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Corpus Christi Squadron - Dec 2007

Corpus Christi Squadron - Dec 2007

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Civil Air Patrol - Texas Wing
Civil Air Patrol - Texas Wing

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Civil Air Patrol - Unit Newsletters on Mar 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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1VOLUME 2 Issue 49 Corpus Christi, Texas 4 December 2007
“Keep the Momentum Going and Keep ‘em Flying”
This issue…
CC-CAP SOUND OFF…….…….…..…..1Upcoming Key Events.…..………......2AWARDS, QUALFICATONS and PRO-MOTIONS…………..….……………...…..2
On Un-funded Missions and theNumbers they Generate………..…....3GROUP V Commander Urges En-campment Attendance…...……........4One Night in the Civil Air Patrol car-toon…...…………………………...…….....4Cadet Philip Lozano earns WrightBrothers Award………………………....5Important CD Information fromTexas Wing…..……………………….…..5CC-CAP 2007 Holiday Party Up-date……………………………………….....6Group V - Airmen Leadership School(ALS)……..…………………………...…....7The Events Details Page!!!……….….8BRAHMA FLIGHT LOG………......…...9CC-CAP Almanac…………….….…….10
By Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAPDear CAP Fellows,Our second week of CAP Avia-tion training has been very successful. Ishould like to thank everyone who hasmade that possible, both within the unitand from without.What was done these past twoweeks will serve as only a mere beginning.We have learned a great deal about CAPaviation and how to put it into practice.As I prepare the materials for the 2007 Holiday Party, I am left with a verywarm feeling inside. We have accomplished a lot this year.
 What is it that keeps CAP alive? What is it that drive and nourishes the marrowof the local CAP Unit? What is it that makes a unit successful? This is a series of ques-tions that has occupied my mind these last few weeks. I should say that it should occupyall our minds, for it is in the address of those questions that our unit will continue togrow and prosper.First of all, I think the primary starting point is for people to “take ownership”of their unit. To refer to it as “My Squadron.” As a commander I often steer away fromthat sort of rhetoric out of fear people might think me less than humble. But, I submitthat it has to be “MY UNIT” to each of us. That is what turns it into being “OURUNIT.”This idea came to me while watching cadets practicing their drill at Kingsville.It struck me that an element works at its best when each of its members is strong in theirfundamentals. Thus, when an order is given, the greater part of the unit gathers its preci-sion from the strength of the individual. Each of us must be like that to OUR UNIT.Strong CAP Officers and Cadets are the driving force of Strong Units.The key is an effective staff. Each of us taking our part of the unit and workingin concert with each other to make it happen. Personnel and Admin Officers keeping uscentered in record keeping, Public Affairs Officers keeping us informed, Cadet Pro-grams Officers doing their best to build that area and Air Ops organizing the flying.Our next big tasks will be in the areas of COMM and GROUND TEAM. 1st LtMike Garmon leading the one and cadets attending the Ground Team School leading theother.-
Corpus Christi Comp Squadron
Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP
Squadron Commander
Major Fidel Alvarado, CAP
Deputy Commander
Capt Sandra Phelps, CAP
Deputy Commander for Cadets
2d Lt Monica Lozano, CAP
Assistant Public Affairs OfficerVOLUME 3 Issue 494 December 2007P.O. Box 671Premont, Texas 78375-0671
Through the Air Over South Texas
is aweekly publication of the Corpus ChristiComp Squadron designed to provide theunit’s members as well as those of neighboring units with news and infor-mation. It also serves as the historicaldocumentation of the SQUADRON.Additionally, it serves as a Civil Air Pa-trol almanac recording an documentingcritical information for the use of Unitmembers. Submissions are welcomed.If you would like to contribute to thisnewsletter, please send your article to:
Upcoming Key Events and Dates
By Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP
Group V Holiday Party
Saturday, Dec 08, 07
Tuesday Dec 11, 07Major Fidel Alvarado &2d Lt Monica Lozano
Quarterly appointment letter FRO Submission
Saturday, Dec 15, 07 Maj R Russell
Distributed SAREX
ICPs in all Groups, WAX: San AntonioJan 11-13, 2008 Lt Col B Cima and Group CCs
Wright Brothers Award:
C/SSgt Philip Lozano
Curry Achievement:
 C/Amn Melissa BullardC/Amn Jonathan Garza
 CAP Airplane Pilot-
Lt Col Johnnie Barfoot, CAPCapt Joseph Pendergrast, CAP1st Lt Michael Garmon, CAPSM Robert Messenger, CAPSM Rene Velazquez, CAP
 UDF Team Member
 C/Amn Bryce Nix, CAP
C/SSgt Philip Lozano - To rank as per Cadet ProgramC/Amn Melissa Bullard- To rank as per Cadet ProgramC/Amn Jonathan Garza- To rank as per Cadet Program
Capt Bazemore has been very busy flyingso theSTAN/EVAL Corner may be Back next week.
Until then…
Until then…
Until then…
Until then…
ENJOY A Message from...
ENJOY A Message from...
ENJOY A Message from...
ENJOY A Message from...
Lt Col Brooks Cima of The Texas Wing
On Un-funded Missions and the Numbers they Generate
 Lt Col Brooks Cima, CAPTexas Wing Director of Emergency Services
Texas Wing—
I am very pleased that many of you are doing un-funded training -that has always been the core of our volunteer organization! In order to maximizethat training, please follow these guidelines:1. In order to get a training mission number for ground team training you must sub-mit an Ops Plan to me two weeks in advance of your activity. Be sure to includetraining objectives and safety information in your plan as well as local medical facili-ties. Once I have reviewed the plan, I enter a request in WMIRS and send the plan tothe Wing Commander. The NOC approval and Wing Commander approval generallytakes 3-4 days. Please use the attached template for your OPs plan.2. Un-funded aircrew training for a C mission should be submitted in the same way as ground training. If you wantan un-funded B mission (additional insurance) you must submit six weeks in advance to meet our approval win-dow and the 30 day Air Force requirement.3. Other Wing-scheduled training, such as the upcoming AFRCC course, may be issued a Texas Wing trainingnumber. This number may be used for prerequisite and task accomplishment but not mission sorties. Your tasksshould be signed off by a Texas Wing Evaluator. Check the list BEFORE you train.4. Other non-CAP training, such as FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, etc. may be considered for a TexasWing training number and prerequisite/ task sign-offs. In order to accomplish this you must submit a course de-scription or training objective list from the instructor or sponsoring organization. Submit this and your SQTR tomyself or one of the Assistant Training Officers and we will do our best to match up some of the training objec-tives with CAP tasks. Please keep in mind this only includes classes that are not normally a part of CAP curricu-lum/requirements.Since any of the training entered in WMIRS requires the Project Officer toenter sorties, work with your Group or Wing staff to secure WMIRS accessprior to requesting an un-funded training number. Paperwork (sign-in sheets,104s, 109s, ORM, vehicle sign-in sheets, etc.) must have the first page of theCAPF 115 attached as a cover sheet and the package should be sent to WingHQ for filing within 72 hours of activity completion. Please submit a simplelist of the training completed so that we can keep a running list of the un-funded training completed in order to lobby for more training funds in the fu-ture.If you have questions about any of these guidelines or requirements, pleasefeel free to contact me.

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