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Jeffco Squadron - Mar 2010

Jeffco Squadron - Mar 2010

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Civil Air Patrol - Colorado Wing
Civil Air Patrol - Colorado Wing

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Published by: Civil Air Patrol - Unit Newsletters on Mar 10, 2012
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Aerospace Education Featured inFebruary Squadron Meeting 
by Capt P.D. Sargen
 Aspecial category of Civil Air Patrol membership, Aerospace Education Membership, AEM, is open to any individual or organization that has an interest in Aerospace Education Program, especia
 y teachers.
Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport Broomfield, Colorado Vol. 3 No. 3 March, 2010Featured speaker for the February squadron meeting  wasCapt Gail Jergensen, COWG Aerospace O
cer. Jergensen is a member of Boulder CompositeSquadron and a special assistant to Lt Col RandallCarlson in AE’s Outreach program. He emphasizedthe importance of mentoring teachers in the field of aerospace education to enrich and augment one of Civil Air Patrol major roles.Teachers are especially welcome, and actively recruited.Civil Air Patrol’s aerospace curriculum andprograms support science, math, language arts,reading, history, and technology education whileproviding teachers an extraordinary way to teach.“Our interdisciplinary curriculum meets nationalcontent standards,” said Jergensen.CAP Aerospace Education provides top
flight age
appropriate educational resources for preschooland early childhood learners through the middle school and junior high school. Well illustrated,materials consist of activity books, art lessons from aerospace history, and thematic unit resourcepackets. They also include poster sets, bibliography and resource listings, and an index of relatedtopics.
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Capt Gail Jergensen, COWG/AE ExternalOutreach O
cer discusses AEM teaching materials.
   P   h  o   t  o   b  y  2   L   t   A  r   i   f   G  e  z  a   l  o  v
Know Your Leaders: Mike LinnMan of Many Talents
bySM Luc Moens
The start of a volunteer career in Civil Air Patrol is a time of great excitement and anticipation, bu
  newcomers o
en experience utter confusion when facing the complex maze of the CAP training syste
  and opportunities. As a new member of the PAO team, I have committed to write a series of interviews
ith exceptional senior members who are wi 
ing to share some of their wisdom and insight.
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Aside from the dedicated effort of theindividual volunteer members of a squadron,much of the success of a CAP mission hinges onthe e
ective use of thecommunication tools andinfrastructure thatsupport the aircrews,mission control, and theclass environment. 1st LtMichael Linn,Communications O
cerof the Je
co Squadron, iscurrently responsible forthe regular maintenanceand periodic upgrading of the communicationsystems and computernetwork in the SquadronO
ce.Mike joined CAP in 2005and has accumulatedconsiderable experience ina variety of functions within the Squadron. InNovember 2009, he was honored with a FindAward as a result of a successful ELT missionin which he acted as Mission Observer. “Mike was amazing,” said Lt Col Dick Sargent, who was the pilot on the sortie. “He just aimed hispersonal locator and all but ran to the ELT, which was in a plane locked in a hangar.”Mike’s hard work, dedication to his duties,and loyalty to the squadron earned him thetrust of Capt. JenniferKau
man, Je
coSquadronCommander, who recently appointed himas SquadronO
ce Manager.“This isimportant,” saidMike, “because we are trying tomake the o
ce a First ClassIncidentCommandCenter.”
When Ijoined thesquadron a few 
months ago, my first impression of 1st LtMichael Linn was that of a warm and easy-going personality whom I would want tohave as a best friend. But as I got to know
this “gentle giant” better, it became clear thatbehind his humble demeanor hides a hard
 working person with a “can
do” attitude, a 
In 2008, Col Ed Phelka presented a Communicatorof the Year Award to 1Lt Mike Linn for hisoutstanding contribution to Communications.
Photo by Capt P.D. Sargent
 great heart, and passion for his duties in CAP.
Luc: What attracted you to CAP, and whatmotivates you as a member?Mike:
I was in primary flight training when Iran into CAP members at the airport during anOpen House Day that I participated in. WhileI was flying, I developed a desire to have somepurpose for it, and I think I was just impressed with the CAP people whom I talked to. Whatkeeps me motivated in CAP is the professionaland educational level of the people I meet within CAP who want to give something backto society. That is a nice combination,professionalism and generosity. We tend to lookfor people with similar interests, and wesocialize in a number of di
erent ways. WithinCAP, I meet people who are fascinating, and Ithink of them as being of “a cut above.” Inaddition, there certainly is a fellowship among members of the aviation community.
Luc: As a newcomer I find it important tohave somewhat of a vision of how I can contribute to CAP, and how to choseamong the many professional tracks. Do you have any thoughts on how to make that choice?Mike:
You have to know that there is a di
erence between the Emergency ServicesSpecialty Tracks and the ProfessionalDevelopment track. People in our squadronsometimes talk about these twointerchangeably. In terms of the ES, I’mqualified as an Mission Sta 
Assistant, MissionRadio Operator, Mission Observer, MissionScanner, Communications Unit Leader, FlightLine Marshaller, Urban Direction Finder, and Ihave started a SQTR for Flight Line Supervisor.I do not know if I’ll complete that because itbecomes a challenge to keep all those thingscurrent. In my opinion, it’s almost too many todo that, simply because they need periodic re
certification. You need to practice and train inthem to stay proficient.However, within the ES that’s some of thebroad spectrum of the things you canparticipate in. Unfortunately, I’m one of thosepeople who always bites o
more than he canchew. Maybe it’s a little sign of ADD
 but I have interest in so many di
erent things,and not nearly enough time for all of them!My advice would be to check out all thosepositions, and to get the certifications andqualifications in ES, just so you have kind of a broad spectrum of what’s going on. You canthen narrow the focus in on specific things, which is what I’ve done in the arena of Communications.On the professional development side, I’m getting close to reaching the rank of Captain.But basically, the track that I’ve been following primarily is Communications. I have my Technician rating, and I think I have doneeverything to qualify for the Senior rating. Thathas been the main focus of my activities inCAP up to this point.I’m now turning over the position of Communications O
cer to the capable handsof Maj Lynn Newman, simply because I’ve donethis for four years, and I think I haveaccomplished what I set out to do. As thenewly appointed Squadron O
ce Manager and
1st Lt Mike Linn marshaling the flight line at a SAREX.
   P   h  o   t  o   b  y   C  a  p   t   P .   D .   S  a  r  g  e  n   t
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