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Angry Argument With Stupid Military Scum

Angry Argument With Stupid Military Scum

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Published by candyfiend

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Published by: candyfiend on Mar 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I was really out with the guys last night I got drunk as hell and I woke up in Atlanta and I’m driving back
to base right now stop yelling at me
When did I yell at you? We never talked. You blacked out and you need to get your shit straight. You’re a
dumbass.As far as turning my OkCupid profile back on I turn it back on having done anything with why would you
automatically assume I was out with another girl when I called you and told you I wasn’t?
Uhh you never called me and told you weren’t. I know what guys do, especially when they’re fooling
around in Atlanta.
In that text. You you automatically that assume that because I couldn’t come see you I was I was a girlthat’s yelling at me
You said you’d call me and never did. When I’m about to cancel my a
ccount I see you on. You getshiftfaced and end up in Atlanta. This all happened after I rolled over on my back for you. Put yourself inmy position right now.
You know what I’m tired of you making assumptions I’m tired of you never believe me I’m tired o
f you
assuming that I belong in the FBI’s most wanted list I quit.
You said you’d call me and never did. When I’m about to cancel my account I see you on. You get
shiftfaced and end up in Atlanta. This all happened after I rolled over on my back for you. Put yourself in
my position right now. You’re not worth my kindness. You’re not worth my time. You are pretty dumb.Please don’t text me any longer.
Yeah because that thing doesn’t leave you automatically logged in all the time on the computer. If I’m
dumb that meet you psychotic jealous and stalkerish.Enjoy your dick rot you moron.
There’s no need to insult me
 Then stop texting me.
Your number isn’t even in my phone
My dick rot that doesn’t make sense
And you’re jealous too. I don’t know where t
he stalkerish part came from. Leave that part to your crazyex.Quit name-calling me and I will
It’s slang. Maybe you should look it up so it can make sense.
You started it. I deserve to be treated far better than anything you’ve shown me so far so I wantabsolutely nothing to do with you forget you met me delete my number block my page I don’t care I’m
doneGood call sissy.
Why don’t you have to be such a bitch about everything? You keep name calling and insulting. Do you
want me to call you a bitch? Do yo
u want me to say that’s why I don’t ever want to be with someone
like you?You just called me a bitch so that question is unnecessary. Are you sober yet?
See this isn’t working so it has to end but what I don’t understand is why you have to get mean about
itWhy are you still texting me?
Because you didn’t answer my question
It’s not working or ever going to because you’re a screw up. I may have sent mixed signals but at least Iwas honest. You can’t take down your account and act like I’m the apple of you
r eye them throw it back
up after I’m nice to you and after YOU assumed I was cutting it off. You deserve this. Analyze that, INTJ.But you’re not going to. You’re going to be defensive and make me out to be the bad guy. You got my
nice side and took a big dump on it. You get the same in return.I put my account back up that night. I see now why your ex is still bitter. It has to end with us but idk
why you’re so mean about it. There’s no call for it.I know you did. If you don’t understand why I’m mad about you leading me on then you’re a lost cause.
Yeah and I can see why women treat you like shit.Yeah I led you on while you left your page up and kept talking to guys. That makes a lot of senseI told you you
were the only one I was dating. Plus, I was about to take it down. You can’t be mad at me
for a decision you made.
I’m not but you can’t be mad that I put my page up when you never took yours down
Yes I can. Because you said you weren’t interested in othe
rs and that is why you took it down. Then you
threw it back up after I was being nice to you, which tells me that you’re on the prowl. Basically, you
shat on my kindness.I threw it up an hour after you broke it off. Before you were nice.
Didn’t take you long. And I never broke it off. I didn’t want to stay in a hotel with you for a second dateand get drunk. You didn’t get your way and acted like an ass. You were fully aware of how I Was feeling
because I was being honest, and I ended up getting the shaft. I felt bad anyway, which was why I was
being nice, but you were too busy thinking about yourself. And you expect me to be nice to you? You’re
Okay, I’m done. Go fuck yourself. Have a nice day.
And now that I know it didn’t take you long to hop back on the bandwagon, I’m glad this didn’t work. Oh
so bad.First thing I do when I land I block your number you psychotic stalker bitch. Have anything to say, say itnow.
Boo hoo. I’m not your crazy ex. Pencil dick.
 You stalked my Facebook and my okcupid
page. Otherwise we wouldn’t have fought. You don’t even
know what my dick looks or feels like so that means nothing. Oh yeah, ps, I got laid last night.
Uhhm I didn’t stalk your fb. I figured, that’s why I said to enjoy your dick rot you idiot. And I only
glancedat your OK Cupid profile because I was curious you nutcase.
Good luck trying to get someone to marry your bitchy skinny ass while you’re queen of the itty bitty titty
committee.Whew I really dodged a bullet with you. If every guy in the army is like you I fear for our country. Funnythat you say that cause you had no problem with my chest before.
I’m pretty sure if we dated any longer I’d have committed suicide and god would have been okay with it.You’re right I didn’t because we all make sacrif 
ices.No, you would have died from getting plastered and doing something stupid, numbnuts
Haha no I’d have taken my own life long before that.I figured you were a pussy bitch. Little boy doesn’t get laid in a hotel and cries about it. Little boy thinks
he can win women with materials.Little boy lied and went on a date last night instead of coming to see you. And got laid anyway. And I
didn’t shed a tear over you not one
Yeah, if you’re looking for gold diggers. But hey, that’s probably what you need. B
ravo. You want amedal for picking up someone easy?
Nope just satisfaction that I’d rather be with someone easy than spend an all
-expense paid night withyou.So much for having your crying mother dwelling on your conscience, what a crock of shit. Yeah so whatdoes that make you?My mom told me to dump you a week ago lol

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