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MBA Project in HR

MBA Project in HR

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Published by komathi_chella

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Published by: komathi_chella on Mar 12, 2012
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HR Practice in auto component manufacturing Industry -
July 18th, 2009I. CORPORATE OVERVIEWFeeding the world, protecting health, and providing the conveniences of life. That is the missionof FMC.With their superior technology and strong partnerships with customers, FMC's people are findingsolutions that are helping to change people's lives for the better. Today, FMC maintains leadingpositions in three chemical markets: Agricultural, Specialty and Industrial.Ever since their beginning in California in 1883 when John Bean invented the first piston sprayerfor agriculture, FMC has continued a proud heritage of pioneering solutions for their customers.Today, they use an array of advanced technologies in research and development, mining andmanufacturing to produce customized products and solutions for the many markets they serve.As a global leader utilizing advanced technologies and customer-focused research anddevelopment, FMC provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to food and agriculture,pharmaceutical, healthcare, pulp and paper, textiles, glass and ceramics, rubber and plastics,lubricants, structural pest control, turf & ornamental markets, specialty and related industries.Today, FMC continues changing lives as the innovative force behind industry and agriculture,where their products maintain leading market positions.II. HISTORYFMC's Spirit of Invention was born in 1883 when founder John Bean created an innovativeinsecticide spray pump to combat scale, an infestation that was ravaging California's orchardsand endangering the livelihood of growers.Today, FMC continues changing lives as the innovative force behind industry and agriculture,where our products maintain leading market positions.FMC Corporation is one of t
he world‟s foremost, diversified chemical companies with leading
positions in agricultural, industrial and consumer markets. Since its inception in 1883, FMC has
 been providing solutions to the world‟s best companies and their customers. Today, they use an
 array of advanced technologies in research and development to improve the delivery of medications; enhance foods and beverages; power batteries; protect crop yields, structures andlawns, and advance the manufacture of glass, ceramics, plastics, pulp and paper, textiles andother products.FMC Corporation has made a number of divestitures over the past several years.III. THE COMPANYThe company which we visited is GTN Engineering Ltd(GTNEL), a subsidiary of FMCCorporation, California. The manufacturing unit is located at Semmipalayam, Palladam Taluk.GTNEL manufactures high pressure valves, they employ 452 people in various cadres rangingfrom administration, shop floor and R & D.IV. ORGANISATION CHARTChairmanChief Operations Officer Vice President Chief HR Officer MD
Sales & MarketingGM HRAssistant Manager HRSubordinatesWe have restricted ourselves to the HR vertical, as the organization as a whole has more than 28departments.1. FUNCTIONS OF HR MANAGERThe basic managerial functions comprises of planning, organizing, directing, controlling andstaffing. Several strategies and techniques are used by the HR personnel for the effectiveimplementation of the basic managerial functions.Different HR policies are designed and implemented in the company by the personnel team.These policies are formulated by identifying the needs of the employees, collecting informationfrom various sources and specifying different alternatives. The HR policies include socialresponsibility, employment, promotion, development and education.The firm strongly believes that these policies allow an organization to clear with on the nature of the organization, what they should expect from the company, what the company expects of them,how policies and procedures work at your company, what is acceptable and unacceptablebehaviour and the consequences of unacceptable behaviour. All the policies of the company areposted in the common notice board at the entrance of the first floor.The personnel department of the firm includes 12 members at different levels ranging fromgeneral manager to junior manager.
Junior manager→ Senior manager→ Asst. manager→ Manager HR→ GM HR 
 The HR management occupies the central portion of the organizational chart and is connected toall the other departments. The important functions of the HR department includes recruiting,hiring right person for the right designation, training, policy making, strategic planning,coordinating, motivating, mediating, counseling, housekeeping and legal consulting.1.1. WORKER RESPECTFMC believes that all employees have the right to work in an environment that is free fromharassment, intimidation and discrimination. All management personnel are responsible andaccountable for assuring that the environment at FMC and all its subsidiaries is free of discriminatory conduct. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated. And throughout the world,in the 26 countries in which the company operates, the employees are treated fairly, respectingtheir collective bargaining rights, consistent with local laws.2. RECRUITMENTRecruitment is the process of attracting qualified applicants for a particular job and stimulatingthem to apply for that job. In FMC and its subsidiaries, the recruitment is a structured processand also done through consultancies.Human resource department handles the recruitment process and the department staffs aretrained to handle the recruitment procedure in an effective way. Human resource planning isdone. They decide the number employees needed. Knowledge, skills and abilities required forthat job are prepared. In FMC, the selection process is followed for all the levels from workers to
the managerial level.HR department also makes the decisions regarding the outsourcing, flexible staffing. In certainsubsidiaries of FMC the workers are employed on contract basis. This helps the firm to maintaintheir rules and goals.The requirement of the employees mentioned in the advertisement, consultancies and also byinternet. The candidates are supposed to submit the application which contains all the detailsabout them within a specified date. Later the applicants are directed to attend the selectionprocess.2.1. RECRUITING SOURCE CHOICESIn FMC and its subsidiaries, there are two recruiting source choices depending on the necessity.
• Internal Recruitment
 They recruit within the organisation tapping into the databases, job postings, promotions, andtransfers. This provides the means that allow the current employees to move to other jobs.Internal recruitment at FMC usually happens as a part of performance appraisal. They maintainHuman resource information systems (HRIS), helps HR staff members to maintain backgroundand KSA information on existing employees. They continually update the employee profile. AtFMC the process of internal recruitment is common among the workers level.
• External Recruitment
 The company goes for external recruitment. The applicants for the job at FMC should go throughthe selection process conducted by the respective department heads.FMC looks for people with a proven track record for:
• Approaching problems analytically.
• Focusing on providing solutions to customers.
• Contributing, regardless of their level in the organization.
• Demonstrating a genuine respect f 
or the diversity of people.The company employs people across a broad range of occupations in locations across the world.Most often they have openings for experienced professionals and undergraduates with technicaldegrees. The company provides more benefits and a motivating and positive workingenvironment.3. SELECTIONFollowing the recruitment procedure, the applicants appear for the selection process.At FMC and its subsidiaries, there is a structured selection process. It consists of the followingsteps:
• Screening applications
 This step is to shortlist only the suitable candidates who have all the required qualifications.
• Written test
The written test is conducted to know about the candidate‟s knowledge about the job that they
have applied. Written test consists of intelligence test and aptitude tests.
• Selection Interview
It is an oral interview conducted after the written tests and this is to know about the candidates‟
skills and job experience. Certain situational questions are also confronted and the response of the candidates is evaluated.The company also makes reference checks for the candidates who are to be selected. Finally thehiring decisions are made by the department heads and the HR managers based on the overall

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