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5567 - MIS -Assignment # 1

5567 - MIS -Assignment # 1

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Published by umer bin abid
ALOU First Assignment
ALOU First Assignment

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: umer bin abid on Mar 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad,PakistanFor asistance call on 03005181376
Management Information System (5567)
Assignment # 01
mohsin Qayyum
What is the relationship between an organization and its information systems in Pakistan? Explainhow is this relationship changing over time?Spawning of New Business:
Information, I.T. and the resultant Information Revolution are giving birth to completely new industries inthree distinct ways:a.The Information Revolution makes new business technologically feasible. b.Information/I.T. also spawns new business by creating derived demand for new products.c.Information and Information Technology help create/spawn business within old ones.By enabling a firm to spawn a new business, information confers competitive advantage to the firm as it canoffer a bundle of goods/services.
"New Ways of Doing the Things" :
Information and I.T. facilitate evolution/development of new ways of doing old things differently. Thisdifference makes the difference and confers competitive advantage on a firm.In order to understand the specific use of information for competitive advantage we would consider the usesunder two types: -a.Functional Uses b.Strategic Uses.
a. Functional Uses
1.Information helps lower cost in any/all parts of "Value Chain". Value Chain is basically a system of interdependent activities which are connected by linkages. Information not only affects how individualactivities are performed, but through new information flows, it is also greatly enhancing a company's abilityto exploit linkages between activities, both within and outside the company.Competitive advantage is considered as a function of cost/value chain.2.Information and Information Systems help in:i. Facilitating product deliveryii Adding value to quality; and iii. Improving product qualityInformation helps transform the physical processing component of activities into information componentleading to value additionInformation bestows organizations with speed and ability to move quickly into the market, thereby givingthe organization the first mover's competitive advantage. It also enables organizations to command acompetitive premiumInformation helps organizations to enhance: i. Quality of their operations ii. Quality of their products iiiQuality of their servicesInformation can help simplify:i. Productsii. Product Processes iii Production Cycle TimeInformation helps organization Meet benchmarking standardsi Improve customer serviceImprove quality and precision of design and product
b. Strategic Uses
Information gives organizations new ways to out-perform their rivals.A firm can use four basic competitive strategies to deal with the competitiveforces1.Product differentiation2.Focused differentiation3.Developing right linkages to customers and suppliers4.Becoming a low-cost productA firm may/can achieve competitive advantage by pursuing one or more of these strategiessimultaneously.
 It is here where information helps an organization in gaining a competitive advantage
The new intensity of information makes it possible for more precise development of strategies, planning,forecasting and monitoring.
Information facilitates availability of extensive data, both internal and external, thereby facilitating a morecomprehensive analysis and adding value for/to: (i) Problem Solving (ii) Decision-Making.Information and I.T. help increase/improve an organization's abilities to co-ordinate its activities regionally,nationally and globally. This, in turn, helps unlock/unleash the powers of broader geographical scope to createcompetitive advantage.Information enables organizations to "Think Globally, Act Locally".Information yields strategic opportunities and enables change the rules of the competition very fast, almostovernight, and bestows competitive advantage.Information and I.T. (powerful computers, software and networks) help organizations become more flexible andresponsive; eliminate management layers, separate work from location and restructure work-flows, givingadditional competitive advantage to organizations.Information and I.T. help organizations acquire Strategic Flexibility. Strategic Flexibility is "a set of capabilities firmsuse to respond to various demands and opportunities that are a part of dynamic and uncertain competitive,environment".
MIS and Information Concepts
MIS should provide the information which has a surprise value and which reduces the uncertainty. It shouldsimultaneously build the knowledge base. While designing MIS, due regard should be given to thecommunication theory of transmitting the information from the sources of the destination. MIS should use theredundancy of data and information as a measure to control the error in communication
 Information is a quality product for organization
. The quality can be ensured if the inputs to the MIS arecontrolled on the factors of impartiality, validity, reliability, consistency and age. MIS should give regard tothe information used for planning, performance control and knowledge database.Recognizing that the information may be misused if it falls into wrong hands, the MIS design should havethe features of filtering, blocking, suppressions and delay delivery.

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