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Lewis County Squadron - Feb 2009

Lewis County Squadron - Feb 2009

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Civil Air Patrol - Washington Wing
Civil Air Patrol - Washington Wing

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Civil Air Patrol - Unit Newsletters on Mar 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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 February Issue 2009
PCR PCR PCR PCR- --WAWAWAWA- --110 110 110 110 
Inside this issue:
 March Birthdays 3Websites of Interest 4Upcoming Events 4
C/2d Lt Jonathan Shea
Published by Lewis Co. Sq., CAPPO Box 56Chehalis, WA 98532Editor: 1st Lt Ruth A. Peterson
On February 7th, sixteen members of the Lewis County Composite Squadronascended into mountains of east Lewis County to the Or Creek Snow Park, to partici- pate in winter SAR training with the Lewis county SAR council.The first class on the agenda was the fire building course, taught by Tadd Pilz of theMossyrock SAR team. Trainees were shown how to use a metal match (a magnesiumstick that is shaved into fine bits, and then ignited). Cadets were also introduced to themarvelous cotton ball/petroleum jelly fire starter, lint, fire sticks, and many more.Lastly, they learned about fire trenches, and other ways to increase oxygen flow under and around a fire.After a successful fire had been lit, Gabe Frase, a deputy for the county, and a SAR coordinator in training, walked us through how to assemble a winter pack. He talkedabout having multiple layers of clothing on your person, to protect and insulate fromthe elements. Space Blankets, area maps, water, a few days worth of food, and firestarter were just a few of the essential items that were recommended for a winter pack.One of the most informative sessions during the day wasavalanche awareness training taught by Terry Williams,President of the Lewis County SAR council. SAR per-sonnel learned about how avalanches are started, snowconditions that lead to avalanches, and what to do if you areever caught in one. After we had learned this information, wewere taught how locate a person caught in an avalanche, usinglong poles that are used to probe the snow for the person under-neath. Cadets also got an introduction to personal location de-vices (comparable to a PELT) that send an audible signal to another device, creating another method of finding the buried person.
Here are a few Avalanche tips:
If your partner gets buried, you don't have time to gofor help! You must save your partner...if you go for helpit will be too late!
Yell to alert your partners and other people that may bein the area. Watch the victim! Memorize the last seen point.
Make sure it is safe to search. Don't become a victimyourself.
Designate a leader and quickly develop a search plan.
Look for surface clues like gloves, boots, and other equipment.
Conduct a beacon search. Get close and
probe BE-FORE you dig
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Volume V, Issue 2
 Drug Free and  Proud!
 Many buried victims die of asphyxiation within 15 minutes unless they are wearing an Avalung.
Your partner's survival is in your hands.
 It is critical to attend an avalanche class to learn how to carry out a fast and effec-tive rescue.
Frequently practice using your beacon and practice carrying out a rescue before you're faced with the real thing!
One highlight of the day that thecadets enjoyed was lunch,which consisted of MREs(meals ready to eat). The cadetshad the opportunity to showSAR council members how to prepare and Meal Ready to Eat(MRE). They showed how themeals could be heated by “justadding water” to a chemical pack included with the meal.Once the meals had been bro-ken open, an open trading mar-ket ensued, with cadets barter-ing and exchanging portions of the MRE package for “preciouscommodities” which included oatmeal cookies, spiced apples (side dish), cheese spread, brownies, and anything else deemed “valuable”. It was decided that the favorite mainmeal was Chili Mac.After lunch, cadets and seniors strapped on magnesium snowshoes, and practiced movingthrough the woods. After a few falls, and some loose binding issues, we set out on our “new-found feet” toward the hot springs,located approximately one mile from thesnow park. It was great practice for thecadets, and a ton of fun! After realizingthat we would not be able to reach the hotsprings due to river conditions, we took the “scenic” route back toward base camp.Gene Sieber also gave attendees an over-view on the new Artic Cat snow machinethat the sheriff’s office has recently putinto service. After that briefing and ques-tion and answer period, the group went onto get in some stokes training and patient packaging. They strapped Cadet Cooper Thompson in the stokes and practiced car-rying him around the parking lot. Each
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Volume V, Issue 2
C/SrAmn Missy Hail SM Michael Peterson
Cadet Ginger Rivers C/SrAmn Cheyenne Sibitzky 
March Birthdays
cadet had the opportunity to rotate positionsand learn each job.Overall the training day in the snow was a suc-cess. The cadets went home with knowledge of snow survival, and they made new friendswithin the Lewis County SAR council. An-other sign that it was a success was that all thecadets were asleep before we got out of themountains. The next SAR council training will be held in the summer months and we shouldall be looking forward to be part of it.Thanks to all the cadets who attended and par-ticipated. You did an outstanding job repre-senting the squadron.110%!
REMEMBER TO ADD THE2009 SAR CONFERENCETO YOUR CALENDAR.emergency servicesclasses and fun arescheduled for theweekend ofMay 15-17, 2009There probably won’tbe great opportunity like this for anotherfour years. We alsoneed cadets forset-up the weekendbefore.

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