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Des Moines Metro Squadron - Oct 2009

Des Moines Metro Squadron - Oct 2009

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Civil Air Patrol - Iowa Wing
Civil Air Patrol - Iowa Wing

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Civil Air Patrol - Unit Newsletters on Mar 10, 2012
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Inside this issue:
Squadron News
1, 2
Safety Briefing 
Upcoming Events& Calendar 
Senior Members
News From Around the North
Clinton SAREX
Inside this issue:
Squadron News
Safety Briefing
Upcoming Events &Calendar 
Squadron News(cont.)
News From Aroundthe North CentralRegion
The Happy MediumBetween OPSEC &Social Networking
September Special Open House
closer to attaining status asflight line supervisor.Cadet Staff Sergeant (C/SSgt)Kaleb White also participatedin the days' events on theground team that searchedEastern Iowa for the mobileELT, driven by senior mem-bers 2Lt Jessa Brace and LtMichael Irving.CLINTON IA The final SAREXof the fiscal year was held atthe Clinton, Iowa airport onSaturday September 12, 2009.CAP members from all aroundIowa gathered to participate inexercises which will ultimatelyhelp them to achieve their Emergency Services qualifica-tions so that they can respondif a plane goes down or a per-son goes missing.From the flight line to groundteams and air crews to missionstaff, members performedtasks to help locate missingpersons, ELTs and supportboth command staff and mis-sion crew in a variety of ways.Two of the Red Oak memberswere staffed on the flight linefor the day, working under flight line supervisor CindiWachholz of Algona, Iowa. "C/SrA Logan Taylor did an out-standing job marshalling theaircraft, being attentive to in-struction, maintaining proper courtesies and most impor-tantly keeping safety -front and center on theflight line," commentedLt. Wachholz of CadetSenior Airman Taylor.2Lt Jason Erickson alsoworked on the flight lineduring the SAREX, pro-gressing closer andribbon and shoulder cord.Senior member Jessa Bracewas recognized as havingcompleted all Level One re-quirements earning her a pro-motion to the rank of 2Lt andthe membership ribbon. Bracewas also recognized as havingearned Technician Rating andLeadership ribbon for her Ad-ministration specialty track andthe community service ribbon& one clasp for completing 150hours of community service.RED OAK IA The Red OakDetachment of the Civil Air Patrol hosted a special FallOpen House during its regu-larly scheduled cadet meetingnight on Tuesday September 29th. The event, held from6:30 to 8:30pm at the Red Oak Airport, featured a meet &greet time in the FBO as wellas a drill & ceremonies demon-stration conducted by CadetsKaleb White and Logan Taylor.
Lt. Col. Chilcote, Commander of the 072nd Des MoinesMetro Cadet Squadron, wasalso on hand for the evening'sactivities to present awardsand promotions as earned bymembers in recent months.Cadet Logan Taylor was rec-ognized as having reached Achievement Three, the MaryFeik Award, earning him apromotion to the rank of CadetSenior Airman (C/SrA). MaryFeik is is credited with becom-ing the first woman engineer inresearch and development inthe Air Technical Service Com-
mand‘s Engineering Division.
 Cadet Kaleb White was recog-nized as having achieved theWright Brothers Award, a mile-stone achievement that placeshim in Phase II, the LeadershipPhase. This award earnedhim a promotion to the rank of Cadet Staff Sergeant (C/SSgt). Orville and Wilbur Wright were the firstpeople credited withcontrolled, sustained,powered, heavier-than-air flight. Cadet Whitewas also recognized asserving on the Cadet Advisory Council whichallows him to wear theCadet Advisory Council
Safety Briefing
Allergies & Hay Fever
become red and itchy indi-cate which substances trig-ger a defensive (allergic)response by your immunesystem.Your doctor may also per-form a blood test to checkthe levels of antibodies pro-duced by the immune sys-tem. Elevated levels of cer-tain antibodies can identifyparticular allergies.
Why Do Some People OnlyGet Seasonal Allergies/HayFever?
