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New Timers

New Timers

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Published by Alvin Sugar
Creation of legalized and safe transportation of the elderly between rush hours. Signs proclaiming to "share the road with bikers" do not work - and appear to stimulate aggression by auto drivers.
Creation of legalized and safe transportation of the elderly between rush hours. Signs proclaiming to "share the road with bikers" do not work - and appear to stimulate aggression by auto drivers.

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Published by: Alvin Sugar on Mar 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Texas Newtimer Club
Let's enjoy the Mayan “End of Time” with a fresh positive outlook for the future passage of  Nibibru through our solar system. Yes, it will trigger disasters, but they will be tame compared to thedisasters we the people of Earth created by fueling tyrannical governments; by not abiding to enforce our Constitutional (God given) rights. My engineering stimulation is that “End of Time” means Earth'srotation will be effected; and that I should be selling adjustable sundials to compensate the event.[And if I am wrong, and not a surviver, I hope to confuse something/somebody, that may pry my wrist“trinket” (watch) from my cold and icy wrist.]Financial chaos should occur in 2012; due to excessive strain on systems that only concentrate onthe
of the wealthy. So it is time that we should look after ourselves, the elderly, with a system of  personal transportation that will be deeply rooted in the concept of survival, and reduction of bondage.Prominence, property, and debt are the modern chains of subtle slavery, with licensing a technique of stricter containment. Any attempt to loosen our bondage usually has authoritarians pointing fingers andshouting “anarchism! These criminals wish to destroy our way of life!”Interestingly Congress enacted HR 549 to help green up America with NEVs. Today it has beengrossly modified to disturb the owners of golf carts, and Government supported NEVs with new taxationsand rules to damage the “good intentions,” business as usual. Golf carts to become LSV (low velocityvehicles), by proclamation instead of deed. Abraham Lincoln's distorted technology of creating financial penalty's for non conformists; to be applied onto the publics unprotected poor (that can least afford it).Carrollton Texas elevation is 540 feet MSL. It is located 200 miles from the sea. The Tennesseefault line is 20 miles away. And there is no calderas, or volcanoes within 1000 miles. This translates to a pretty safe area, with the excellent prospect of recovery from an obnoxious natural disaster.We the senior citizens of Carrollton should develop the maturity necessary to encourage survival.We senior citizens happens to be the majority, and
should create a personal transportation system thatis more realistic for mankind, instead of following the pressure of our typical marketing programs that areengineered to gratify wealthy children. Everything in our universe has limits; other then our minds.Fickle humans attempt to believe perfection is open ended, and thus pursue ridiculous impossible dreamsthat we title as evolution. Evolving machinery while degenerating the human animal is stupidity; whileforcing the elderly to drive
with the more adventurous fearless youth is brainwashedfoolishness. Us older Texans have to logically evolve, and assert realism onto our Constitutional Right of Passage so as to safely navigate within our local community of Carrollton, lowering our city's corporateexpenditure, while giving freedom to us retired individuals to scoot about between rush hours using 1930traffic controls/laws on a time share basis. Making available selected cross streets dedicated to 15 mphtraffic (per Texas regulations for unlicensed LSV mobility scooters) would permit slower vehicles toenjoy inexpensive personal transportation safely; while encouraging more bike and mobility scooters to be used by senior citizens to get about for a 7 mile range. Due to our moderate climate, exposure to theelements for 15 minutes is not enough discomfort while the motion through air is more refreshing thensitting around in stagnant air waiting for a bus; that requires a lot more circulating capitol to operate; andtransit time still averages about 15 mph. So we have to put fear behind us and be a bit adventurous, tohave a more secure grip on life. Wisdom means we should follow civil law while recognizing our language, and the proper intent. A speed limit means a peak velocity i.e. not to be exceeded. When I do1
15 mph in a 30 mph limit, I am totally legal; whereas, those drivers pushing 35 mph are “criminals.” Thisis the mature attitude I am attempting to establish in a Senior Citizen environment.I have been racing bikes since I was 18, off and on, until age 65. With the Blue Bonnet cycle clubI was a lead rider for newbies, and ladies. Most of my competition was against myself in scoring. I wasstrong in duration, but a bit slower then the fresh youngsters. Thank goodness I am a conservative, andenjoy accomplishing tasks to the best of my ability; without concern for more trophies. This is an attitudeI am hoping to stimulate with the Newtimers because too many years have passed with us elderly beingforced (at high expense), to be competitive to the younger generation. Why, as a majority, we willinglygive up our rights, and accept mediocrity and abuse by being forced into second class citizenry in anurban environment; and not be supported in our right of passage for individuals - instead of by massivemachinery. Sepulveda California was laid out with bike trails throughout the city, and this alternate trafficwas used by all kinds of folks until the world became infested with SUVs. My concern is to break free of the current scare tactic, and install time share traffic in Carrollton Texas to encourage school kids, andsenior citizens, to ride regular bikes for transportation safely, and to give