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Rephrase - Mastering Rephrasing - 50 Sentences Set

Rephrase - Mastering Rephrasing - 50 Sentences Set

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Published by Silvia Anghelescu
50 rephrase exercises
50 rephrase exercises

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Published by: Silvia Anghelescu on Mar 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rephrase as requested!
1.- It is not necessary for you to wait. You wait if you don't want to.2.- The teacher did not let us go out.The teacher
us inside.3.- It is said that the robbers are in this area.The robbers to be in this area.4.-Do I really need to go with you?Is it necessary with you?5.- The police showed us photographs of the criminal. We photographs of the criminal by the police.6.- They pay him $200 to do this job.He $200 to do this job.7.- You cannot park here. You are park here.8.- You don´t have to do the washing-up if you don´t want to. You need if you don't want to.9.- He watches Tv whenever he likes.He watches TV at10.- My parents made us go to bed early.My parents didn´t till late1. In Japan you aren´t supposed to eat food as you walk down the street.In Japan You had food as you walk down the street.2. It was a mistake for me to spend so much money on records.I should so much money on records.
3. Is it necessary for me to pay for my ticket now?Do I for my ticket now?4. Please tell me how much luggage you let me take on the plane.Can you tell me how much luggage I am
the plane.5. It isn´t possible that her car has broken down again.Her car down again.6. If you have a reserved seat it isn´t necessary to stand on the train. You don't on the train if you have a reserved seat.7. I´m sure that you made a mistake when you added up the total. You a mistake when you added up the total.8. Can you manage to get to the airport at 6.30 a.m.? Will you to the airport at 6.30 a.m.?9. Why did you travel first class? It wasn´t necessary, you know. You first class.10. The ticket inspector didn´t let us go onto the platform. We onto the platform.1. Do you think I could borrow your exhibition catalogue?(mind) Would borrow your exhibition catalogue?2. Paddy is pleased he is going to visit the Van Gogh museum.(looking) Paddy is visiting the Van Gogh museum.3. Jane regrets leaving school at 16.(wishes) Jane school at 16.
4. “You cheated in the exam, didn´t you, Neil?” said the college principal.
 (accused) The college principal
the exam.5. He has stopped smoking.
(longer) He
 6. There´s no point in doing those intelligence tests because they´re out-of-date.(worth) Those intelligence tests aren't because they're out-of-date.7. They are sorry they didn´t listen to the psychiatrist.(regret) They to the psychiatrist.8. The teacher looked so funny I had to laugh at him.(help) The teacher looked so funny I at him.
9. “I´d buy a Japanese computer if I were you, Gill,” said Tom.
 (advised) Tom Japanese computer.
10. “Shall I help you with the experiment, professor?” said Ken.
 (offered) Ken the professor with the experiment.1. Don´t wash the dog before we go for a walk: it´s pointless!(worth) It is the dog before we go for a walk.
2. “Why don´t we go to the zoo?” said Gwen.
 (suggested) Gwen to the zoo. (use only 3 words)3. We must protect endangered animal species before it is too late.(need) Endangered animal species before it is to late.4. The other actors objected to working with her because she always forgot her words.(refused) If she had remembered her words, the other actors with her.5. She wears dark glasses so that the sun won´t hurt her eyes.(prevent) She wears dark glasses her eyes.6. Don´t blame me if the car won´t start.(my) It the car won't start.7. Remember to take some extra money with you. It could be useful.(better) I think you some extra money with you. It could be useful.

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