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Published by: Nigel-Wayne Williams on Mar 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nigel-Wayne Williams
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Middle Adolescents (Teens 14
17 years old) Lesson Plan
Leviticus 20:22-24, 26Memory Verse
1 Peter 1:16
“Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.”
 Central Truth
God wants you to be holyLesson Aim
To show the importance of holiness to GodLesson Outline
With film, practical application and visual aid, what it means to truly be holybefore God will be demonstrated.Approach
Reading of the selected scripture introduces the topic of holiness.Development
Short Film Presentation (10 minutes)
A short film
entitled “
The Gospel
Message” will be shown via multimedia or monitor.
Nigel-Wayne Williams
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Explanation of film content (5 minutes)
The film illustrates what it takes toget into heaven. The main focus that will be emphasized for the lesson is theimportance of being holy. The film proclaims that God is holy (perfect) and he
cannot allow anything imperfect into heaven. When we break one of God’s
laws, we become imperfect. Our sins are chronicled in a book as a record.Jesus wants us be in heaven. In order to do this, he had to become a humanbeing and live a perfect life. Then He had to die on the cross to take the
punishment that people deserve for breaking God’s law. When we ask God to
forgive us, turn away from our sins and accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour,
He will exchange Jesus’ perfect record for our imperfect record. We are thenrefined towards perfection by God’s Word. At the time of our death, we will
stand before God and our record book would be examined. Since we areforgiven, lived a godly life
and haven’t broken any
more of God’s law
, ourrecord would also be perfect (holy) and so we can enter into heaven.
Practical definition of holiness (5 minutes)
Three bottles of clear liquid arepresented before the class labelled A, B and C. The class is then informedthat one of the bottles has salt in it, another has white sugar and theremaining one is pure water. The class is then told a story of a boy who wasvery thirsty and saw these three bottles on a table. He wants the one withpure water. The class is then asked to identify which one of the bottles haspure water in it by just looking at it.
Nigel-Wayne Williams
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Story with visual aid (5 minutes)
A picture of a
dog is placed on adark background for all the students to see. The students are then asked toidentify the colour of the dog. Most, if not all, would proclaim that the dog iswhite. The dog is then placed on a white background to clearly reveal that thedog was not actually white.Application
The film would capture the attention of the students because of its graphicsand easy-to-follow presentation. The message of the importance of being holyis clearly stated.
Of the three bottles, the students would be unable to identify which on is purewater since they all look the same. The only way that it can be identified is totaste. The analogy is being pure and looking pure is then presented to thestudents. God does not want us to appear holy but to actually be holy. Just asthe boy wanted the pure water, so God desires a holy life from us.
The “white” dog is done to illustrate that we might think that we are holy butwe must look through God’s eyes to really identify what imperfections we
have and to ensure that we are truly holy before God. This will be the mosteffective demonstration of holiness to the students.

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