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Dr. Kiper Nelson

Dr. Kiper Nelson

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Published by AThaxton
Winter 2008 South Mississippi Scene Magazine www.smscene.com
Winter 2008 South Mississippi Scene Magazine www.smscene.com

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Published by: AThaxton on Nov 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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38• south mississippi scene
personalities: dr. kiper nelson
 Growing up in Yazoo City, on the edge of the Delta farmlands, Kiper Nelson dreamed early on of becoming a world class surgeon.
This motivated him to workhard, even in elementaryschool. By the time he finishedhigh school, as Valedictorian,he knew that his ideal surgicalcareer would enable him tohave an immediate impact onthe lives of others, so heplanned to attend medicalschool. Eschewing the usualdegree in pre-med, he followedin his father’s footsteps and gota Bachelors of Science degree inEngineering from theUniversity of Mississippi.While completing his engineer-ing degree Dr. Nelson earnedmembership in Tau Beta Pi, anexclusive engineering honorsociety.He was accepted to theUniversity of MississippiSchool of Medicine in Jacksonwhere he continued to studyhard, learning as much as hecould and deciding what surgi-cal specialty interested him themost. He also settled downdomestically, marrying hislong-time sweetheart, LauraLee Peaster.During the third and fourthyears of medical school, stu-dents “rotate” through the vari-ous medical specialties.LauraLee remembers that by the endof the first day of his ophthal-mology rotation, “Kiper knewhe had found his specialty; hewas really excited about eyesurgery.” She laughs, “It mayhave been because the instru-ment controls reminded him of his favorite arcade games from junior high! Seriously, though,Kiper had worn glasses or con-tacts for most of his life, so heknew first-hand that the abilityto help others to see well couldgreatly improve the quality of their lives.” He also realizedthat ophthalmology would givehim the opportunity to createmeaningful patient relation-
ships as well as to perform sur-gery that he so enjoys. Dr.Nelson says, “I guess it’s the engi-neer in me, but I can think of nothing more satisfying than totake an eye that is not workingand use some of the world’s mostadvanced technology to restorevision for my patients.”After the completion of medschool and his internship in Jackson, Dr. Nelson applied andwas accepted to the ophthalmolo-gy residency program at the pres-tigious Wake Forest Eye Center inWinston-Salem, North Carolina.Wake Forest Eye Center wasrecently named in the top ten clin-ical training programs for ophthal-mologists nationwide. Whilethere, under the instruction of Wake Forest’s skilled surgeonsand teachers, Dr. Nelson furtherhoned his surgical skills and start-edto focus his interest and effortsin the field of refractive cataractsurgery.During his residency Kiper andLaura Lee also began to practicetheir parenting skills, welcomingtheir two sons, Win and Thomas,who were born in Winston-Salem.The Nelsons enjoyed their time inNorth Carolina, forging strong bonds with fellow residents andtaking pleasure in the distinctchanges of seasons, but they soonrealized they missed their homestate of Mississippi and did notwant to be at such a great distancefrom family. “It’s important toLaura Lee and me that our chil-dren know their grandparents,”Dr. Nelson says. “And fourteenhour car trips with two tod-dlers…whew…that’s when youfeel too far away from home!” He began to look forward to returningto Mississippi after finishing atWake Forest in 2000. When heinterviewed with Dr. LynnMcMahan and the other doctors atSouthern Eye Center, he knewhe’d found an ideal match, withits well-earned reputation as astate-of-the-art cataract centeroffering the highest level of careand most advanced technologyavailable today.He is able to use his back-ground in science and engineeringto improve his surgical techniquesand calculate ways to help hispatients see better. In 2005, Dr.Nelson became convinced of theneed for a modern, high-techLasikcenter in the southern partof the state. His vision led to hisdevelopment of South
Mississippi’s only stand-aloneLasik center. After undergoingLasik himself, Dr. Nelson origi-nated a technique to examinethe Lasik patient, perform allthe necessary testing, and per-form the Lasik procedure all ina single office visit. This hasallowed most of his patients torealize the benefits of refractivesurgery while minimizing theirtime away from work and otherresponsibilities. Since theinception of Southern Eye LasikCenter, he and his fellowcataract surgeons have spear-headed a surgery practicewhich takes cataract surgery toa new level, not only helpingpatients to see better but also togreatly reduce their depend-ence on glasses or contacts aftertheir cataract surgery. Dr.Nelson has introduced to ourarea new lens implant technol-ogy such as the Crystalens,Restor lens, Toric lenses andlimbal relaxing incisions (forastigmatism), and the biopticsprocedure which combineslaser and cataract surgery toproduce the best possiblevision for cataract patients.“The marriage of new lensimplant technologies with ourcapabilities of fine tuningvision with Lasik has allowedus to offer our patients atSouthern Eye Center trulysuperior vision and a world-class experience that can not bematched anywhere,” explainsDr. Nelson.The past nine years have brought many changes toHattiesburg, to Southern EyeCenter, and to Dr. Nelson bothpersonally and professionally.The year 2001 brought twomajor accomplishments to hislife, his third child, daughterElla, was born and he was hon-ored by the Mississippi
“I feel very blessed to have found an occupation that I love; using the  skills God  gave me.” 
40• south mississippi scene
personalities: dr. kiper nelson

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