seniors that have handicaps ameans to travel.Because of “education” traffic signs that say “bike lane,” or “share the road with bikes,” justdon't work; but stimulate instead aggressive driver behavior - as viewed by my experiences. Time sharemeans we take certain cross streets like McCoy, Jackson, Scott Mill, etc. and make them 15 mph limits between rush hours. This would take the pressure off those of us that would use a bike or mobility scooter to enjoy our freedom to shop without depending on being chauffeured about. This would also improvethe economy of Carrollton, while being a improvement to the quality of life for us senior citizens.Hopefully, Nibiru will teach us some of the wisdom of the Ancients, who concentrated onsurvival. I am certain the Mayan architecture, and Egyptian pyramids will still be intact after Nibiru passes, and live on for the next orbit; but I cannot say the same about modern structures. Man is meat, bone, and connective tissue. Nature designed him to travel at 12 mph average, with a peak velocity of 20mph. After 20 million years evolving mentally; our bodies have degraded to the point that we are now theweakest critter (by the pound) on this planet; and it appears we have childishly developed machines thatare designed to damage us sociologically. If one wants to travel in excess of 200 miles distant, one shouldtake a train, or an airplane. When one arrives at destination, and if wheels are needed – rent them. Havingcompetitive racing vehicles for highway transits in excess of 45 mph; with all the modern distractionscalled luxury; is ludicrous. This is the fault of our educational system, with its concentration onknowledge instead of wisdom; that creates damaging brainwashing to the individual so as to make himsearch for more knowledge, with greed a dominating factor; that common sense should overrule.Wisdom, patience, logic, have all been destroyed by modern education with its demand for immediate gratification. Hurry up to wait, now is the modern slogan. Why roast at a buss stop for 30minutes, when in 15 minutes you could be at a typical destination, and more comfy because of air circulation.Our first psychological problem is to eliminate the immature question of “how fast will your scooter go?”Seniors walk about 2 mph. Typical scooters move at 4 mph, pedal bikes and trikes up to 8 mph, the largeAmiga scooter does 10 mph, and Freedom, that I am riding, does 22 mph - that has a cruise control that Iset to limit speed at 22 kph for 15 mph. Time is the real issue, and not velocity! When I was able, I wouldwalk to the Senior Center, meaning 24 minutes of exercise. As my handicap progressed, I tried biking to2
the Senior center, and that took 12 minutes. My Electric bike was down to 8 minutes, and freedom takes 6minutes (no sidewalks though, because in Carrollton they generally are bad news for a trike). EnjoyingClint Eastwood's attitude “A man should know his limitations,” may be disturbing, but is a valid realitywhen facing survival situations that should be free of fear and ego. LSVs are the future with Britain building villages for scooter traffic following the American Amish, but modernized. Europe has manyvillages that ladies scurry about riding personal LSVs. India has solar powered scooters that can handletheir typical 9 mph traffic. Lets face facts, and the day of cheap gas and fuel sucking muscle cars are over,and it is about time we loosen the brain muscles, and dive into our future with common sense, andrealistic goals, instead of spiritual assistance of 250 hp automobiles that travel at 15 mph during rush hour  because of overcrowding. Remember one important fact: throughout history, those of us that do not useour rights will be the first to lose them! To date I have explored up to 10 miles of my environmentenjoying feeding ducks, kids at play, checking out my old flying fields, etc. By my definition, this isfreedom! Hope more will join me to gain leverage on Time Share Traffic, and add growth to the Newtimers..Comfort level:1.Sitting stationary in 85 degree weather is un-comfy; whereas moving at 5 mph equals air conditioning.2.65 degrees; and a jacket is wise.3.55 degrees add a scarf to a good jacket and gloves.4.Below 55 degrees; full dress of overcoat and above.5.Below 50 degrees and over 100 degrees; stay home!
More constructive information:
 In the U.S., the preferred term is NEV. In the U.S., LSVs can be powered by gasoline. In Canada,LSVs can only be electric. For the purposes of this page, I will use the term NEV most of the time, as theE for electric is visible in the acronym. In some U.S. states, electric Medium Speed Vehicles are alsoincluded in the NEV category (speeds up to 35 mph permitted). NEV is not synonymous with electric car. There are many electric cars which are capable of traveling at highway speeds, while NEVs are limited by law to lower speeds (typically 25 or 35 mph,depending on the state, or 40 km/h in those few Canadian jurisdictions that have joined the 21st century by acknowledging the vehicle classification exists.)The NEV has a number of advantages that we think will contribute to their growing popularity. NEVs do not use gasoline or diesel fuel, which has environmental and energy security benefits. NEVshave an enviable safety record, because of their restricted maximum speed and corresponding areas of use. As a result of this safety record, NEVs get very favorable insurance rates. Using an NEV to run shorttrips reduces wear and tear on a highway-capable gasoline vehicle, which is the usual alternative, whichextends the live and value of that vehicle. NEVs are quiet, which is a great thing in residential and urbanareas where they tend to be used. Not all U.S. states have embraced the NEV yet, there are still 4 or 5 hold-outs. In Canada, thesituation is reversed, and only 3 or 4 jurisdictions have accommodated NEVs at all. (It's unclear whatManitoba's stance is on the subject.) In British Columbia, LSVs must essentially be legalized one3

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