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Algebra Question Paper for Board Exam 3

Algebra Question Paper for Board Exam 3

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: AMIN BUHARI ABDUL KHADER on Mar 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 www.omtexclasses.comQ1. Attempt any six of the following sub
from the following A.P. 4, 9, 14, ………
Find the values of a, b, c for the following quadratic eqution by comparing with standard form..iii.
Say whether it is quadratic or not. .iv.
If the value of the determinant is 31, findv.
What is the equation of X
axis and Y
For a certain frequency distribution, Median = 156 and Mode = 180 obtain value of mean approximately.vii.
Two coins are tossed simultaneously. Wr
ite the sample space ‘S’ and the number of sample points n(S).
Q2. Attempt any five of the following sub
An obtuse angle of a rhombus is greater then twice the acute angle by 30
. Find the measure of each angle.ii.
Out of a group of swans, times the square root of number of swans are playing on the shore of the tank.Remaining two are quarreling, in the water. Calculate the total number of Swans?iii.
If are the roots of the equation finda.
Find three consecutive terms in a G.P. such that their sum is 38 and their product is 1728.
Q3. Attempt any four of the following sub
Find the sum of the first 8 terms of the G.P. 3, - 6, 12, -
24, ……
The following is a frequency distribution of maximum temperature recorded weekly in a certain year at acertain observatory. Draw frequency polygon and frequency curve.Maximumtemperaturein
15 15
20 20
25 25
30 30
35 35
40 40
45 TotalNumber of weeks3 8 11 12 10 5 3 52iii.
Savita and hamida are friends, what is the probability that both will havea.
different birthdaysb.
the same birthday (ignoring a leap year)iv.
One tank can filled up by two taps in 6 hours. The smaller tap alone takes 5 hours more than the bigger tapalone. Find the time required by each tap to fill the tank seperately.v.
The following pie diagram represents the number of valid votes obtained by four students who contestedfor school captain. The total of valid votes polled was 720. Answer the following questions:a.
Who has won the election?b.
What is the minimum number of votes? Who got it?c.
By how many votes did the winner defeat the nearest contestant?

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