Hay fever affects 10% to20% of the U.S. populationand is the most common al-lergic response in the coun-try. It is unknown why somepeople get allergies whileothers do not. However,there is some evidence tosuggest that hay fever andother types of allergies arehereditary (passed on fromparents to children). Peoplewho suffer from asthma or eczema are also more likelyto develop hay fever or per-ennial (year-round) allergicrhinitis.Read More www.webmd.com Seasonal allergic rhinitis,sometimes known as hayfever or simply allergies, isan allergic response to pollen(the male component of theplant reproductive system) or other microscopic sub-stances that are present onlyat certain times of the year. Allergic rhinitis can also beperennial (year-round).In the spring, pollinating treesare responsible for causingallergic rhinitis. Over thesummer, grasses and weedsproduce the pollen. And inthe fall weeds are mostly toblame, with ragweed beingthe main culprit. Allergicrhinitis can also be causedby mold releasing its repro-ductive cells, called spores,from late March until Novem-ber, usually peaking in latesummer and early fall.Perennial allergic rhinitis iscaused by agents that arepresent throughout the year,such as dust mites, mold,animal dander, and feathers.These irritants can be foundin pillows, down clothing,draperies, upholstery, thickcarpeting, and bedding.It is common for people to beallergic to more than onepollen or agent.
What Are the Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis?
In cases of allergic rhinitis,your body's immune systeminterprets the allergen(pollen, mold, dander, etc.)as an "invader" and respondsby releasing a chemicalcalled histamine into thebloodstream.Histamine causes inflamma-tion (swelling and redness) of the sinuses, nose, and mu-cus membranes of the eyesand triggers sneezing. Theswelling reaction is designedto block the allergen fromentering the body and sneez-ing is a method to expel it outof the body. Histamine alsoallows fluids to enter the na-sal tissue, resulting in con-gestion, itching, and a runnynose.People with allergic rhinitishave sudden sneezing, awatery nasal discharge, puffyeyes, and fatigue. Symptomscan occur at all stages of life,but most people developthem before reaching 30years of age.
How Do I Find Out WhatCauses My Allergies?
The season in which your allergies occur will narrowthe list of possible culprits.To pinpoint the cause, your doctor may perform a skintest to determine which sub-stances (allergens) cause areaction.The skin test involves placingextracts of potential allergensin a grid on your arm or back,and then pricking your skinso the extract can enter theouter layer of skin(epidermis). Those areas thatClickHERE 
to submit your answers to this month‘s Safety Briefing Questionnaire
Schedule of Events
6 October 
Cadet Meeting Aerospace EducationRed Oak, IA Airport1830-2030
10 October 
 Ames Fly In Ames, IA Municipal Airport
13 October 
Cadet MeetingPT & TestingRed Oak, IA Airport1830-2030
13 October 
Senior MeetingRed Oak, IA Airport1930-2030
14 October 
First Aid Class$35
MCMH Conference Rooms6:00-9:30pmPRE-REGISTRATION isREQUIRED!
20 October 
Cadet MeetingMoral Leadership, Drill & TestingRed Oak, IA Airport1830-2030
20 October 
Senior MeetingRed Oak, IA Airport1930-2030
29 October 
Cadet MeetingOpen House NightRed Oak, IA Airport1830-2030
30-31 October 
NCR Conf.Des Moines, IAto register,click here 
Ground Team or anything like
that, you‘ll need it.
 One last item
Registration willclose on October 17th for theNCR Conference so if you wantto go, be sure to register SOON! The $30 fee includesthe banquet Saturday night andthe workshops held during theconference. Hotel fees areseparate so please keep that inmind. As usual, be sure to keepchecking the calendar for any-thing new we might be posting. As of today we have receivedno interest for the October 10th Ames Fly In so the sign up hasbeen taken off the calendar. If you would still like to go on your own please do, there will be atable for recruiting but CAP willnot be doing any flight line mar-shalling or crowd control.
Don‘t forget to pre
-register for the October 14th First Aid classat MCMH. The cost is $35 andif you want to be certified for 
Upcoming Events
October 2009
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