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On the Edge of Time and Sin-V3.0

On the Edge of Time and Sin-V3.0

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Published by David Sherr
Pilot Episode for Summer Production
Pilot Episode for Summer Production

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Published by: David Sherr on Mar 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TIME DISPLACED ON THE EDGE OF SINV3.0Written byDavid M. Sherr95 Dublin Drive Pleasant Hill, CA 94523925-788-6076Dmsherr@gmail.com (c) Copyright 2011, David M. Sherr6/13/2011
VOICE OVERAt the speed of lightThe faithful departed goFar from sin to be(Ryan Bagnulo, 5/10/11)EXT. GENEVA SOLAR ECLIPSE SUNRISEGRAPHICJanuary 4, 2011 7:51AM Central European TimeAppearing is an eclipse just before completion.NICK (O.C.)This is Nicholas Jude, The TechnoDude streaming time displaced OnThe Edge exploring the emergingtrends in technology and business.We are about to witness an historicexperiment in time shifting. FamedBerkeley Futurist, PaulosLesbonopolos, is at the LargeHadron Collider in CERNSwitzerland.Hello, Paulos!INT. CERN, GENEVA SWITZERLAND SUNRISEGRAPHICPanorama of Alps and Lake Geneva are in the background,switches to the Large Hadron Collider.PAULOSHello, Nick. Thanks for having me.Hold on, I am just about toinitiate the Time ShiftingExperiment.INSETNICK in his On The Edge studio in a split window to the rightof Paulos’ window.PAULOS (CONT'D)Counting down on my watch.Follow on your watch that wesynchronized with mine before Ileft you last week.Time Displaced On The Edge of Sin1.(c) Copyright 2011 David M. Sherrv3.06/13/2011
PAULOS is standing by the CONTROL PANEL/BETA PARTICLE MONITOR within inset screen next to NICK On The Edge Show. PAULOS islooking at his POCKET WATCH reading 7:51 as his hand is onthe control dial. NICK is also holding and looking at hisPOCKET WATCH which reads 10:51 and is a twin of PAULOS’.PAULOS (CONT’D)10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..0On cue from the second hand on “XII” PAULOS turns the ENERGYDIAL counterclockwise and a low-pitched hum grows in volumeas he dials.EXT. GENEVA SOLAR ECLIPSE 7:52AMCET SUNRISEThe Sun goes into total eclipse.INT. CERN, GENEVA SWITZERLAND LARGE HADRON COLLIDER SUNRISEAt the moment of the total eclipse, the hum crescendoes, theBETA PARTICLE MONITOR pins to the maximum level. A huge“POP!” A particle vapor trail shoots from Collider into hisPOCKET WATCH. All goes black except for PAULOS’ astonishedface with palms on his cheeks (The Scream) surrounded by aviolet aura disappearing into a fading swirling ochre vortexof a time warp within the face of his WATCH.EXT. HILLSIDE FRONT OF MOUNT OLYMPOS, A FIELD WITH HERD OFGOATS SUNRISEGOATHERD is watching eclipse of Sun. Suddenly, PAULOS appearsin front of him, surrounded by the aura of the time warp andholding the POCKET WATCH.Looking astonished, GOATHERD drops his STAFF and falls downin a prone worshipping pose, thinking him divine.As the aura dissipates, PAULOS looks puzzled, then he looksaround and espies Mt. Olympos.Turning with a knowing smile, reading 7:52, he puts hisPOCKET WATCH back in his vest pocket and then reassuringlyhelps the trembling GOATHERD to his feet.PAULOS(Muttering to himself)Mt. Olympos, isle of Lesbos!Now I know where I am. Just needto know when I am.Time Displaced On The Edge of Sin2.(c) Copyright 2011 David M. Sherrv3.06/13/2011

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