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CV- Tracie Delgado

CV- Tracie Delgado

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Published by Sabrina Bonaparte

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Published by: Sabrina Bonaparte on Mar 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tracie Delgado, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor office 425-889-5739Department of Biology cell 323-387-0989Northwest University fax 425-889-4097Kirkland, WAtracie.delgado@gmail.com 
University of Washington, Seattle, WA 09/06-07/11Ph.D. in MicrobiologyUniversity of California-Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 09/02-06/06B.S. in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics
Microbiology 09/06 08/11 Virology UW Michael Lagunoff, PhD*thesis lab*Immunology 09/05 06/06 Cancer Biology UCLA Manuel Penichet, MD PhDMicrobiology 06/05 08/05 Virology Harvard David Knipe, PhDImmunology 09/04 06/05 Cancer Biology UCLA Benjamin Bonavida, PhDMolecular Biology 09/02 08/04 Plant Biology UCLA Sioux Christensen, PhD
Global Metabolic Profiling of Infectionby an Oncogenic Virus: KSHV Inducesand Requires Lipogenesis for Survivalof Latent Infection
Delgado, T
., Sanchez, EL., Camarda,R and Lagunoff, MIn Review
.Induction of the Warburg effect by
Kaposi’s Sarcoma Herpesvirus is
required for the maintenance of latentlyinfected endothelial cells
Delgado, T
., Carroll, P.A, Punjabi,A.S., Margineantu, D., Hockenbery,D.M and Lagunoff, M.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010Jun 8;107(23):10696-701Conjugation of an anti
transferrinreceptor IgG3-avidin fusion proteinwith biotinylated saporin resultsinsignificant enhancement of itscytotoxicity against malignanthematopoietic cellsDaniels, TR., Ng, PP.,
Delgado, T.,
 Lynch, MR., Schiller, G., Helguera,G., and Penichet, ML.
Mol Cancer Ther. 2007Nov;6(11):2995-3008
The transferrin receptor part II:Targeted delivery of therapeutic agentsinto cancer cells (Review)Daniels, TR.,
Delgado T
., Helguera,G., Penichet, ML.Clin Immunol. 2006Nov;121(2):159-76. 2006 Aug 17.Review.
The transferrin receptor part I: Biologyand targeting with cytotoxic antibodiesfor the treatment of cancer (Review)Daniels, TR.,
Delgado T
.,Rodriguez, JA., Helguera, G.,Penichet, ML.Clin Immunol. 2006Nov;121(2):144-58. 2006 Aug 10.Review.
Professional Abstracts:
KSHV infection of endothelial cellsinduces
de novo
lipogenesis to maintainlatency
Tracie Delgado
, Roman Camardaand Michael Lagunoff International HerpesvirusWorkshop, Poland, 2011Induction of Glycolysis by KSHV isrequired for the maintenance of latentlyinfected endothelial cells
Tracie Delgado
, Patrick A. Carroll,Almira S. Punjabi and MichaelLagunoff 
InternationalWorkshop Annual Meeting atCharleston, S.C.Sep 13-16, 2009Mechanism of cytotoxicity elicited byan anti-transferrin receptor IgG3-avidincomplexed with biotinylated saporin
Tracy R. Daniels, Patrick P. Ng,
Tracie Delgado
, Gustavo Helguera,Gary Schiller, and Manuel L.Penichet
AACR (AmericanAssociation of Cancer Research)Annual Meeting at Los Angeles,CA. April 14-16, 2007Conjugation of an anti-TfR IgG3-avidinfusion protein with biotinylated saporinresults in significant enhancement of itscytotoxicity against malignanthematopoietic cellsTracy Daniels, Patrick P. Ng,
, Gustavo Helguera, Gary J.Schiller, Benjamin Bonavida andManuel L. Penichet
AACR (AmericanAssociation of Cancer Research)Annual Meeting at Washington,D.C. April 1-5, 2006
Viral and Cellular Factors AlterNuclear Architecture During HSV-1InfectionSimpson-Holley, M.,
Delgado, T
.,Colgrove, R., Nalepa, G., Harper,J.W., and David M. Knipe.International HerpesvirusWorkshop, Finland, 2005
Graduate Fellowships:
The Helen Whiteley Graduate Fellowship UW Microbiology Department 09/10-08/10
*The Whitely award is given by the UW Microbiology department to the top graduate student graduating in the following year*
Huckabay Teaching Fellowship UW 09/10-08/11
Cellular and Molecular Biology Training Grant UW / National Institutes of Health 07/08-06/11NSF Pre-Doctoral Fellowship (honorable mention) National Science Foundation 2009Viral Oncology Training Grant UW / National Institutes of Health 07/07-06/08Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowship (honorable mention) The National Academies 2008 & 2009Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Fellowship UW 09/06-06/09
Undergraduate Fellowships:
Minority Access to Research Careers Fellowship UCLA 07/04-06/06Summer Honors Undergraduate Research Program Fellowship Harvard 06/05-08/05CARE Research Fellowship UCLA 06/03-06/04
Teaching Experience:
 Assistant Professor of Biology Northwest University
SCIE 2063/2061
General Biology II (Lecture and Lab) Spring 2012
SCIE 3143/3141
Genetics (Lecture and Lab) Spring 2012
SCIE 4423/4421
Biochemistry (Lecture and Lab) Spring 2012
SCIE 3403/3401
Cell Biology (Lecture and Lab) Fall 2011
SCIE 2452
Principles of Biology (Lecture and Lab) Fall 2011
SCIE 1103/1101
Genetics and Society Fall 2011
 Microbiology Instructor 
Biology 109
(The Biology of STDs) Seattle Central Community College Spring 2011
*I designed and taught a course
on “
The Biology of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: an inside look at the most common sexuallytransmitted diseases in the United States
” as
part of my UW Huckabay Teaching fellowship at SCCC in Spring 2011.*
Biology 260
(Microbiology lecture and lab) North Seattle Community College Summer 2010
 Lab TA Position
Microbiology 431
(Molecular Techniques in Microbiology: Lab) UW Winter 2008
Microbiology 302
(Intro to Microbiology: Lab) UW Spring 2007
*Both lab courses consisted of me giving 30-45 min lectures, explaining and guiding students in Microbiology lab experiments,writing quiz and test questions, holding office hours, grading papers and exams, and holding/running review sessions*
Professional Guest Lectures
Microbiology 301
(Intro to Microbiology) University of WA 05/20/10
*lecture on viral diseases*
Microbiology 445
(Medical Virology) University of WA 05/13/10
*lecture on viruses and cancer*
Science and Math Spring Seminar Series
Seattle Central Community College 02/20/10
*lecture on viruses and cancer*
Biochemistry 405
(Intro to Biochemistry) University of WA Extension 02/12/09
*lecture on cellular metabolism*
 Lab Undergraduates Mentored 
Roman Camarda University of WA 06/10-08/11Frew Meshesha University of WA 03/08-01/10
Graduate Rotation Students Mentored 
Erica Sanchez University of WA 09/10-12/10
Other Teaching Experiences
Herpesvirus Lecture Seattle Center High School 01/09
*taught students about herpesviruses and my current research*
Microbiology Lecture and Lab St. Paul Middle School (Seattle, WA.) 01/09
*taught students how to Gram Stain*
Herpesvirus Lecture Elizabeth Middle School (Bell, CA.) 05/06
*taught students about herpesviruses*

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