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Tech Trends Lesson Plan: Working With Evernote

Tech Trends Lesson Plan: Working With Evernote

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Published by nathankieffer
A lesson on Evernote for 8th grade computers.
A lesson on Evernote for 8th grade computers.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: nathankieffer on Mar 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name of Lesson: Working With Evernote
Grade Level:
Prepared by:
Nathan Kieffer
Overview and Purpose:
The purpose of this lesson is to learn to useEvernoteas a tool in step 2 of theBig 6: Information Seeking Strategies. The students have already had a unit on step one of the Big6: Task Definition. They already have assigned groups from step 1. The focus of this lessonis to learn the basics of working with Evernote including creating notebooks, creating notes,and sharing notebooks. Evernote will be used in subsequent lessons in which we continueworking with the Big 6.
Educational Standards (ISTE NETS-S)
2a Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing avariety of digital environments and media
3a Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use informationfrom a variety of sources and media
4a Plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a project
5a Advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information andtechnology
6a Understand and use technology systems
Specify skills/information that will be learned 
(Comprehension Level) Explain 5 ways that they could use Evernote in school.
(Application Level) Set up an Evernote account.
(Application Level) Use Evernote to create a seperate notebook for each sub-topic of your research topic.
(Application Level) Use Evernote to create notes inside notebooks.
(Application Level) Use Evernote to share your sub-topic notebooks with members of your group and your teacher and to view notebooks that have been shared with them.
Materials Needed:
Computer Lab
Projector and screen
Access to a computer, smart phone, or tablet device for the homework assignment.
an Evernote account
Give and/or demonstration necessary information
Explain that the students will be learning to use Evernote. Direct them to readthrough the information on the Evernote websitehttp :// www .evernote .com
 / evernote /. Display this website on the screen.
Elicit from the students ways that Evernote could be used as a research aid. Focustheir attention on using Evernote to collect, categorize and share information withcollaborators on a project.
Have students read through the Evernote Terms of Useand Privacy Policy.
Have students set up an Evernote account. This step should be straight forward asmost of the students have signed up for web based services already. Circulatearound classroom and give assistance where needed.
Direct students to discover how to create a new Notebook. Name the notebook asfollows:
Evernote Privacy Policy and Terms of Service-<student’s email username>
Evernote Privacy Policy and Terms of Service-pete2345They are free to use any resource at their disposal to complete steps 5-10 (Google,friends, help menu). Monitor class for difficulties with these steps. Demonstrate stepsusing the projector as needed.
Direct the students to discover how to edit notes using the Evernote editor. Monitorclass for difficulties with this step.
Direct the students to add a new note to the notebook they created. This note willhave the title “Terms of Service”. In this note they are to create 2 bullet lists. Thefirst list will include 5 activities that are permitted by the Terms of Service and 5activities that are prohibited.
Direct the students to add a second new note to their notebook called “PrivacyPolicy.” In this note they are to summarize the privacy policy regarding 3 topics:Personal and private identity information, aggregate data, sharing of data with thirdparties. This is review from previous lessons on these topics.
Direct the students to create a third note called “How I Can Use Evernote.” In thisnote they are to write out 5 ideas of ways they could use Evernote in school.
Direct students to discover how to share the notebook with the teacher’s Evernoteaccount. I will provide them with the relevant account information. Monitor class fordifficulties on this step and intervene when necessary.
Demonstrate with projector how to view notebooks that have been shared with youby others.
Steps to check for student understanding
Check my Evernote account for notebooks shared by students.
Check that each notebook has 3 notes.
Check content of notes against privacy policy and terms of service.
Check that they include 5 usage ideas based on the discussion in step 2 of information above.
Describe activity that will reinforce the lesson

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