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A Lifetime Experience - Update

A Lifetime Experience - Update

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Published by Marcus Henry
This is a revised version of a previous lesson I uploaded for low-mid level ESL students, with "travel" and "holidays" as the main topics. Now includes a supplementary "mini-lesson" as well as more detailed notes on the lesson plan.
This is a revised version of a previous lesson I uploaded for low-mid level ESL students, with "travel" and "holidays" as the main topics. Now includes a supplementary "mini-lesson" as well as more detailed notes on the lesson plan.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Marcus Henry on Mar 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Lifetime Experience
Look at the photo. Is this your idea of a perfect holiday?Where do you think this is?
Read the first paragraph of the article. Is the writer going totalk about cheap or expensive travel experiences?
Read the rest of the article. Put a heading in each gap.
Stay over-water on an islandTake a cruise to AntarcticaDo a five-star safariParty like a millionaire in Moscow
Match the highlighted phrases with their meanings:
a strong snow storm will come
halfway between two extremes
a good idea to keep money in the bank for (this)
making your wishes come true
visiting other countries with a limited amount of money
have an exciting time 
all know that ¹ travelling on a budget is a good way to see the world. But what arewe missing? Here, our travel writer looks at some amazing experiences that will cost you a lotmore than backpacking, but are definitely ² worth saving for.
There are two ways to travel in Africa - on a tight budget, or in luxury. There is really no
middle ground.I've tried both ways now. Pitching my own tent and cooking my own dinner was a great experience.However, being driven around a private game reserve by guides and then returning to a bungalow for achef-prepared dinner was incredible.
It is one of the most unfriendly places of earth. Rarely visited by humans. A land of icebergs and mountainsand hundreds of thousands of penguins. It costs a lot to get there (about $10,000 per person), and there'severy chance
you'll be hit by a howling blizzard, but I'd do it tomorrow.
The hotels are very expensive, the food is expensive, and the drinks are expensive. But if, for one night,you really want to
go wild and pretend you're rich and famous, then this is the place to do it. Wear fancy clothes, go to a nightclub, order a whole bottle of vodka, and see where the night takes you.
This is
living the dream. Step onto your wooden balcony, and what do you see? The pale blue ocean,everywhere. Jump over the railing and you're in it, swimming around with all the little fishes. Or just sit there with a cocktail and stare. You can do this in the Maldives or in Tahiti. It's going to cost you, of course,but that's the last thing you'll be thinking about.
Which experience do you most want to try? Why?
 Adapted from:
Listen and underline the syllable with the mainstress in these words (e.g. luxury):destinationphrasebooktuxedococktailfavouritesouvenir reservationincredible
Interview your partner with the questionnaire. Ask for more information.
Work out your travel type using these scores:
For every A = 4 points
For every B = 3 points
For every C = 2 points
For every D = 1 point
Check your results (below) and discuss.Do you agree with your results?
What is your idea of a dream holiday?
 Your Travel Type:
35 – 40 points:Congratulations, you are a 'Luxury' Traveller!When you go on holiday, you don't want to worry or think aboutanything. Money is no problem because you want to enjoy the bestof what a destination has to offer.25 – 34 points:Congratulations, you are an 'Adventure' Traveller!You try to see and do as much as possible wherever you go. Youlike learning new things, trying new experiences and seeing newdestinations.12 – 24 points:Congratulations, you are a 'Comfort' Traveller! An annual week-long vacation is enough for you. You stay in your favourite chain hotel when you travel, love to see food from homeon the menu and enjoy holidaying with friends and family.Less than 12 points:Congratulations, you are a 'Safe' Traveller!You like staying close to home. When you do travel, you like to staywith friends and family. You prefer travelling by car, always bring thefamily pet along with you and usually only eat out once or twice.
What kind of traveller are you?
Take our quiz to find out
1. What is your usual travel budget?
 A) The sky is the limit
B) $2,000 to $4,000
C) $1,000 to $2,000
D) Less than $1,000
2. What is your dream destination?
 A) Paris
B) Machu Picchu
C) Hawaii
D) Your parent's house
3. Which vacation would you choose first?
 A) A week in the Maldives
B) Trekking in Thailand
C) A package tour 
D) A week at your cousin's house
4. What do you usually take with you?
 A) Your tuxedo or cocktail dress
B) Your phrasebook
C) Your Thermos mug
D) Your own soap
5. What is your idea of a wild adventure?
 A) Hot air ballooning
B) Bungee jumping
C) Playing a round of golf 
D) Having a barbecue
6. When you travel, where do you like to stay?
 A) At the most expensive hotel in town
B) At a local inn
C) At a Sheraton
D) With friends
7. How do you prefer to book your travel?
 A) With your favourite travel agent
B) After months of research
C) Online
D) According to the season
8. What souvenirs do you usually buy?
 A) Jewellery
B) A painting by a local artist
C) A T-shirt with the destination written on the front
D) A bumper sticker 
9. What is your idea of the perfect vacation?
 A) Totally relaxing
B) Meeting interesting people
C) Eating your favourite food
D) Having fun and it costs you next to nothing
10. What's the last thing you do before returning?
 A) Have a spa bath
B) Take a walk to see if you missed anything
C) Make reservations to return again next year 
D) Give your host a thank you gift
= British English
= American English
What do you like to do on your holidays? Write a value of 1 (boring) to 10(I love it) for the following activities and say why. Are there any others? Discuss.
ActivityHow good is it?Why?
ShoppingEating outSunbathingSightseeingWatching TVHikingGoing to bars or nightclubsSwimming/Diving
What's the past simple of these verbs? Are they regular or irregular?
 be ________go ________rent ________swim _______watch ________sunbathe _________make _________ drink _______
Repeat the sentences.
We booked a holiday.We walked to the hotel.We sunbathed.We argued all day.We rented a houseWe decided to go to Sweden.
How do you pronounce the past simple of these verbs?
 A memorable holiday 
Complete these questions and ask a partner about a holiday they remember well.
Where / go? When?/ have good weather?Who / go with?What / do during the day?How / get there?What / do at night?Where / stay?/ have a good time?How long / be / there?/ have any problems?
 Adapted from Unit 2A in New English File, Pre-Intermediate, Clive Oxenden and Christina Latham-Koenig, Oxford University Press, 2005)

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