly states that Prophet (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) have asked for him to arrangefor his Tickets to and within Pakistan and arrange for food and transportation and he asks people for donations.In the dream Prophet (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) also asks him to “Idara Banao” (form an organisation) for thebenefit of Pakistan. This is the complete Dream of Dr.Tahir Ul Qadri Sahab. In which he asked people Chanda on the name of "Rasool-e-Akram (s.a.w) needs to buy tickets for different cities and also the ticket to go back to Madina"
If you can’t listen to the whole thing please listen to 01:22 and from 12:26-13:02…It’s hilarious actually…
Points to be understand and agreed in the view of Quran and Authentic Hadeeth:-
TAHIR UL QADRI ka khwab- By Shaikh Tousif ur Rahman
An ordinary person would think, Oh my Allah, this tahir-ul-qadri is scholar of sucha calibre that even our Prophet (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) requests to be his host.Therefore tahir-ul-qadri is certainly a pious scholarSo if someone points out the follower of tahr-ul-qadri that this person is involved inSHIRKIA activities and quote qur'aanic verses and authentic Hadith , the follower of tahir-ul-qadri would just closed his/her ears/eyes and his/her mind would not acceptany daleel because he/she think that tahir-ul-qadri is in contact with ProphetMuhammad (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and hence response would be “there is noharm in kissing his feet” etc. How loudly you tell them the truth with Qur'aanic versesand Authentic Hadith they will not listen to you, neither will they bother to go to thelibrary or contact any Sahi Scholar or investigate themselves. Minimum courtesy tothink of these point with regards to his dream...May Allah help you?
Prophet Muhammad (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) needs this assistant to buy return ticket toMadina?
Prophet Muhammad (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) needs him to be his host for food andshelter?
Does Prophet (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) have worldly desire to eat and drink?
In Prophet Muhammad (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) life He (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam)lead a life with two two stones tied on His (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) stomach, and now He (SallahoAlaihe Wassallam) needs food to eat?
Why did Prophet Muhammad (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) came to Pakistan, when it isreported in sahi hadeet that who so ever recite Darood on Him (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) it is takento HIM (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam).
And more...You can think off.
Even for whatever reason Prophet Muhammad (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) comes in someone's dreamit is his/her personal experience. It won't change the Shariat. It is already complete religion and it is apractical religion and not based on dreams. So if someone really saw the Prophet Muhammad (SallahoAlaihe Wassallam) in dream (without presenting fabricated words) then it is good for him/her.Allah knows the best.
[Urdu] Shaykh ul Islam Tahir Ul Qadri Aur Christmas Day(
Along with Videos (as a Proof) and Quran and Authentic Sunnah reference
IS this ISLAM??????????????????????????????
I want the Cherry on top! Don't cut it guys....ITS MINE!

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