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WPF TextBlock

WPF TextBlock

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Published by Abhi

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Published by: Abhi on Mar 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WPF TextBlock
WPF TextBlock 
A TextBlock control in .NET 3.5 provides a lightweight control for displaying small amounts of flow content. Thistutorial demonstrates how to create and use a TextBlock control in WPF using XAML and C#.
Creating a TextBlock 
The TextBlock element represents a WPF TextBlock control in XAML.
The Width and Height attributes of the TextBlock element represent the width and the height of a TextBlock. TheText property of the TextBlock element represents the content of a TextBlock. The Name attribute represents thename of the control, which is a unique identifier of a control. The Foreground property sets the foreground color of contents. This control does not have a Background property.The code snippet in Listing 1 creates a TextBlock control and sets the name, height, width, foreground and contentof a TextBlock control. Unlike a TextBox control, the TextBlock does not have a default border around it.
 <TextBlockName="TextBlock1"Height="30"Width="200"  Text="Hello! I am a TextBlock."Foreground="Red"> </TextBlock>
 Listing 1
The output looks like Figure 1.
 Figure 1
As you can see from Figure 1, by default the TextBlock is place in the center of the page. We can place a TextBloccontrol where we want by using the Margin, VerticalAlignment and HorizontalAlignment attributes that sets themargin, vertical alignment, and horizontal alignment of a control.The code snippet in Listing 2 sets the position of the TextBlock control in the left top corner of the page.
<TextBlockName="TextBlock1"Height="30"Width="200"  Text="Hello! I am a TextBlock." Margin="10,10,0,0"VerticalAlignment="Top"  HorizontalAlignment="Left"> </TextBlock>
 Listing 2
Creating a TextBlock Dynamically
The code listed in Listing 3 creates a TextBlock control programmatically. First, it creates a TextBlock object andsets its width, height, contents and foreground and later the TextBlock is added to the LayoutRoot.
private voidCreateATextBlock() { TextBlocktxtBlock =new TextBlock(); txtBlock.Height = 50;txtBlock.Width = 200;txtBlock.Text ="Text Box content";txtBlock.Foreground =new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Red);  LayoutRoot.Children.Add(txtBlock);}
 Listing 3
Setting Fonts of TextBlock Contents
The FontSize, FontFamily, FontWeight, FontStyle, and FontStretch properties are used to set the font size, family,weight, style and stretch to the text of a TextBlock. The code snippet in Listing 4 sets the font properties of aTextBlock.
 Listing 4
The new output looks like Figure 2.
 Figure 2
The FontSource property allows loading custom fonts dynamically. The following code snippet sets the FontSource property.
Uri fontUri =newUri("SomeFont.ttf", UriKind.Relative); StreamResourceInfo MySRI = Application.GetResourceStream(fontUri);TextBlock1.FontSource =newFontSource(MySRI.Stream);
Wrapping, Alignment and Padding
The TextWrapping property sets the wrap of no warp text. The following code snippet sets the wrapping text option.
The TextAlignment property sets the text alignment in a TextBlock, which is of type TextAlignment enumeration. Atext can be aligned left, center, or right.
The Padding property sets the space between a boundary and the text that can be applied to all sides or a selectedside of the boundary. The padding spacing is based on left, right, top, and bottom. If you specify only a single value,the padding will be applied to all four sides and if you specify two values, it will be applied to LeftTop andBottomRight sides.Listing 5 shows all these properties in a complete sample.
<TextBlockName="TextBlock1"Height="30"Width="200"  Text="Hello! I am a TextBlock."Foreground="Red"  Margin="10,10,0,0"VerticalAlignment="Top"  HorizontalAlignment="Left" FontSize="14"FontFamily="Verdana"FontWeight="Bold"  TextWrapping="Wrap"TextAlignment="Center"Padding="2"> </TextBlock>
 Listing 5

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