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Pell City Squadron - Feb 2010

Pell City Squadron - Feb 2010

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Civil Air Patrol - Alabama Wing
Civil Air Patrol - Alabama Wing

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Civil Air Patrol - Unit Newsletters on Mar 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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 - 1 -
Pell City SquadronAlabama Wing
Civil Air Patrol
February 2010
Feb 4th Cadet meeting 1800-20305
Wing Conference (Hover Galleria)11th Cadet meeting 1800-2030Officers Meeting 1830-203018th Cadet meeting 1800-203025th Cadets and Officers Change of Command @ Community Center1800-203026
-27th SARX @ MDG
Commanders Corner:
This will be my last Commanders Corner for the118
. On Feb 25
we will have a change of command with both the cadets and the officers.Captain James Gosnell will assume command of the118
. This will conclude 3 years of mycommanding the 118
. It has been a constantlearning curve. I would like to thank the squadron
staff for all their help. Running Alabama’s most
alert squadron is not a job for one person. Withoutthe support of the staff we could not field oneground team or get one aircrew air borne. The wingES staff knows that a call to the 118
will get animmediate response. I would also like to thank thecadets and the officers for volunteering their timeand efforts to make this the premier squadron in theAlabama wing. During the last three years we haveseen the squadron grow with both cadets andofficers. We have seen one of our cadets achievethe highest award that CAP has to offer, the Spaatzaward. The cadets have progressed through theFTX (now WESS) training to become instructorsnot only with the Wing but also nationally at NESA.The officer ranks have also grown. Our squadron
received Alabama’s first 182T G1000 aircraft in
2006 and we operated that aircraft until February of 2009 when we received our current G1000 182T.During this time there has not been a month whenthe squadron was not able to fly the required hourson the aircraft. We have also improved ouroperations room at the airport so that is has becomea true asset to the Alabama wings E-services. InDecember the wing operated the first SAR from thecenter. I am proud to have served as the squadroncommander during this time of growth at the 118
.I know Captain Gosnell will continue this growthalong with making sure the squadron remains thewings premier composite squadron. I plan tocontinue to support the squadron as the squadronStan/Eval officer to help the squadron pilotsmaintain their readiness to deploy when tasked bythe wing. I hope you will continue to provide yoursupport for the 118
and for Captain Gosnell as hemakes the transition from Deputy Commander toCO.Capt. Chris IddinsSquadron Commander, 118
 - 2 -
First Lieutenant Ron Harlan
Safety Corner:
 Are you as good as you think you are?
That’s the
question Rod Macado of AOPA magazine asks of us in his most recent article. Rod relates how themission commander of Apollo 11 tells the lunarlanding crew members that they should not proceedwith landing if they have any doubts and, if theyabort, they will still be accorded the highest priorityto try it again. The commander did not want thecrew to feel unwarranted pressure to try toaccomplish a mission that would have a lowexpectation of success just because they had comethat far in the flight plan. Rod gives the example of a pilot who was trying to land in a strong crosswindand, on his third try, made it onto the ground only toperform a ground loop and substantially damage hisaircraft. Do pilots, in general, overrate their actual
abilities? Rod’s answer is..YES, th
ey do and themore competent the pilot, the more likely they areto feel that they are good to go for situations that
they shouldn’t be entering into.
 Do you have any shortcomings as a pilot? I know Ido. For example, I have a tendency to land too longwhen performing a no-
flaps landing. It doesn’t hurtme at PLR where we have a 5,000’ runway but, atWetumpka, with only 3,000’ and trees close to the
end of runway 27, my skills may be lacking. Howabout your skills on steep turns and slow flight?Can you meet the rigorous expectations of the PTSon all of the flight maneuvers? There is one goodway to find out and to improve on your skills if needed. That is to enlist one of our very well
qualified CFI’s on your next flight. Yes, you may
have to pay for the
aircraft costs but our CFI’s (and
we are blessed with several) will fly with you and
charge you…NOTHING! Try to find a deal like that
anywhere else in general aviation!OK, it seems like winter is not leaving us as soon asexpected so a reminder of cold weather operationsmay be a good thing. On our recent educationalsortie to Maxwell, where several of our squadronmembers participated in a weekend seminar oninstrument flying, one of the instructors, our ownChris Iddins, mentioned that putting a trouble lightunder the cowling and an army blanket on topadded over 30 degrees to the initial oil temperatureof our aircraft. In cold weather, that can be a life-saving 30 degrees. Please continue this practice aslong as the nighttime temperatures continue to fallinto the freezing levels! An elevated alert on IFRicing hazards is in order also. One of our flightcrews (yours truly, included) experienced this firsthand so be alert for all the weather signs and planaccordingly.It may seem weird to mention icing, cold weather,and thunderstorms all in the same article but this isAlabama, as you know. Before our March editionhits the streets, we will probably experience someweather involving thunderstorms. When the weathershifts, it can do so rapidly and with greatconsequences, so be fully aware of all theramifications.
Stay Safe! Ronald Harlan,Safety Officer/Squadron 118
 - 3 -
Cadets Page
After taking a big break during the month of December, the cadets are off and running inJanuary 2010. We have implemented areview board for promotions and haveaccepted applications for cadet staff for thecoming year. From Friday Jan 22
toSunday Jan. 24
, the WESS (WingEmergency Services School) was held. Wesent 10 people to WESS. There was oneGround Team Leader Trainee, twoAdvanced School students, one BasicSchool student and six staff members. PellCity is well represented at WESS.We also sent one member to STK (SatelliteTool Kit) training in Huntsville onWednesday Jan 27
. This training started at9:00 am and ended at 5:00pm. We used AGIsimulation software to mimic differentscenarios such as rogue aircraft fromHavana, Cuba headed to Cape Canaveral tofind out if there was an intercept time beforethe aircraft reached its target. This softwarecan also be used to build the ISS anddifferent kinds of spacecraft and give themdiffering capabilities. After building theequipment, the animation is set to see how itwill work or what modifications need to bemade. This class was limited to ninetrainees so we were fortunate to acquire aseat.The cadet side of Pell City is lookingforward to a busy and productive year.There are plans to participate in the AEXprogram again as well as start the rocketryprogram. We issue a standing invite to anyof our Senior Officers to visit with us. Wemeet every Thursday at 6:00 pm at theCommunity Center in Pell City. We look forward to seeing you there.Capt Cindy BennettAL-118 DCC

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