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Observation and Innovation in Today

Observation and Innovation in Today

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Published by Muritala Adisa
Basic Criteria For Choosing Your Fashion Design School
Basic Criteria For Choosing Your Fashion Design School

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Published by: Muritala Adisa on Nov 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It’s a merging universe out there and fashion is no exception. Inventions,modification, observation and innovation in today’s technological world have notonly turned this world into a global village. Creativity and artistry combined withthis technological development has taken fashion and design to an unimaginablelevel.However, researchers in the field of fashion and design have becomeincreasingly worried and specifically concerned about the direction of their discipline. Their concern is not only with growing debates about the challenges of rigour and relevance as regards fashion and designing today, but about conflict andincommensurability across multiple paradigms.The emergence of the new millennium as if to announce her arrival openedanother page in fashion trend. Year 2007 specifically brought us the latest bleedingchic wrapped in a freshness that relies on revivalist interpretation and anappreciation for pythagogerean precision, pretty runway bundles. Prepackaged andready-made to be directed and disseminated in fashion institution all over theglobe. Academic writers took a critical view of fashion designers seeing them asspurious in their claims and trivial in their effect.That notwithstanding, fashion is indisputably and increasingly seen ashaving important consequences for changes in our world today with T-shirt asCanvas, aco-friendly design sewing together the cutting edge of fashion andactivism, retro-revival cadences injected into deconstructionist aesthetic, the Japanstreet scene getting crazy and blurring the lines between graphic designs, sciencefiction and vintage shopping. This is surely the decade libido lid flies completelyoff the fashion pot.The most interesting factor to note is the combination and diffusion of various fashion trends and its extension beyond geo-graphical boundariesrespectively. Talk of the trend in vogue, it is no more focused as the spread isserved from futurism to old-world romance. Sportswear makes its presence known

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